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More Games With a Lady Friend

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I posted a story on first of September this year, this is more of the fun we had together


I hope you read and enjoyed my last instalment of the fun me and Sally have, she is an ex work mate of mine who saw me nude on chat and ended up with me in her front room naked and masturbating for her and covering her in cum, I also have fun with her panties, she cums in them and lets me lick them and cum in the gusset so she can put them back on again, we have seen each other on chat a few times since then and we have allways had a great time, if we have the time to put a little show on for each other we have a real wet and sticky time, last time I saw her she was in a very kinky mood and had a very wet pair of knickers on.

I was very hard and my cock was red and hot and needed to spurt cum for her, we both had our cams on and I was nude from the waist down, she was fully dressed in black leggings and a loose top, her husband was about that day so I was nice and polite and just did general chat about the weather and normal stuff, after about 50 mins he went out for a few hours and we decided that it was time to get very kinky. I asked her what panties she was wearing today and she told me that they are plain black ones. I said go on show me then, she gave me a little wicked smile called me a pervert and stood up, I hadn't seen her naked even when I had been to her house for a live wank show but I knew she had a sexy as hell body with lovely great big juicy tits and a lovely tight round bum.

I'd spent ages watching her at work walking about and I had always wanted to see what she was like naked. I dared her to take them off for me and show them to me, she said she was going to the toilet to take them off for me to see but I said to her to do it there in the room, I asked if the house was empty and she said yes so I asked her to go for it and take her knickers off for me there. She was a little shy but at last I managed to get her to do it, I was wanking my cock wondering how much I would see, I thought she would walk out of view of the camera but she didn't, she stepped back a few feet then slowly undid her button and pulled her trousers off, I was as hard as a iron pole looking at her pulling her trousers down, she looked at me and did a little dancer twirl so I could have a good look at her before she took them off, she had a great bum as I had thought, but then she totally surprised me by bending right over in front of the cam and pulling her knickers down fast, I was looking right at her lovely bum and wet pussy, she looked so hot I nearly shot my load.

I typed out to her that she had a sexy as hell bum and pussy, she didn't stand up but pulled her knickers off and kept her bum facing the camera, I was looking right at her sweet juicy shaved snatch, I said to her that her pussy was awesome and I wanted to eat it, she stood up and turned round giving me a nice view of her pussy from the front, I told her she looked stunning and that my cock was almost fit to burst. She asked to see it so I lowered the cam and showed her my rock hard throbbing cock. She said that it looked lovely and looked like I was about to cum, I told her that looking at her lovely shaven snatch was making me leak cum from my cock. I asked her to let me see her tits so she pulled her top off and I saw her amazing full juicy tits for the first time, they looked so lovely I wanted to suck and feel them right there, I told her I was wanking myself stupid looking at her and I wanted to see her bend over again, she turned round and bent over but this time with her legs apart, I could see her pussy lips and her clit poking out looking like it needed a good licking, she let me look for a few minutes then sat back down at the chair and asked if I had enjoyed the view, I told her she looked so sexy my cock was hurting, I asked her if she was wet and she said wait a second and put her fingers under the desk for a few seconds then pulled them out and showed me how wet and slippy they were, I typed in that she looked good enough to eat and then she smiled a little wicked smile at me and slipped her fingers into her mouth, she licked her juices off herself and made a very happy looking face at me.

I asked her if her panties were as wet so she picked them up and showed me the gusset, I asked if they smelled of her snatch so she put them to her face and licked them and sniffed them and made a great big smile to me, I was wanking like mad now and she asked to see me so I moved my chair back so she could see all of me and started to wank off, she was sitting there leaning on one elbow dipping her finger into her juicy wet snatch and licking it off as I was wanking, I shot a load so far it hit the screen, she smiled at that and said that it was my turn to see her wank, talk about instant hard on.

I'll let you know what happend next time very soon, thanks



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