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More Encounters With Other Guys

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In the next couple of years (when I was 13 & 14) I had several experiences with other neighbor boys. In each case the situation was the reverse of my 1st experience; I was the older boy and they were a year or two younger. In most cases, the word had gotten around that I was able to shoot jizz and they were mostly curious about it. I had a treehouse out in my back yard and that was usually the place for our get togethers. We would usually strip down and they would usually want me to jack off so they could see me shoot. As I recall, only one boy wanted to jack me off, the rest just wanted to watch me do it. After I had shot my load I would usually stroke them for awhile to see if I could get them to have a dry orgasm. I was never successful, I think because I didn't jack them long enough.
Here's the story of one of those get togethers which happened when I was 13. We were spending time at our cottage and it was a Sunday morning. I was not feeling well - I had a bit of an upset stomach - and when my parents left to attend church, I stayed at the cottage and stayed in bed in my pajamas. After a little while, I was looking out the window and saw our neighbor boy, about 10 or 11 outside playing. I opened the window and asked him to come to the door. I opened the door and let him in. He asked me why I was home and still in my pajamas. I said that I had a bit of an upset stomach but was already feeling better. I asked him to come into my bedroom and asked him if he had ever seen another boy's penis. He said, 'no' and I said, 'I'll show you mine if you show me yours'. He said, 'OK', and began to take down his pants. As he took off his underpants I also slid down my pajamas to my ankles. We were both already aroused by this time and had quite hard erections. Of course mine was much bigger than his (My cock was probably about 5' long then - his was about 3 1/2'). He had no hair whereas I did. He climbed up on the bed and I asked him if he ever played with his cock and said, 'no'. I said, 'let me show you how it feels' and began to lightly stroke his little cock. I stroked his cock for a couple of minutes and asked him how it felt. He said, 'good' but although I stroked him for a bit longer, he never did achieve a dry orgasm. I asked him if he would like to do that to me and he said, 'yes'. He then took my throbbing cock in his hand and began stroking it. Of course, I was very aroused by this whole encounter and in only about a minute my jizz began to squirt out and run down over his hand. My neighbor friend immediately withdrew his hand from my cock in astonishment and said, 'what is that white stuff?' I explained to him what had happened and that eventually he would be able to do the same. He seemed to be quite agitated by the whole thing and said that he had to leave, and after pulling up his pants he promptly ran out the cottage. We never talked about the incident again.



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