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More Dress-up Fun

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This story, and my previous dress-up story, are based on real experiences as well as fantasies I have had-and for some reason I find it a lot sexier to write in the third person than strictly from my point of view.. I hope you like it. I welcome comments and suggestions, and or stories of similar experiences.


He got home early from work and relaxed with a beer, then wandered into their bedroom. Opening her top dresser drawer, he ran his hands through her panties and bras, which was something he liked to do sometimes.

Meanwhile, she was working out in her garden near the house. He hadn't realized she was home, and thought he was alone.

He started to feel like dressing up a little bit, which he sometimes did when she wasn't around. He slipped out of his jeans and tee shirt, then lowered his boxers and set them on the bed.

From her lingerie drawer he took out a pair of her silky white briefs and a matching bra. Slowly sliding the briefs on, he felt a warm feeling of feminine comfort and also a bit of arousal. He stood in front of the mirror and pullled the bra across his shoulders, and fastened it in back.

Standing back, he turned slowly around and admired himself in the mirror at different angles.

Meanwhile, she had moved close to the bedroom window as she pulled weeds from the flower beds. As she stood to straighten her back for a minute, she glanced in the window and saw him sitting on the bed, pulling on a pair of her nylon stockings, and fastening them to her garter belt which he was wearing! She was amazed at first, because just for a second before she recognized him, she thought it was a pretty young girl sitting on their bed wearing lingerie. Her amazement then turned to fascination. This is really something, she thought to hereself. He almost looks like a real girl, there, dressing herself and looking in the mirror with each additional piece of feminine clothing she puts on.

She thought, I am just going to watch him for a while and see what he does. I have never seen this side of him before, and I think I might just like this about him!

Meanwhile, he has slid into a short lacy slip from the lingerie drawer, and walked over to her closet and was looking through the dresses hanging up. At last he selected a pretty summer dress and took it off the hangar. It was short, with a ruffled skirt at the bottom, and spagetti straps. Made from light blue chiffon, it was layered and silky.

He pulled the dress down over his head and smoothed it across his front. He tied the string in the back, then walked over to the mirror again and admired himself. He was getting really aroused now, seeing himself as a very pretty girl, with his lover's pretty things on. Meanwhile, she was still watching, fascinated, almost hypnotized.

He walked back and forth across the room, practicing walking like a young girl. She herself was getting aroused watching him, because he kept having to adjust the front of the panties inside the dress - his penis was getting very hard from arousal. All of a sudden she became aware that she was feeling wet down in her pussy!

Allright, she thought, enough of this, I am going to go in there and see what happens!

So she quietly entered the house, unbuttoning her blouse as she went. She got to the door of the bedroom and slipped off her jeans. Standing in her bra and panties, the knocked gently on the door.

'Honey? Are you in there? I want to see you!'

He panicked. Oh no, he thought, I have finally been caught dressing up in her clothes and I am going to be in trouble, she will think I am such a fool.

'Just a minute, ok?' he said almost desperately.

'I'm coming in NOW,' she said. And she pulled open the door, walked in, and looked him right in the eyes as she swayed her lucious body in front of him. 'I've been watching you through the window,' she said. 'And I LOVE what I'm seeing! You look so good in my clothes, so sweet, so feminine! So pretty!'

Then she went up to him and put her arms around him and hugged him, then leaned back and caressed his belly, saying, 'You look so pretty with little breasts. I loved watching you put on the bra! Let me help you undress a little, ok baby?'

And she unzipped the pretty blue ruffled dress he was wearing and slid it off over his head.

'I think you like to dress up like this don't you? I can tell by the way you did it that it's not your first time either! In fact, I have been reading about men who like to dress up in pretty girls' clothes, and I bet what you like to do is look at yourself for a while and then lay back on the bed and masturbate. Am I right?'

He couldn't believe she had it all figured out so fast. All he could do was nod weakly.

'Well honey, let me tell you-I don't mind, OK? But what I want to do is watch you do the rest of what you like to do. And maybe I can masturbate a little too, or help you, maybe we can both feel really good here.'

With that she led him to the bed and lay him back on it, sliding her hands all across his front - across the bra, down across his belly, and to the front of his panties which were bulging now around his hard penis.

She lifted up the front of the slip and slid her hand onto his cock. 'This feels good doesn't it? I'll bet I can guess what you really like!'

And then she carefully lifted the waistband of the panties and slid them slowly down his legs and off. He was lying back now, drawing deep breaths, moaning in ecstasy, and she slid the panties back and forth in the air across the head of his hard cock. Then she covered his cock with the panties, and grasping his cock through the panties with both hands she began masturbating him, all the while smiling and whispering soft loving sounds to him.

He lay back and was overwhelmed with with pleasure, such as he had never felt before. She continued to stroke, a little more firmly, bringing him closer and closer to the ultimate pleasure, finally making him come, come, come, come, come, so many throbbing pulses-with him lost forever, deep in the sweetest place he has ever seen or dreamed of. Gasping in ecstasy as he looked at her in her panties and bra, stroking him with silky panties and smiling at him, loving him, admiring him for dressing up in her prettiest clothes and feeling so good.

He lay there a long time, catching his breath, as she sat back and smiled sweetly at him. 'This is SO exciting!' she finally said, almost in a whisper. 'I think we are going to have some more fun this way - with you dressing up in some of my prettiest clothes, starting with lingerie and stockings, and pretending to be a pretty young girl, and then letting me watch you masturbate.'



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