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Thanks for the comments. This is by way of reply I guess


After my brother and I did what we did, I admit, I felt a bit weird about it. So much so that I talked to my best friend. Amanda also has a brother with the same age gap.

I had to bring the discussion around so carefully-or so I thought. I got to the part of moaning at her about how I hated having to share his bed when our parents have guests. Amanda said 'yeah, but it can be fun too!' It turned out she and her brother have been having fun for about 18 months! And yes, that fun goes the whole route.

So, Amanda and I were in her room and in her house, it is her room that she and her brother share. I said something like 'So, you guys have done it here-on this bed?' Amanda giggled, bringing her legs up a little 'Yep. Almost right where you're sitting!'. I said 'Oh fuck but that's hot!' She said 'TELL me about it. Your sitting right where a puddle of sperm was.'

I looked at her and although she was laughing fit to piss herself, her crotch was visibly damp on her knickers. 'Is that because you're full of cum, or are you feeling randy, you horny bitch?'

By way of reply, Amanda calmed right down, and suddenly looked serious. 'Have you ever done anything with another girl, Lisa?' (YUCK... pass the puke pail!)

'er... no. Never really appealed to me.'

'What about masturbating with another girl in the room?' (GULP, well, yeah, who hasn't?)

'Well, I want to masturbate right now. Will you watch me?'

I figured that watching Amanda jill off was ok, as long as she didn't try to lez me up.

She leaned back, slipped her hand in her knickers and began. After a few moments, she slipped them off. I could see the inside of them on the bed and how moist they were, and, of course, I could smell her arousal too.

I had a sudden overwhelming urge to pick them up and touch her wetness so, while her eyes were closed, I ran my finger through it and then smelled her. The effect was instant. I flooded myself!

Then, I just leaned over to her and put my hand on hers, and said 'Please, let me'

Amanda let her hand drop away and I was then fingering a girl for the first time ever, then kissing her, then kissing down her tummy to her pussy with two fingers buried deep in her.

A couple of hours later, we had both made each other cum several times. The orgasms I had were almost savage and totally unrestrained.

The best thing was that Amanda said that if Mike asks me about fucking, she would be happy to teach him!

What I DIDN'T say in reply was that if she did, I would want to finger her immediately afterwards.

That night, Mike and I had to share again, and as usual, we masturbated each other. I wonder if there is a chance of a threesome with Amanda. Maybe Mikes girlfriend, who I know is more experienced than he is, would be up for it too?

Oh shit. I SOOOOO need to jill off now. I don't know what's happening to me but over this Christmas, I have had THE most erotic masturbation fantasies. I've done my own fucking brother for fucks sake!



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