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More Mutuals With David

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3rd in Trilogy - see links

First Wank Was in the Swimming Pool
My First Mutual Experience


This is the final part of my trilogy of stories about my masturbatory exploits during my teenage years. In my first story 'First Wank was in the Swimming Pool', I explained about how I learned to masturbate. The title of my second part 'My First Mutual Experience' makes the story line obvious and involved the same friend, whose name was David by the way, who had explained masturbation to me. This, story tells of other experiences with the same boy - my only male mutual partner in my life to date and the only male, apart from myself, who I have seen masturbate.
After that first occasion in my bedroom, I cannot remember a time that we got together without ending up masturbating. I didn't see David very often, despite living close together, because we went to different schools and had our own separate friends. However, even after all these years, I can remember events in at least a dozen mutual wanks that we had - although I am sure we must have masturbated together at least 30 times in total and possibly more. That would still only amount to less than once a month over the period that this happened - August 1967 through to late 1970 or perhaps early 1971. In September 1971 I went to University and by this time my friend had a regular girlfriend and our sessions had long since petered out. I can only remember seeing him once or twice in the remaining two years that I lived in the district. My family moved away in spring of 1973.
The events that I am going to tell you about are in no particular order because I cannot remember what the order was. As I explained in my first story the first time was when I was 14 and fast approaching my 15th birthday. David, however, being 10 months younger than me was still a youngish 14 year old although he was bigger than me in every department and had matured more quickly as well.
Every session always started with us retiring to somewhere private. I think the most frequently adopted location was his bedroom but other locations were my bedroom, his garden shed, his garage and both our gardens (which were enormous with many hiding places) when the weather allowed. We always tried to make sure no one else was in the house, but sometimes David's younger brother was around and he once very nearly caught us at it as I shall relate.
Once in our private place our conversation would tiptoe around the subject of sex and wanking which we both knew we wanted to talk about but were afraid to raise. Eventually one of us would bite the bullet and start with a typically opening line.
'Have you had a wank today then?'
'No, have you?'
'When'd you last do it then?'
'Last night. You?'
'Yeah, last night as well.'
'What was it like?'
And so the conversation would go on. We'd talk about girls and shagging and how much we'd like to do it and how good our wanks had been and how much we came and how quickly and what we thought about and which girl we preferred and what would it be like when we shagged and so and so on.
By this time we would both be very hard and our erections would be obvious in our jeans. Despite this one of us would say:
'Are you on the bone?'
'Yep. Are you?'
'You wanna do it then?'
'Wouldn't mind.'
And so that would be it. All that was to be decided was how we were going to do it and what we would use to clean up. David was always concerned about the clean up. He remained throughout these sessions always very careful to try to make sure he didn't end up staining his pants, trousers, sheets or anything else with his spunk.
In one of our early sessions David told me that a boy at his school told him that it was really good if you rubbed it on another boys arse. He asked if I wanted to try it. I was very willing as it sound very exciting. David lay face down on his bed and I climbed on top. We had each kept our pants and trousers on - we were still modest then - but had wrapped our penises in tissues to catch the spunk. The sensation as I started to rub my dick in his crack was absolutely amazing and I knew that I would come very quickly. I hardly had to move as the twitching and thrusting of his backside as his rubbed himself against his mattress was all I needed. I remember saying that his friend must be really sexy to think of something like this and I asked David if he knew if this boy had done it with other boys. But David wasn't sure. I guess he must have done and to admit to how good it was was pretty brave it seemed to me.
I was soon nearing the orgasm and I warned David of it. He told me to stop because he wasn't close yet so I let him carry on on his own for a bit then he told me when and I resumed my humping of his arse. God it was good and soon I came to the most shattering orgasm and David came just a little behind me. We each huffed and puffed until we were spent and I pulled off him.
On another occasion David tried to rub himself off on my backside but he found it uncomfortable and so, to my disappointment he suggested we swap back around. I remember feeling his hard dick digging into my arse and it felt great. Anyway I was quite happy to come off again on his bottom.
Another time I remember we took it in turns to rub ourselves off against his bed. As he was doing it I put my hand between his legs and felt his balls and that sensitive area immediately behind his ball sack. He must have really loved it because when I stopped he told me it felt really well and would I carry on doing it. His faster humping and the look of ecstasy on his face soon told me he was coming as I felt between his legs. When it was my turn I found out how lovely it was to be fondled in that region as I came in my pants once more.
In his garden shed once we started to do it by me standing behind him and pushing into his bottom whilst I rubbed his dick with my hand through his trousers. This was pretty amazing but imagine our shock when suddenly the shed door burst open and in walked his younger brother Simon. Luckily the door was stiff to open because it dragged on the floor and so we had time to frantically break apart. I managed to yank up my zip just in time and the only obvious sign of our actions were the prominent bulges at the front of our jeans. He must have seen these.
