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More Help from Dan

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Dan and I have been playing again.....


Two weeks ago I started having trouble with my bathtub drain. I will admit I am a cheapskate and I didn't want to call a real plumber. I was talking to my friend's, Kristina and Dan, about my troubles when Kristina volunteered Dan to give me some assistance. Kristina has no clue that Dan and I had a little encounter in their shower in February. Dan and I haven't talked about what happened either. I think neither of us wants to decide if what we did was cheating. Dan loves Kristina. I know this and I don't love Dan in any way other than as a good friend and pseudo brother. But it's still been a little hard for Dan and me to talk about things the last few weeks. Even with this, Dan gladly volunteered to come over and take a look at my drain.

Dan arrived last Saturday wearing these jeans that make his ass look even more fabulous than I know it is. He followed me into my bathroom and started asking me what had been happening with the drain and what I had done so far to try and fix the problem. I gave him the lowdown on what I had done and when the problems had started. He took the drain cover off and went to work. I asked if he needed my help and he said he was okay. So, I went to the living room to do some work on my computer.

Dan must have worked on in the bathroom for about twenty-five minutes. He finally called me into the bathroom and told me he thought he was done. He showed me that the drain was running freely. Dan said the drain was just clogged with hair. He said 'You girls and your long hair. I am forever reminding Kristina to clean out the trap in our shower. You saw the trap I put in our shower, you need one of those.' As soon as he said that he looked a little guilty because he had brought up our encounter in the shower.

We just stood in the bathroom looking at each other, not really knowing what to say. I had to break the silence. 'Dan, we didn't cheat.' He looked relieved. He actually looked like he was going to cry because he was so relieved that I had brought it up and it was out there. I had said it wasn't cheating. 'I'm sorry Nina, I was afraid to even talk to you about it. I have wanted to talk about it. It was amazing. I swear, it wasn't about seeing you naked or even getting off because I missed Kristina. I could have called her on the phone and had phone sex and gotten off. Hell, I could have gotten off in the shower by myself. But, being in there with you and watching you get off with my help that was almost too much. I have thought about it a lot since then.' I looked at him kind of funny. He went on. 'I think about it and it makes me want to do the same thing for Kristina. It's totally made our sex life better. We've given our shower quite a workout since then.'

I didn't know just what to think. I was glad we were finally able to talk about what had happened, but it was kind of weird hearing him say he had done the same things for Kristina and how it had made their sex life so much better. On the other hand, it was also making me really hot and bothered. Here Dan and I were, in a bathroom again and the subject was sex. I think he could tell I was pondering something in my head because he asked 'Are you okay?' I assured him I was fine. But, he wasn't buying it. Then, he asked he that magic question 'Do you need some help?' Oh, my goodness, this was not happening again.

'Dan, I don't know if we really should do this again. I mean, the first time, it was a little innocent, this time, it's like we're sort of asking for trouble.' I couldn't even look at him because I knew if I did, I wouldn't be able to keep my emotions in check. 'Nina, it will be just like last time, except we won't be in the shower. I promise I won't touch anything other than your hands or your arms. Nina, when you and I did what we did before, it brought out this part of me that Kristina and I forgot all about when we had kids. Do you know how much more sex we've been having because of what we did? Nina, I don't think it's any different than watching porn. Kristina and I watch porn together. I'm just in the room with you when you are getting off you're not on the television screen. You can get me all hard so I can go home and go at it with Kristina. The kids are gone today. Please Nina. You're better than porn. Please.'

I felt like I should have said no, but he just had a way with words, so I walked into the bedroom and Dan followed me. I looked at him and said 'Remember the rules-no touching, except for my hands and my arms. We do not tell Kristina anything. If you do, I will deny it all and tell her you came on to me.' He agreed.

We sat down on the bed and I could already feel how wet I had become. 'What do we want to do first?' I asked. He looked at me and said 'This is for you Nina, you are in charge, you do want you want and what makes you feel good. I'm just here to give you moral support. Unless you wanted me to give you some direction I could do that for you.' I told him I wanted some direction. I was so turned on by now that being told what to do made it even more appealing.

Dan started by telling me to take off my sweater slowly. I pulled it over my head and let Dan see my cute little pink bra. Even though my boobs are a lot smaller than Kristina's, they gave him an instant hard on. He had me run my hands over my boobs and massage them gently. He told me to run my hands down my body to my waist. Dan let out a little moan. I felt my panties get even wetter. He told me to take off my jeans. I did this and they fell to the floor. I stepped out of them and walked toward Dan, who was sitting on the bed. I could tell he wasn't going to be able to hold on until he got home, so I walked to my dresser and got him a condom. I walked back to him and put it in his hand. 'I think you might need this. I don't want you to get in trouble at home.' He nodded and unbuttoned his jeans. His cock was poking out of his boxers already. He slid his jeans down to his knees and then his boxers. He carefully put the condom on his throbbing cock. I was ready to explode as he was doing this. It reminded me of our time in the shower.

