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More Flying Lessons

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OK, so this is what has happened....


The bad news first...although the horniness of my first couple of lessons was intense, that feeling of arousal has gone totally from my flying lessons. I am doing an intensive course that will take me through to qualifying as a pilot, and I am too busy now to get horny in the air....

...now the good news. I was always quite sensual. I don't think I masturbated any more or less than most girls my age.. but since standing in that squalid little bunker and making myself cum, I have developed a liking for orgasms in public, and in particular where other people have had sex. I also had something of a reaction to the one and only time I had a cum in the air on my second lesson with my flying instructor handling the aircraft. It was the first time I had ever masturbated with someone else with me. I find I like being watched.

Sarah is far too professional to allow me and her to develop any personal relationship which is a shame. I know now that she is bi-sexual and I would go to bed with her right now if she asked me. Still, it leaves me with a problem. I want to experience sex with another woman.

Problem one is easy. There are lots of places around here where people go for public sex. One is the Devil's Dyke near Brighton. There are lots of car parks up there and they are used for, I think it is called 'dogging' or swinging... whatever. I went there in the day when they are deserted and masturbated in my car. Then I got really daring and went there at night. There were lots of cars there with couples in and I made sure my doors were firmly locked. I watched as people made out, and, yes, fucked. Sometimes a couple would get out and fuck on their car with others standing around. Sometimes they would join in too. I had my skirt up (no underwear) and was jilling off. A couple came over to near my car and the girl indicated by pointing at her eyes and then me if they could approach and watch. I nodded but pointed at my own eyes. 'Watch only' Then came over and looked through my window. Then, they started to fuck. I got to watch them, they watched me... my orgasm was tremendous!

Problem two resolved itslef in the most unexpected way. I share a room with a girl who washed out of her first course of instruction and is doing a retake. (A finale retake as if she fails the flight tests this time she is out) We don't talk about sex and we have not done anything remotely sexual. But...(YAY) literally last night, Amy said, right out of the blue 'YUCK I SOOOO hate when that happens.' I looked up from my Trevor Thom 'Instrument flying' and raised an eyebrow. Amy said 'You know sometimes when you get a sudden gush of wetness? Don't you just HATE it when your pubes get claggy?' Well, not the words I would have used, but it conveyed her meaning. I also sympathise because one of the penalties of being female is that to some extent we are always a little wet there and it DOES make your pubes stick. So I said 'Yes, well, you should do what I do and not HAVE pubes.' Amy said she had tried that but had cut herself. Then she asked if I would shave her. I felt uncomfortable... but only for a second or two. I figured I could find out what touching another girl was like and then jill off later if I liked it.

Amy got a new razor out of a packet and spread a towel on her bed and produced a little can of shaving foam. But I told her that foam isn't as good as gel and it should be unscented. So I got the stuff I used. (It leaves me totally smooth and no razor burn either!)

So, there I was sitting on her bed with Amy laying down with her legs up and knees apart. I put a little gel on my fingers and started to rub it into her. I knew right then I would have no problem doing this in a sexual context and was already wet as hell and looking forward to a long hot bath complete with several cums. Actually, Amy didn't seem to have much hair and what she DID have was quite fine. I gelled her up over her mound and then her pussy lips and everywhere I could see a hair. Amy sighed. 'Hmmm interesting feelings.' I told her that for me the secret was to get the gel really rubbed in well.

Now, I can see that from her point of view she may have seen this as a nice try. At the time she said nothing as I contintued to rub. OK, did I press her lips over her clit a bit too much.. yeah.. maybe. Then Amy said 'You are going to make me cum if you keep that up.' But it wasn't a warning. I said 'Oh... sorry, I'll stop.' but Amy said 'No, No, please don't.' And that was it. I allowed my finger to slip inside her and my thumb found her clit. After a very short time Amy arched her back and I felt for the first time, another girl's pussy grip and relax as she came. Of course, I finished shaving her and gave her another orgasm afterwards. Then, I asked her if she would like to do the same for me. Like me, she had never touched another girl but had thought about it. I took her hand and put it into my knickers and showed her the pressure and rhythm I needed.

Amy proved to be very good too and I came really easily into her hand.

We talked afterwards and we both feel that we have some thinking to do but that maybe we could explore this a little more.

Well, for both of us its a great stress reliever after a hard days ground school or flying.

I have to go and masturbate now, and I just may take a pair of Amy's knickers with me!



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