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More Fun With Amanda and Zoe

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I wrote about the first time I had "fun" with these two sisters a few weeks ago. I thought I'd share what happened the very next day. If you have not already read the first part, you'll want to first, as this part picks up the very next morning.



Each week day, Amanda, Zoe and I walk together to the bus stop. It's two blocks away. For those two blocks we can talk about whatever we want, but as soon as we get to the stop, we sometimes have to change subjects or just stop talking because the stop is full of other kids. The morning after Amanda gave me a hand job was one such morning.

As usual, I waited out front of their house until they came out. On this morning, Amanda came out of the house looking un-phased about the events of the previous evening. Zoe, on the other hand, could hardly contain her excitement. She came out their front door with with her big, toothy grin splitting her freckled face in half, and as soon as we were out of earshot from the house, she began talking, and hardly stopped until we got near the stop.

"How many hand jobs do you think you've had? How many girls have you seen naked? What did you think of Mary and Jane? I know mine aren't as big as Amanda's but they have more personality, don't you think? What does it feel like to squirt that stuff out of your penis? Have you ever tasted it? Have you ever had a blow job? Is it possible to give yourself a blow job? I tried licking my own pussy but I can't reach."

I answered her questions as fast as she could throw them at me, and Amanda just listened in silence and chuckled.

"Was she hyper active as a little kid?" I asked Amanda.

"Are you kidding? She STILL IS! Look at her!"

As we got close to the stop, but before all the other kids could hear, Zoe squeezed in one more question.

"When you come over today, do you think I could try giving you a hand job?"

"Fine by me" I said.

"YES!" said Zoe. And she did a fist pump in the air and a little happy dance.

That afternoon I did the obligatory stop-in at my house, checked in with my mom, grabbed a quick snack, and then headed across the street. When I knocked on the door, Amanda answered.

"She's crazy excited" she said when she opened the door. "She's already set Mary and Jane free. I guess she figured you'd want her to be topless again."

I just laughed. When we got upstairs, sure enough, Zoe was literally jumping in place next to her bed, her tight, perky little boobies bouncing up and down with each jump.

"Come on!" she said. "Lay down! I wanna see you squirt again! And this time I wanna make it happen!" The sight of her was hilarious and sexy at the same time. So much energy! So uninhibited! So… cute! I could feel my penis swelling as I got onto the bed, and by the time I pulled my pants down, it was pretty much done getting erect.

Zoe scooted next to me, reached her hands in, took my shaft in one hand and my balls in the other, and started to furiously rub my shaft and squeeze my balls. I winced.

"Who! Wo wo!" said Amanda. "Slow the show way way down!"

"What?" said Zoe, looking at her older sister with some annoyance.

"Also" said Amanda, "watch the guys face when you are doing this. If he's not enjoying it, which HE'S NOT, you can tell. Here, lemme show you."

Zoe gave way to Amanda, and Amanda gently wrapped one hand around my shaft and with the other gently cupped my balls.

"The key is a light, gentle touch, and slow, steady stroke. You can't grip too hard, or it will just pull on his skin. Let your hand sliiiide up and down. With your other hand, just softly cup his balls… as if you here handling a baby chicken.

Zoe laughed at this, and said, "Ok, lemme try again." Her touch was much more gentle this time, and it felt a lot better.

"Is this better?" she asked me.

"Uh-huh" I moaned. "Doing good, don't stop."

"Also" said Amanda, "when he comes, it's going to get all over your hands. Be ready, and don't get grossed out and stop. it's kinda squishy and gooey, but it's not gross. And they REALLY like it when you keep going even after your hands are all juiced up."

"I know" said Zoe, "I saw yesterday."

Nobody spoke for the next little while. Zoe was not as good at this as Amanda, and her touch was still rough, but the excitement of it all was still enough that I could feel an orgasm starting to build. I let her know she was doing a good enough job by smiling, closing my eyes, and moaning very softly.

The orgasm built momentum slowly, and I could tell right away that it was not going to be a very strong one. You know the feeling, right? You can tell from the very early stages of an orgasm how strong and powerful it will be when it finally bursts into the open. This one was going to be okay, but nothing smashing. For her sake, I wanted it to be a good show, and so I tried to hold off as long as I could and let the pressure build. But mind-over-penis only goes so far, and pretty soon I could feel the ejaculation spilling out of my balls, up my shaft, and spew out my head.

The first squirt only hit me mid-chest, and although Zoe kept pumping, I heard her say, "Awe! It's not as strong!" I tried to appease her by acting like I was really enjoying it. And truth be told, I was! She did a great job of stroking me to the very last drizzle, and when I opened my eyes and looked at her, she looked a little deflated.

"It wasn't as good as Amanda's, I can tell."

