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More Ideas for Human Sexuality Classes

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Linking HS class with new ideas from SoloTouch stories!


Earlier this year, we SoloTouch readers became engrossed in the stories about the Human Sexuality Classes posted by Professor Barb. Now as summer has rolled along, 3 Sybian stories have been posted: June 13, July 16, and August 13 which totally captured my Love Wand's attention and I still go back to any of them when needing a good explosion of white, hot cream! Another dimension has been added with the contribution just posted entitled Never Did That Before in which the female author describes how the remote control for her vibrating undies really set off her orgasms, passively on her part, uncontrolled by her!
Now Human Sexuality professors all across the country who have much more opportunity to experiment than in any other class I know of, how about bringing in Sybian machines for the female students to get acquainted with and experiment with those machines in a class setting and let the male students observe!!!
As I fantasize about it, it would be a most fantastic learning experience for everyone in class about how much pleasure a female actually can enjoy!!! I believe that male domination in the past occurred because males honestly did not know that females were also capable of pleasure because they did not have 'something sticking out in front.' Now, enlightened people KNOW that females can enjoy an intense amount of pleasure also. The Sybian could contribute immensely to the knowledge within the class about female capabilities for pleasure. What a lesson! Any professor should be proud to teach such a lesson and any female should be glad to learn how much pleasure she can enjoy! Of course, the male students would gain considerable knowledge also! They might even be jealous!
Also, how about encouraging the female students to purchase undies with clit vibes and putting the remote controls in a box for the guys to draw out at random so NO ONE would know which guy would be holding the remote control for which gal until a button would be pressed! The guys could act real coy and not try to let on as to who is actually pressing the button! As the gals would go from one guy to another to try to find out who is stimulating her, it would be about like the old game of Keep Away, except that the guys would try to keep the secret only and not pass the control on to another guy.
Whether the guys are lined up along a wall and the gals sitting while the game is being played or whether the guys and gals would all be busy working on assignments in class and suddenly one of the gals would start to get all hot and bothered, would be immaterial. Maybe the line up first, so the gals would know who has her buzzer and then the study option with someone getting buzzed frequently so the gal and guy could exchange winks excitedly! The lesson here would be that the experience should be enjoyable for both! If it is only fun for one and torture for the other, the lesson would be NOT to torture. Sex should always be fun for both!
Keep in mind that there would be no physical contact between males and females on either of these learning tools! Only emotional contact, possibly extremely emotional and very sensational, all focusing on female pleasure! The guys could of course be encouraged to stroke their Love Wands out in the open while the gals are riding the Sybian and bucking uncontrollably! The Sybian should probably be one of the last lessons in the semester, rather than too early on. You know the old adage, 'Save the best for the last!'
As for the buzzers in the undies, the only counterpart would be that near the end of class the gals could go stimulate the guys, rubbing their erections through their slacks only, no pulling out the Love Wand and watching the explosion. Only the visual effects on his body and face would be visible as he is driven to ejaculation, not witnessing the actual shooting of his cream! They'd probably need to go change shorts between classes, if there were enough time!
I can certainly imagine some extra hot times in HS class! Wish I could enroll somewhere! Have fun everybody! Tickle all you can! Life is too short not to enjoy pleasure! RC



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