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It's been quite a while since I've written anything for 'Solo', but I have enjoyed most of the contributions. I was born and raised in South Korea in a rather traditional Korean family setting, moved to Colorado, married an American and have been very happy. Some of you might have read my contribution already and remember me.
I am now in my fifties and still masturbating at least once day. I am using a 'personal lubricant' which greatly enhances my orgasm and makes it much easier to prolong it. My favorite is still with a water massager in the shower where I have lots of privacy and can take my time soaping up my body and feeling every fold and crevice. But sometimes, on a lazy afternoon, I just lay on the couch and watch some pornography my husband and I bought and masturbate all afternoon with my fingers and a small dildo.
About five years ago, I got up enough courage to touch and probe my bottom. In a traditional Korean family, that was absolutely taboo. Inserting the dildo and climaxing was a wonderful first experience and there are times I just crave something up there.
I have also discovered another place that really has excited me a lot. I am a lab technician in a hospital and sometimes the tests I run take over an hour of observation. If I'm not careful, I'll find myself with a full bladder ready to almost pee my pants before the test is done. After the test, I almost sprint to the restroom and pee with a loud hiss. One time, after one of those incidence, I was wiping myself with toilet paper and found my clit very hard. It didn't take long to reach a pounding orgasm. I tried something different next time. Instead of relieving myself right away, I started rubbing my clit and tried holding it all in until I climaxed. Immediately after the climax, I started peeing very hard. but I was a little swollen and the pee didn't come out quickly which made me even more urgent to pee. I could actually feel my heartbeat in my bladder. My clit still was hard, so I took advantage and rubbed it to another climax. peeing all over my hand. The second orgasm was even harder than the first. I can't do this very often, but I'm always looking for a long running hemo test on my list to perform.
Along those same lines, I watched a coworker looking over her tests and squeezing her legs together just like I used to do. She called me over and asked if I could watch her screen while she went to the bathroom and I obliged, but delayed her just a little more by asking her to show me where she was in the testing and what she wanted me to watch. I could see the urgency on her face as she patiently explained what she wanted and then dashed off to the bathroom. I wished I could have been there to hear the hiss of her pee and her groan of relief. She was back in a few minutes and I doubt she had time to realize the wonderful feeling of masturbating afterwards.
Restrooms continue to fascinate me and I was rewarded for my patience several times at our local YWCA. Once a week I attend a stretching/toning class in which about 30 women participate. Since we're all women, we tend to discuss issues that sometimes revolve around sensuality and our instructor has developed several exercises to strengthen muscles that might add to sexual pleasure. Some are just strengthening to tolerate the weight of a man on top, others to limber up and allow a sitting position on top of a man. But always we do 'kegel' exercises...if you don't know what the kegel is, please look it up. After several session of Kegels kneeling, on your back, and standing, I found my clit throbbing wildly and wanting attention. After class, I couldn't wait to get showered and home to either masturbate wildly or jump on my hubby for relief.
Then I thought that there had to be other women in that class who felt the same way, so I started watching intently for signs of being aroused and there were several women who went to the shower with me with glistening lips or slightly matted pubic hair. I thought there might be a couple women who actually soaped there crotches a little longer than necessary, but if they actually climaxed, they certainly hid it very well. My own fingers were also busy with my swollen clit, but never climaxed, not even close in those public quarters.
One afternoon, I spent some time talking to another lady and got to the showers a little late when most of the others were already starting to dress. By the time I was dressing, there were only a handful of women left, so I went to the toilets to pee. I decided I would rub myself a little, since no one was around. when I heard little wet noises coming from one of the other stalls. There were the distinct little noises of another woman masturbating and shortly after I heard quiet little grunts and breaths. Then the toilet flushed, I placed my feet up on the toilet seat so I wouldn't be discovered, and watched her walk past my stall and into the locker room. My clit was throbbing but before I could get a good start, I heard other wet noises followed by a weak moan, toilet flushed, and to my surprise another woman walked past cautiously looking into the locker room so as not to be discovered.
After I heard her leave, I madly rubbed myself to a crashing orgasm. My pussy and hand were soaked with my juices and I'm sure I made even more noise that my predecessors. I cleaned up, went to the locker room and it was totally empty. My face was still flushed and I could still feel the ache of a great orgasm between my legs. I am able to do this at least twice a month and have not been caught in three years. I have identified eight women who masturbate after most of us have left and then there's the two I just described. One masturbates, the other listens and then masturbates herself.
Thank you for reading and please, girls, keep you experiences coming. Be honest and help all the rest of us continue to feel great about pleasuring ourselves.



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