'What's going on in here then,' Simon asked?
I said we were just messing around and I managed to steer the conversation around to something entirely irrelevant very quickly. Luckily Simon didn't hang around long and after he went David was very perplexed.
'Do you think he saw,' he asked?
The shed had windows all along the front but mostly these were hidden with shrubbery. However, Simon could not have helped but to see something through the window as he came up to the door and I reckon he knew we were up to something. He would have been around 13 then so he was probably wanking himself and probably new what we were doing. However, he never let on and I respected him for that. Anyway it didn't stop us and soon afterwards we were back at it again and finally enjoyed another wonderful orgasm together.
Once David came round to my house during an evening with some model railway magazines. We were both into model making and model railways. As he stood at the front door he said that he thought I might be interested in looking at them. He was totally straight faced as he said this. We went to my room and sat on my bed. At this stage I honestly had no inkling of what he was about. As soon as I went to open the magazine he told me to be careful as they were not all they seemed. Imagined my amazement then when inside two of them there were some girlie magazines. Now, in those days the typical magazines available showed only breasts and occasional flashes of pubic hair but never anything else. It was only a very few years later that magazines like Fiesta came along and took things much further. Nevertheless these pictures were very thrilling to us. One of the things I always remember about this occasion was that as soon as I opened the magazines and David was satisfied that things were progressing as he wanted, a bulge immediately appeared in his school grey trousers as his penis erected itself more quickly than I have ever seen before or since. I found this very exciting.
Of course we both devoured the magazines and soon wanked ourselves off. I can't remember how we did it on that occasion but probably with me against his buttocks once again as that was a real favourite at this time.
We soon progressed to rubbing each other to orgasm although we did not do this very often. I think the first time it happened was when we were sitting side by side on his bed having our usual sexy conversation. We hadn't removed any clothing and had not wrapped ourselves in tissue as we usually did when it came to wanking. I remember David reaching across and feeling my erection through my trousers. It felt really great and I told him not to stop. Soon he just rubbed his hand against my flies - up and down - and this was enough to bring me close to orgasm. I told him I would come if he carried on but this didn't stop him and soon I came in my pants. I remember leaning back against his wall but as I came I lent forward and grimaced with huge pleasure. This stopped him suddenly so I had to carry on rubbing myself to enjoy the orgasm to the full. That was very thrilling.
I found that after I had come I lost interest in rubbing him so he wanked himself off as far as I can remember through his trousers - but only after arming himself with his usual pile of tissues.
Once I rubbed him off through his trousers. This was in his garage I remember because we couldn't find anywhere else private enough. I remember just rubbing his flies over his enormous bulge and suddenly he said he had come although on this occasion he had given few visible signs. He rubbed me off in a likewise manner.
Whenever we wanked together we usually started out by resolving to try to do it more than once. However, we never managed this. I suppose there was always some guilt after we had had our orgasms and we lost interest in a second one almost immediately. To my recollection we never did it twice in the same day let alone in the same session. Once, we decided to take it in turns to masturbate in the hope that the watching the second one doing it would help to turn the first one back on again. It didn't work. David went first and I was desperate to come as I watched him thrusting into his mattress. He soon came with his usual grimace and look of pure ecstasy and then it was my turn. I remember quite clearly that I was wearing an old pair of trunks of this occasion but I cannot recall why. We both belonged to a local swimming club and the club trunks were thin nylon Speedos in black and yellow stripes. They felt quite sensual and I loved wanking off into them. Nowadays they would surely be lycra and even more exciting stretched around our erections. After going at it for only a short while David announced that he was going soft and he didn't think he would be able to do another. I told him to keep watching me and I pulled my trunks down so that I was now wanking off naked - although he couldn't see my dick.
David didn't like this as he was worried I would mess up his bedspread with my spunk.
'Don't spunk up on my bed,' he said with some anguish.
Just as I neared my orgasm I pulled my trunks back up. However, I knew that even this wouldn't be enough as the material was very thin and the semen would easily seep through. So after a few more rubs and feeling the onset of orgasm I pulled off his bed as the contractions began and allowed my penis to do its own work as it pumped out the lovely white stuff into the trunks. I had come like this once or twice before. Once, on my own, I remember doing it this way so that I could see the semen oozing out and drip onto a waiting hanky - I was never a spurter. I always found the sensation somewhat different - intense in its own way but not as good as the orgasms I had when I carried on rubbing as I was coming. This was always the best.
Anyway the effort to have more than one didn't work and neither of us felt like a second once I had come.