"It was awesome!" I said. "Thank you!"

She smiled a sheepish grin.

"And" I said, "You can practice on me as often as you want!"

"Ha!" laughed Amanda. "You'd like that, wouldn't you! Your own personal little hand-job diva!"

Somehow, Amanda already had a damp cloth, and she gave it to Zoe who cleaned us both up, handling and cleaning my penis with great care, and fascination. It was a turn-on to watch her clean me up with such curiosity, examine every inch of my 6", cut penis, moving it around in her hands and looking at it from different angles.

"Well" said Amanda, "I don't know about you too, but I have home work to do. I'm going to get started."

Zoe and I looked at each other and smiled. Neither of us were in the mood for homework, and we both knew it without saying anything. In stead, I kicked my jeans and boxers all the way off and pushed them with my feet onto the floor. Zoe, with a mischievous grin on her face, climbed all the way onto the bed and then proceeded to straddle me with her legs, sitting just low enough that she could still easily fondle my cock with both hands, which she freely did.

And as she did so, I allowed myself the pleaser of reaching up and touching her. At first I placed my hands on her naked waist, but slowly let them slide up her skinny little body until, at last, I was cupping her titties. She smiled when I finally had them in my hands. They felt so firm in my grip, and her little pink nipples were hard against my palms.

"They like you" she said. "They think you're fun."

Amanda looked back at us from her desk and just rolled her eyes.

"Well" I said, "my penis likes you too. He thinks you're full of energy and curiosity and loves being explored by you."

"Even if I don't give as good of hand-jobs as my sister?"

"Your sister has more experience. You'll get there."

As we talked, she was still playing with my penis, which was again fully erect. And I was still groping her boobs and letting my hands roam freely over her light, slender upper body, which slipped so easily between my hands.

"I can't concentrate" complained Amanda from across the room, but there was a hint of laughter in her voice.

"So stop trying and come have fun with us" I suggested.

"I have a LOT of homework" she said. And truth be told, so did I. I just didn't feel like doing it.

"Ok, how about this" I said. "I have a lot too. But before I get serious and start doing it, I'd really like to see both of you all the way naked."

"Sure!" said Zoe. And that girlish toothy grin again spread across her face. Damn, she was sexy in such a spunky little girl way. I suddenly had a strong urge to rip her pants and panties off her and… Well, anyway, I resisted the urge.

"i was wondering when we would get to that" said Amanda. "I'm surprised it took you this long." She swivelled her chair around and sat for a moment just looking at us, smiling. And then she did something I don't think either Zoe or I expected.

She stood up from her chair, and in one fluid motion, lifted her shirt over her head, then removed her bra, then at the same instant slid her pants and panties all the way down. I'm telling you, it took her less than two seconds to go from fully clothed to fully naked!

And my lord! Was she well formed! I mean, honestly. Her over-sized boobs, which I saw and felt briefly the day before were just the beginning. I had spent plenty of time undressing her with my eyes, and the real thing did not disappoint! Her stomach was flat, her hips were round, her legs were long. Ok, I'll be honest. She was not playboy material, meaning she could have been a little more… toned. But like I said, she was more of a book worm than an athlete, and besides, I didn't care! She was all woman! Her pussy had a full bush on it of jet black hair, and I could tell she kept it trimmed, but it was anything but shaved.

She let me look her over, and then she slowly turned around. And wow! When I saw her naked ass, my penis literally throbbed in Zoe's hands.

(Okay, I have to stop here for a moment and talk about butts. I am kind of a female ass connoisseur. And I'm picky. I like a full bottom! I'm not talking large. When I mean by "full" is that I like them to be shapely, and not flat. I like butts that stick out a little to the back, but are not too wide. And mostly, I like butts that have cracks that come all the way up. I HATE those little flat butts where the crack only comes half way up and then stops, and were the cheeks have no real VOLUME to them. Okay, side note over…)

Amanda, it turned out, had an ass that was damn near close to perfection, and looking at her standing just two feet away from me, posing in the nude, letting me take in her full naked self…. it blew my mind. I think she was doing this because she was a little jealous of all the attention Zoe and I were giving each other and she wanted her fair share. And as Zoe sat on top of me, feeling my penis lurch in her hands at the sight of naked Amanda, she suddenly felt a little competitive too.

Zoe stood up, and while still standing over me on the bed, popped the fly on her jeans and slid them down, keeping her panties in place. She kicked her jeans onto the floor, and then turned around, so her slender, skinny little body, wearing only flower panties, was facing away from me. She was a slender little kid and totally lacked the curves and voluptuous form of her older sister, but she was was also well toned, tight, had long skinny legs, and positively radiated with energy. Her cute little ass pushed against her panties, and I could tell that like her sister, she had a beautiful bottom, and I was more than ready to see it.

