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More Hardware

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Follow-up on Hardware and Response to 'Specific Comment' by J.B. (32) posted on Jan 13, 2005


J.B. commented on my story 'Hardware'. The O-ring that fits me best is two and a half inches in diameter, to answer his question. Also here is an update.

We had some snow up state just before Christmas and the town with the hardware store is on the way to a ski area. So I packed my ski's and headed out for a few days, since there were no classes that week, thinking I would drop in and see 'Gary', the hardware guy on the way. The weather was bad and there was road works and I did not get to the store until 5:30pm or so and it closes at 6:00pm.

When I walked in I saw Gary with his back turned, and before he turned round I said, 'I need a dozen of your biggest O-rings.' He was kind of shocked and turned around suddenly. His face beamed with a huge grin when he saw me, and that relieved me of my fears about doing this. He looked great, as he had let his black beard grow in and his hair go long. He looked kind of like a trim bear. He came over and put his hands on my shoulders and said how glad he was to see me and asked what I was doing up there. I told him I was out for some skiing, and he said why not stay here for a day and do some cross-country with him first, since there was good snow on the ground. I told him I was going to be staying in a hostel near the slopes and that I had no place to stay here. He said no problem, I could stay with him.

That got me really excited and I agreed. He lives with his folks but he also fixed up a cozy room above the store for himself so he could have some privacy when he wanted it, and he said we could stay there overnight, and go out early in the morning which would be Sunday, when the store is closed. Of course this is just the kind of thing I was hoping for. He told me he had plans to go out with a girl he was seeing that night, but I could either go to a movie myself or just stay in the room till he got back. He said he would not be out very late. So I just went out for dinner to a diner and came back to his room and watched TV.

About 12:30 I took some blankets and made a bed for myself on the ratty couch and fell asleep. Not long after this he came back. There was only a space heater and the room was cold. I was sleeping in my sweat shirt and ski pants. He walked over to me. I was groggy and he was still in his heavy plaid coat. He put his icy cold hand up to my nose and said, 'Want to smell some pussy? I didn't wipe it so you could get a sniff.' Actually his fingers did smell like what might have been pussy. That gave me an instant boner. He said it was cold as a witch's tit in there and we would both freeze if we didn't climb into bed together.

I thought that was great and so I moved to the bed. I was still in the sweat shirt and pants. But as I watched him he stripped completely and totally naked and he got under the quilt with me. We lay there in the dark for a few minutes and I was feeling really awkward with him naked next to me and I knew he was awake just waiting to see what I was going to do. Finally he broke the silence and said, 'What now?' I acted like I didn't know what he meant. He called my bluff. 'Do you really want to go to sleep?' he asked. Embarrassed, I managed a quiet, 'No.' So he said 'Well why don't you take all that crap off first. We're not going skiing tonight.'

So under the quilt I took off my clothes and threw them on the ground. He rolled over to me and I felt him put his hand on my dick and balls. I did not know what he was doing at first but then I felt him slide what I knew was a big O-ring over my hard dick and balls. Then he took my hand and moved it to his dick and balls and I could feel it was hard too and that he had a ring on himself too. I was pulsing so much by then I could have cum but tried not to think about what was happening as I wanted it to last. I asked him didn't he just cum with his girlfriend. He really surprised me then. He said, 'No, I just fingered her off. She needs that every night or she can't get to sleep'. I figured you came all this way for it you should get a full load.'

So I told him that it was true, and I had been thinking about jerking off with him since I saw his dick with the ring on it. He put back on the light and we pulled down the quilt. He said 'Do it then' and laid back with his hands behind his head and his huge purple hardon sticking right up in the air, with the skin on the head stretched real tight, and lots of veins bulging all over it. I held his balls while I stroked his dick. He was telling me to squeeze his balls. I did a little and he kept telling me to squeeze them harder. They were big and hung down low, so it was easy to get my whole hand around his sac. I was afraid I would hurt or injure him as I was by then squeezing quite hard. But he told me he needed to have his balls squeezed really hard to get him going.

He told me to stop stroking and just squeeze them, and to use my other hand to put my finger into his ass. I have done that to myself some times and so I knew how to do that easily. I spit on my finger and slid it all the way in, and pulled it out quickly. As I did that he jerked himself hard and fast and blew his load which made a huge arc and landed in his head hair and on his forehead. It was certainly a load that he had not released in a while, so he was telling the truth about not cumming with his girlfriend. I couldn't take it any more and knew there was no way I could stop from shooting very soon, so I grabbed a handful of his cum and rubbed it over myself and laid down on top of him with my dick and balls pressed to his, and made a few humping motions.

I stood up in the bed and let my cum fly which it did all over him and myself. I tried to aim it to land in his hair where a lot of his own wad was still there, and some of it did land there. By now it was about 1:45am. We got up and had some cereal without milk, as that was all he had there. Then we went back and kept jerking each other off even after we couldn't cum any more. It was 4:30am when we decided to stop and sleep. We pulled up the quilt over us and we were still all covered with dried cum and sweat, and we fell asleep with my arm over his chest.

We woke up that way around 11:00am. We had a good laugh because he peeled a big thin sheet of dried cum off my belly. This led us to another JO session and then we washed and went out to the diner for lunch. We did go cross-country and I then I headed out to the slopes that evening, which was another two hour drive. I have phoned him a few times since then, and he is always happy to hear from me, but we don't have too much to talk about. I am sure we will do this again or at least I hope so, but it is a long drive so I'm not sure. I still think about this all the time in daydreams and when I am jerking off. I wish we lived closer. I think he will be a long-term friend, or I hope he will. I am so glad I took this chance as I will never forget it whatever happens.



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