I have left until last the three most exciting wanks that I remember us having. We rarely stripped off completely when we masturbated but on the few occasions that either he or I or both of us went nude things got very exciting. We were both quite modest and often whilst we sat and talked about sex we would get almost naked but then sit either in our under pants - our penises tenting them out - or with an old towel or something to cover our genitals. Once David had given me an old book on sex which he had got from his old school. When I took it back to his house I had an erection almost straight away and after only a short while talking I couldn't resist wanking and I came quickly in my pants with just a few rubs. David meanwhile stripped off so that he was completely naked and then proceeded to wank himself off with his hand whilst sitting on his bad. Even though I had come already I couldn't take my eyes of this sight as it was the first time I had seen everything as he wanked. He asked me if I could do another and as if to encourage me he reached up with his spare hand and felt my softening penis and tried to coax it back into action. With hindsight, I realised how sexy this was even though, at the time, it did little for me because I had just spent my spunk. I've often wondered about that in the years since. It was not the only time he had been very wiling to feel me and rub me. Anyway I had to stop him because my penis was too sensitive. His hand now was almost a blur and soon he exclaimed that he was coming. I can remember to this day the sight of his head tipping backwards involuntarily and his eyes closing as he came. I looked down at his dick just in time to see masses of spunk emerge from his piss slit like a fountain and almost literally flood down over his hands and an old dirty piece of towelling that he had ready for these occasions.
Another time we both stripped off and sat for ages trying to make our excitement last by taking about everything we could think off to do with sex and wanking and sexual intercourse. David then suggested - he always seemed to be the leader - that we wanked off by rubbing our dicks together face to face on the bed. He lay down on his back and I clambered on top of him We kept a towel between us and began to thrust against one another. This was so exciting. I remember him telling me I could lay right down on top of him if I wanted instead of keeping my head and shoulders up away from him by resting on my arms. It wasn't entirely comfortable I must admit, but somehow going right down on top of him seemed a bit too gay so I couldn't bring myself to do it. On reflection I wish I had as I am sure it would have made the sensation even better. As it was I came to a crashing orgasm and David came just about the same time. Wonderful.
I remember what was probably the last time we did it. I know that it was in my bedroom and it must have been late 1970 or early 1971 because we were in the largest bedroom in my house and I moved into this after my second sister married in late 1970. We were both in school uniform so it must have been one afternoon after school and we were feeling horny. I would have been 18 by now and David 17 going on 18. I sat astride David who was laying on his back on my bed. He pulled his trousers and pants down and with no tissues for once at the ready he let me wank him off. This was first and only time I wanked him off skin on skin as it were. His penis seemed enormous - it was much bigger than mine and it was so hard I could not believe it. A rock hard baton in my hands. I used both hands and it was not long before he grimaced and said he was coming. This time some of his spunk did spurt a little and landed on his school jumper which he had pulled up to around his neck. He didn't like this and it distracted him somewhat as the rest of his semen oozed out onto his belly. Without waiting I simply lay down on top of him and rubbed myself very speedily to a lovely climax against his softening prick and spunked up into my Y-fronts.
Once we asked one another if we had ever wanked off with any one else. David admitted to me that he had rubbed himself off against a girlfriend that he had had although he doesn't think she knew what he had done. But also, and more exciting to me at the time, he admitted that he had wanked off with another friend of his who was about a year older and who I knew by name only. The thing I always remember about him telling me was that although they did it in the same room, they sat back to back and did not watch one another - instead keeping it private. I never really knew if David told me this because he didn't want to seem homosexual or because he didn't want me to be jealous. Our own mutual experiences had been rather more intimate and could certainly have been seen in a homosexual light - especially as we were still at it in late teens. David must have thought about this as well so it would have been odd if he was worried that I might have though him as queer. On the other hand perhaps he was worried that I might have
been jealous of him wanking with someone else. I was a bit because I could think of lots of other boys that I would have liked to wank off with and I was a bit jealous that David had done it with someone else - even in a less intimate setting. I told him that I had not wanked off with anyone else which was true.
I am pretty sure that David grew up with little homosexual tendency. He eventually became a policeman and whilst this doesn't guarantee being straight it's a pretty good chance. David and I were never truly intimate. Our masturbation was entirely sexual and I never felt any emotional attachment to him - unlike one or two other boys at school whom I would have died for to get to masturbate with. Once we had come we lost interest. Unlike two boys in my class at school who, as they told me once, masturbated together regularly and often came four or fives times together in one session. Wow - what a thought that was and just the image kept me in wanks for weeks. Both boys married in later life one becoming a teacher and the other a surgeon would you believe! I grew up to enjoy sexual relations with girls but I know that I could quite easily relapse into some mutual masturbation with the right person in the right circumstances.



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