He asked me if I was wet. I told him yes. He told me to come over and stand next to him. I did this and he took my hand. He told me to take off my bra and panties and sit down on the bed. I did this and I sat between his legs like we had done in the shower before. I started to run my hands over my body, but Dan told me to stop. He said he was going to make me work a little harder. He told me I couldn't touch myself until he told me it was time. He started to whisper in my ear all the things he and Kristina would do to get hot and bothered. He told me how much he loved to watch Kristina play with her amazing tits and run her fingers around her nipples and tug on them. He told me to take my hands and run my fingers over my nipples like Kristina did. He gave me very good instructions. I knew I was doing a good job when I could feel his cock stiffening against my back and his breathing getting hotter and faster against my neck. Dan then asked if I had any toys to play with. I told him I had some in my drawer. I reached over and got them and brought them into the bed.

Dan took my hands and just held them in his. He started to describe how good it would feel to have Kristina with him right now. He told me he didn't know how much longer he could hold off and he wanted to see me get off so he could go home and have his way with Kristina. He told me to pick up my vibe. I did this and I ran it along my dripping wet clit. It was an amazing feeling. Dan handed me the jelly cock I had and told me to use it too. I started to insert it, but he told me no, I needed to turn around so he could see me when I did it.

I shifted around on the bed and I was do glad I did because I had a perfect view of Dan's dick, which was completely erect and ready to blow at any moment. I put the cock down on the bed and slowly lowered myself on to it. I was so wet I was sliding up and down with ease. I couldn't manage the vibe and the cock at the same time, so I threw the vibe down and just used my hand on my clit. I was fingering myself and watching Dan stroke his dick. He and I were able to match our speeds. We had the same rhythm going and we were both moaning and making noises. Dan was so close and he started to speed up he asked me to take my hand and run it over my tits, like Kristina so he could cum. I obeyed his wishes and continued to fuck the jelly cock and play with my boobs. Dan was in heaven. His hand was flying up and down his cock as I played for his pleasure. He licked his lips and started to moan and his eyes started to roll back in his head and his eyes closed. He kept going quicker and quicker, saying Kristina's name over and over while occasionally sneaking peeks at me. Suddenly, he said 'Oh, Kristina, I'm fucking cumming!' His whole body tensed up and his hand went up and down his cock once more and then he filled the condom with so much cum I was afraid it might break. I don't know how many times he shot, but it was a lot. His hand dropped and his body relaxed and his dick started to go limp.

Dan opened his eyes and smiled. He came up to his knees and took my free hand in his and said it was my turn. He started whispering things in my ear that were really turning me on. He began to run his fingers up and down mine, with the same rhythm I was using to fuck the cock. He was telling me what it felt like for a man to have his cock inside a woman and how nice it was to have a woman on top. He knew I was close. He started moving his fingers up and down mine quicker.

I started breathing faster and moaning louder. My nipples were erect and Dan told me that made him horny. I told Dan to put his hands on my waist so I could go down on the cock harder and he listened to me. I brought my hands to my nipples and pinched them hard and pulled at them with each thrust of my vagina against the cock. I was so close. I slowed my rhythm and brought my body down on the cock with so much force, I nearly made Dan fall over on top of me. I did this three times and then sped up again One...oh...Two...my....Three....fucking...Four.....Dan....Five.....I.....Six....Am...

Seven...cumming! I swear I exploded and bucked against that cock so hard. The orgasm I had was more powerful than the last one I had with Dan. He gasped and grabbed my hips and kept me from falling over as I came. He gently helped me lie down on the bed and sat and just watched me as I came down from my orgasmic high.

I saw Dan's cock begin to grow again. He caught me looking and told me he better get cleaned up because Kristina would be expecting him home soon. We wanted to save something for her since the kids were gone for the day. He walked to the bathroom and I watched his ass as he left the room. I suddenly felt a little jealous of Kristina, she had Dan and everything he had to offer, not to mention his fabulous ass and his amazing sexual skills. But, he was like my brother and nothing more. But, I do have to admit, I like playing with him. Before he left, we agreed to try to play together at least once a month. I can't wait until April!



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