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More Fun in the Pool

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A follow-on to Story #21961


I went back out for another nude swim the other evening, but this time I waited until well after twilight. It's the last days of a waning full moon, but it hadn't started to come up yet, so my yard (and pool) were a little darker than last time.

Once again, I was being bold-walking outside with only a towel around my shoulders, leaving my cock and balls swinging in the slight breeze as I went through my door. I wasn't too keen on actually masturbating in the water, though-this is, after all, the same water I put my face in when I swim. Nevertheless, I couldn't help but feel a little of that extra excitement as I went down the steps into the water and could feel a little extra pulse of blood into my member.

I started out just swimming back and forth a few times, mostly underwater so as not to make too many splashing sounds that might encourage someone to come to the fence to see who was swimming at night. After about ten minutes, though, I started thinking about reading stories of people who went to the pool return jets and let the water 'caress' them... Why not give it a try, I thought.

I went to the pool return which would allow me the least chance of being seen and grabbed the coping with my hands, raising my pubic area toward the stream of water pulsing out of the jet. At first, the velocity of the water was a little disconcerting as my flaccid member was whipped violently around in the onrush-but I also noticed that after only about a minute, my cock had started to stiffen and was quickly completely at attention. I tried to stretch myself out so that the water jet was pounding my balls and rushing up the length of my erection, crossing my legs and putting my sack right up against the jet.

The sensations were tremendous, but I knew I wouldn't be able to hold on to the coping forever in this way, with my legs folded between me and the wall. I held on as long as I could while the water rushed up my cock, vibrating everything with a gorgeous feeling that I can't quite describe. I tried raising up once or twice to let the jet play with my anus, but that didn't do much for me-not nearly the way having the water massage my cock and balls was doing! Too soon, I had to let go of the coping and slid backward into the pool, albeit now with a tremendous (and happy) hard-on.

I stepped forward about a foot and lowered myself so that I had my genitals directly in front of the jet. The water started swinging my cock from side to side, whipping it in the flow of water. This was good, but not quite good enough. I put my left hand behind my cock to help hold it in place and put the head directly into the flow, so that the water was pounding straight into the glans. I could only take about 15-20 seconds of this and I knew I was about to come-it was that intense. I stood up out of the water and aimed my cock onto the coping and let loose with a good streamer of cum, shooting out onto the concrete. I held myself there for a moment, letting the throbbing (and flow of cum) diminish. I could see the cum pooled in the faint moonlight, and could feel it in the web of my hand from where I had been holding my penis as it unloaded its juice. Whew... I sank back into the water, letting the pool wash away the remnants of my fun.

I floated in the water a few more minutes, with my now (literally) beaten penis taking a rest before I went to the side, put my towel around my shoulders, and headed back into my house. Now that's relaxation!



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