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More Friendly Fun

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See Friendly Fun (submitted March 10) for the first part of my masturbation experiences with my friend.


This one just happened today and I'm still tingling all over...
After our first mutual masturbation session, Jordan and I were feeling quite comfortable around each other and were noticeably happier entering the March Break (which for us is two weeks long). We both loved our first time that we agreed that we would continue it and slowly start to experiment to see how far we were willing to go. After saving up for two days (meaning two days without masturbation), Jordan and I got together today to have some more fun. We had the house to ourselves and he had some magazines and ready and roaring to go.
He stepped into the house and we wasted no time, delving right into the magazines. We each grinned rather sheepishly at the pictures and often leaned over to show each other some that we liked. Jordan finally cried out:
'I'm hard enough to jack now - if I wait any longer I'll finish the job in my pants!'
He quickly reached for his jean button and time slowed down. My first experience was great but everything was happening so fast I didn't enjoy it as much. This time, I wanted to make sure that every second counted. I mimicked his movements and began removing my pants and let the tent that was my boxers spring out. We both bravely removed our final pieces of clothing and compared. He was circumcised; I was not. Mine was perhaps a little bigger than his (making my previous assumptions incorrect) but my foreskin does not retract at all from the head of my penis. These were things I did not notice the first time. His pub hairs were much less dense than mine and about the same colour. We both began to talk after what seemed like hours of observation:
'So... how far do you want to go today?' He asked me.
'How much farther can we go?'
'Oral sex would be the next step...'
At this we both looked at each other uneasily and mutually decided it was better to leave that for another day. We walked into my bedroom and lay down (still fully erect) right beside each other. I once again made the first move and lightly grabbed the base of his penis. Jordan reached over and massaged my balls while I slowly made my way up and down his shaft. The warmth radiating from his cock was amazing. My palms were sweating with nervousness but was still overwhelmed the heat his dick was producing.
I felt his hand move up from my balls and to my penis. I shuddered with pleasure and he began to rub it in every direction creating a feeling I never felt before. I tried to imitate this and it worked because I heard him mummer something like: 'Oh my God...' and saw his pelvis shaking. After awhile we became disoriented and decided we should do it one person at a time. I volunteered to jack him first.
He sat on the edge of my bad and I sat to his left and reached over with my right hand. I initially began stroking him with the backhand grip and then switched to the fist. I slowly pumped him, trying to make it last as long as I could. It wasn't even three minutes before I saw his face clench and his hips thrusting. Jordan told me to keep going and not slow down so I didn't. I sped up and used my free hand to massage his scrotum. As his hips thrust faster and faster he shot the most furious amount of cum I have ever seen. Some hit him square in the face while most of it hit his chest area, I felt the last drops ooze down my hand and it was just as warm as my own.
Jordan eagerly looked over to my aching cock and dived right into it, starting slow and working his was faster. I lay down on my back and asked him to rub my balls, which he did with pleasure. Getting more and more bold, I inquired as to whether he would like to see what it was like to hump penis to penis. He smiled and hopped on top of me and started rubbing our dicks together. His penis was just as warm as before which turned me so much. Jordan became a little confused when I started grinding back against his cock but soon realized what was going to happen. He jumped off and stroked my penis furiously (which wasn't necessary since I was going to cum anyway) and I shot the biggest load of my life. Three squirts hit me in the face; two landed on my chest and the rest was spattered over Jordan. We both grinned at each other and lay down until we were recovered.
Our nest move is to oral sex but we're both still iffy about that (neither of use have trouble receiving it, it'll be giving the other some that is weird).
Well, 'till next time.



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