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More Masturbation and Mountain Bikes

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A while ago I wrote about my first naked mountain bike ride and the fun I had frigging myself and peeing. A few weeks later I had a friend along for the ride...


I let Jeff's fully erect cock slide between my lips. He threw back his head and grunted as I gently teased his sperm crack with the tip of my tongue. I could taste his pre-cum oozing. As I slowly mouth fucked him his body trembled and he moaned again. I loved the feel of his throbbing, pulsing cock in my mouth. To make sure he was really enjoying himself, I teased and tickled his balls and asshole. In between times I fingered my naked cunt and felt her spasm pleasently in response. I guess he was properly stimulated becasue it wasn't too long before he tensed up and grunted "OhfuckI'mgonna...uhhhh...UHHH!"

But I'm getting way ahead of things...All of this had started a few weeks ago, when I went for my first ever naked mountain bike ride---just me and an empty trail and some really wonderful masturbation and peeing. As I lay in the long, soft grass fingering my clitty I was already thinking about my next outdoors adventure. You see there was this guy I knew at the bike club. Jeff...I closed my eyes and sighed...about 5' 9", slim, muscular and dream-m-y. I knew other girls had their greedy eyes on him, especially when he was in his bike shorts and singlet---so I had to act.

A couple of weeks later I had my chance and approached him just as he was heading out the door of the clubrooms. My head swam as I heard him accept my invitation to take a ride with me along my favorite trail... next week? He had a free day. For the next six or so days I was slightly nervous, wondering what would happen if things went the way I wanted. Finally, the morning arrived. I got to the place early. It was clear, but overcast and mild---perfect! Even better there was no-one else around, but I was still nervous as I met Jeff at the start of the trail. We rode for a few hundred yards, just warming up, then I stopped. "Ummm, would you like to do something different?" My voice trembled a little, and I felt my face and chest turn warm. My breasts and nipples started to harden. "Yeah, cool, what do you have in mind?" "How about we do it naked?" "Huuh?" Jeff gulped and stared as I undid my bra and let it drop to the ground. His mouth dropped open as I dropped my bike shorts and stood in front of him, hands on hips, with my legs open wide. His blue eyes took in my breasts then down to my fully waxed slit---I was already aroused and my swollen labia were pink and juicy. He kind of sighed, then grinned "Sweeet, okay, you're on!"

Now it was my turn to stare as he dropped his bike shorts. My cunt twitched as his lovely already erect and throbbing manhood sprang into view. It isn't huge---maybe 6 1/2 inches long---but it looked so alive, with all those veins and that deep red, shiny head. His balls looked kind of cute. It was the first time I'd seen a real, live penis. I was so tempted to drop to my knees and investigate there and then---but I wanted more privacy. Jeff looked disappointed as I got back on my bike and took off up the trail. I compensated him by showing plenty of my ass and wet cunt as we trekked up the hill. When I looked back at Jeff I nearly lost control at the sight of his cock bouncing around. Pre-cum had started oozing out of his sperm crack and I saw a drop flick onto his thigh. I lifted my bum higher and waggled it. Jeff laughed. We teased each other all the way up the hill. Finally, at about the place where I had frigged myself and peed the last time we stopped and got off our bikes.

By now I was on fire. My cunt was really wet. I got off my bike and stood in the middle of the track, in front of Jeff. Then I opened my legs and peeled my wet labia apart. Jeff wrapped his hand around his shaft and started pumping. Next thing I knew I was on my knees staring at that shiny red head. As his cock slid into my mouth I decided to take it slow and easy because it was my first time... "OhfuckI'mgonna...uhhhh...UHHH!" His cock jumped and throbbed. He grunted again, and held my head as a big shot of cum blasted into my mouth. I coughed a little as I swallowed most of it. I don't know what I was expecting cum to taste like. Ummmm, it tasted kind of like Sushi...and I liked it.

Even after he'd cum I kept his cock in my mouth because I enjoyed the feel of it so much. He just stood there laughing. "Shit Kathy, that was so fucking cool!" After a while I decided I wanted something in return. We snogged for a while, then I lay in some grass at the side of the trail and opened my legs real wide. Jeff knelt down and worked over my breasts for a while, making me laugh and giggle. Then he moved down and started kissing my inner thighs. Slowly, he worked his way up to my hot, wet cunt. I moaned as he slid his tongue between my labia. My whole body shook when he teased my clitty. Then he gently eased two fingers into my spasming vagina. I felt him gently searching for my g-spot. When he found it I gasped as he stroked it with a finger tip. Soon I was groaning and writhing as he finger fucked me. I could feel my natual lubricants oozing down my perineum to my asshole. I started yelping as my orgasm started building inside me. Jeff seemed to sense what was happening and slid another finger into me. My hips bucked and I squealed as I experienced my best orgasm ever. My cum squirted all over Jeff's hand and he laughed licked it off. Then he he got down again and licked all over my wet cunt, thighs and bum as I lay panting and happy. After a while Jeff slid up between my legs. I felt him gently ease the head of his cock between my labia. He kissed me and stared into my eyes. "Are you ready for this?" I smiled and grabbed his buttocks. "Oh yeah!" I sighed...Next time we we went for a ride we both brought cameras.



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