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More Fun Company

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I recently submitted a story about unexpected company. This is what happened after


Tonight my friend called me around 9:30 pm. The minute I answered the phone she blurted out how she can't stop thinking about your fun last weekend. I said, 'me too'. She said 'have you taken care of business today'. I said 'no, not yet today, but the kids just went to sleep at 9:00 and I was thinking about it' So she asked if she could come by. I said sure.
Well she got here in about 20 minutes and she had a plastic shopping bag in her hand. I thought she had brought cake. I thought we were having coffee and donuts. Uh, uh. We sit down and she pulls out two pepperonis. She tells me ever day since last weekend she has masturbated while thinking of what we did last weekend and reading my story on solo about the pepperoni. She used her vibe but tonight decided she was buying two pepperonis and bringing it over.
Well her telling me this and the site of the pepperonis got me so wet and my clit started to throb. She said let's go check out the site. I told her to hang on a second. I went to my room, grabbed out a box of tissues, some vaseline, my vibe and my dildo. I placed them all on my desk. I also went to grab two towels which we put down on the computer chairs. She placed both pepperonis on the desk as well and grabbed her vibe out of her pocketbook and laid that out. Then we signed on and started to read the new posts.
She said 'bring up your pepperoni story'. I did. We both started to read and I saw from the corner of my eye that she had started to rub herself through her sweats. I did the same. We continued this about 15 minutes and read some stories and chatted about how good it felt. Finally she stood up and pulled down her sweats and kicked them off - she wasn't wearing any underwear. I too pulled off my pants and panties. We faced eachother once again both leaning down in the chairs with our legs spread out in front of us. I hold my legs a bit wider than she does. We were both fingering our clits. I could see her getting really excited. I was too. Moving my finger made a squishing noise. Her pussy was glistening, her hair very wet. Both of us are shaved close. She kept staring at my finger watching me flick inside the lips. She had 3 fingers inside her lips and was making a circular motion. I grabbed a tissue and held my lips open. I placed the tissue inside the lips and then used my pointer finger to start flicking again. I asked her if she wanted to try. She said no, she reached for the vaseline, took out a gob and rubbed in on her slit, then started really working her clit with her 3 fingers. Watching her got me so excited. I grabbed my pepperoni, dipped it in the vaseline and slowly inserted it in me as I was flicking my clit. Then I pulled it out slowly and slowly inserted it again. I forced myself to stop flicking my clit and just pumped my pussy with the pepperoni. She grabbed her pepperoni, slid it up and down her slit then plunged it into herself, still circling her clit with 3 fingers. She pumped it fast and continued circling. Watching her got me crazy. I started pumping my pepperoni hard and deep into myself. I grabbed my vibe and placed it on low on my clit. I held the vibe w/ my right hand moving it up and down on my clit and pumpped the pepperoni with my left. She was pumping fast now too. Her circle motions where smaller and faster. She tensed her legs and was breathing really heavy. Watching this I just couldn't take it. I had to cum. I started to moan and roll my head from side to side and I pumped faster. Then I turned the vibe on high. I started moaning loud and saying Oh, oh, ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I came hard. She came right after me. She was grunting and bucking her hips and her whole lower body spasmed and shook. We pulled out the pepperonis after we calmed down a bit. She thanked me for playing with her and told me she had thought about it all week. We decided to submit our fun story. She made me do the typing and explain in detail our play. We decided this could be a fun little escapade and we are going to play again together really soon. Maybe we will post some more stories.



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