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More in the Shop

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I don't know why I feel like this lately, but its a whole lot of fun!


Following on from me buying my dress and shoes, the one regret I had is that I had to jill myself. I decided I would try and get someone else to touch me.

Now, I am quite petite for my age, I have small a cup breasts and am only 5'3. I'm 18 in real life, but I am always being asked for ID and I guess I can pass for 13 or 14. So, I went into my all time favourite shop. I won't say which one because you never know who reads this and I dont want to get anyone into trouble. I prepared myself well and went wearing a white t shirt, (no bra) a pleated skirt and white panties.

When I got there I found that the girl running the underwear counter looked to be in her early 20's. just what I needed. So I went up to her and told her I needed to buy my first bra. I am a damn good actress and she bought my little girl lost act totally. She took me into the changing room and asked if she could measure me which was fine by me. She slipped the tape measure around me and of course brushed against my breasts which made my nipples hard like little cherries. Then she went off to get the bra. She handed a cute little trainer to me and made to leave, but I asked her to stay and help me with the straps. Next thing I was naked from the waiste up. I fumbled around and pretended I couldnt work out how to put it on and to my great pleasure she helped me. Soon we were in there together looking at me in my 'first' bra. She told me I looked cute and I said 'Actually, I feel kinda horny in this.' She said 'Its ok, a lot of girls do. But I have to admit, you do look sexy as well.' Then I said 'Do you like girls?' She blushed up bright red and said, yes, but I can't do anything here. So I said, 'Yes, you can.' I reached up my skirt and pushed my hand into my panties and then held my fingers out to her. She came forward and kissed my scent off me. Then we were kissing and I guided her hand into my panties. It was all I could do not to cum immediately. I held out though, making little 'virgin' type noises and saying how good it felt. Then I pushed my luck and reached up her skirt. She was wearing a thong because there was hardly any material between her legs and I slipped my finger inside her easily. She was totally smooth down there too. So we just held each other and fingered each other until she said 'Oooh, I'm going to cum' And I felt her pussy squeeze and relax on my finger. It was the first time I felt another girl cum and it sent me over too. I think I grinded against her though, because when I pulled away, her thigh was wet.

Then she asked me how old I was. I decided to carry the fantasy on and told her I was 14. She said 'I could get into so much trouble for this'. I told her not to worry and asked her how old she was when she first fingered another girl and she said 'I was 14 too.' She left me in there to get sorted out, but I had her pussy juice on my fingers. I licked it off one of them and smelled it on the others as I jilled off again. When I came out of there, I was flushed myself.

Now, on the way home, I met my friend and I told her what I had just done. Jessica is straight, but when I told her that I had fingered another girl and that it was still on my hand she asked what I did with it and I said I smelled it and jilled. She asked if she could smell my fingers, but I gave her the fingers that had been in me. Jess smelled them and said 'Fuck,Rose. Thats really horny.' I asked her if she wanted to jill, but she said she would wait till she got home. I told her to go ahead and she could smell my fingers till she came. So I got to see my freind masturbate. She didnt know she was smelling me, but I know now that she isn't as straight as she thinks she is. Maybe next time, I can get her to play with me!



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