She began to swing her hips, slowly at first. And as she did so, she slipped her hands into her panties. Instead of pushing them down like I thought she would, she instead gathered them up, exposing her butt cheeks to me as she bunched her panties up like a g-string. Then she arched her back, pointing her ass at me, and wigging it back and forth.

Both Amanda and I laughed when she did this, and our laughter seemed to give her energy. Her dance became more energetic, and she was now swanking her body over me like an expert stripper. "Where did she learn this?" I wondered to myself.

Then at last, finally, she began to slide her panties down, inch my inch. Her tight little ass came into full view. It was round and firm, with two little cheeks that were perky and still girlish. It was clear that unlike her sister, full puberty had not really set in, and her hips were still narrow and slender. She let her panties fall onto my legs and she stepped out of them. Now, fully naked and still facing away from me, I had a view to die for! Straight up her long, slender legs, I had a full view of her sweet, tender bottom, and I could glimpse the underside of her soft white labia as well. I was in awe!

She spent a few seconds letting her hands rub her ass cheeks, giving herself a little butt massage for my viewing pleasure. I was jealous, and looked forward to when my own hands could rub those cheeks! Then, she cupped both hands over her pussy, and turned around and faced me. Keeping her hands over her vagina, she gyrated herself over me, thrusting her hips and pumping her pelvis at me. She was watching me closely to see how I was reacting, and also kept taking glances down at my rock hard boner. I didn't need to fake my full attention and my shear delight!

Then, while putting pressure on her pussy with her hands, she began to pull her hands back. First one, then the other. As she pulled her second hand back, she let one of her fingers slide inside her slit, and I could see her moisture ooze around her finger as she pulled her hand up and off, revealing, to my delight, a fresh, sexy, white perky pubic mound and a little pussy that was totally bald and not yet even a hint of starting to flower!

"Wo!" I said. "I didn't expect that!"

Zoe made no reply, but she kept pumping her hips back and forth, up and down, while sliding her hands over herself, feeling her own butt, her hips and even her pussy.

"I gotta ask" I said as she kept up the dance. "Do you shave? Or have you not grown any hair yet?"

Zoe didn't answer, she just kept dancing and smiling at me.

"She shaves" answered Amanda, who was watching her little sister with just as much awe and curiosity as I was. "She hates hair down there. But even if she didn't shave, their wouldn't be much anyway."

Zoe, seeming at last to be running out of her endless energy, climbed off the bed, sat next to me, and took my erect penis in her left hand.

"I think he liked my dance" she said.

"I think so too!" I said.

"Ok, you two sexual addicts" said Amanda. "I hate to break up the fun, but we only have 45 minutes until mom's off work, and nobody was done a lick of homework yet.

"I don't want to get dressed" said Zoe. "I'm doing homework naked."

"Me too!" I said. And we both looked at Amanda.

Amanda just smiled, turned, got her books and papers off the desk, and came over to Zoe's bed. A short moment later, all three of us were laying across the bed, on our fronts, lined up next to each other, with me in the middle. We are all three buck naked, and we had our books spread out in front of us, and we all half heartily set about trying to do homework. We actually got some of it done (but no where near all). I was too focused on the fact that I had these two naked girls on either side of me. All of our legs were intertwined, and we all played footsies as I helped Amanda with her math, and then she helped my with grammar.

A few minutes before five, I closed my books and sat up Indian style between the two naked sisters. Amanda's naked body was on my left, and Zoe's on my right. Both of of their asses were right next to me, Amanda's was full, voluptuous, mature and sexy. Zoe's was small, round, firm and girlish. Both were damn sexy in their own way. And I laid a hand on each other them and caressed.

Amanda kept doing homework as if nothing had changed.

Zoe closed her eyes, smiled, and moaned. "I LIKE that!" she said.

I kept caressing their butt cheeks until we were dangerously close to five o'clock and Amanda finally said, "Well, as much as we are all enjoying Bryan's ass massage, we better get dressed. Mom will be up here in like 30 seconds."

And she was right. We has all just finished zipping up jeans and putting shirts back on when we heard the sound of feet on stairs and the door opening. I greeted their mother as I put my books and papers into my back pack, and tried like hell to act normal.

"How was the afternoon, kids?" She asked. "Home work all done?"

"Almost!" piped up Zoe. "We didn't get as much done as normal. Too much talking."

"About what?" asked their mom.

"Sex" said Zoe, in total, unabashed honesty.

"Oh" said their mom. "I see. Well, I hope it was only talk."

"Don't worry mom" said Amanda in a voice that was completely calm and relaxed. "Nobody lost their virginity. It was all just talk."



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