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More Diddling

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Today was my day off work. The kids were in school so I had all day to myself. I decided I was going to spend some quality time with myself and boy was it a good decision. Once the last kid was on their way on the last bus I wasted no time heading to my room. There I stripped naked and lay on my bed. I reached into my nightstand drawer and got out some of my paraphernalia. I took out 2 vibes, some lube, a candle and a video a friend lent me of men masturbating. I popped in the video and lay on the bed watching. I was starting to get wet but resisted touching myself. My clit started to throb and I was getting very excited watching this guy stroke. His dick was getting rock hard and he began stroking faster and was moaning, really working it as he sat in a big oversized armchair. Watching him pump was really getting me excited. Then I saw he was getting ready to cum. He started really pumping his dick fast, up and down, working it so hard, leaning into it and then, he shot a huge load. MMMMMMMMM You could see the pleasure. I was dripping now, my clit throbbing. Another guy appeared on the screen; he was standing facing a mirror. He started to stroke his soft dick very slowly, playing with the head with his fingertips. Watching him do that was so exciting. I grazed my finger over my slit and slid it down then back up. Oh did that feel good. I spread my lips with my left hand and stuck my right pointer finger deep inside them. I slid it up and down feeling the wet and warmness. The guy on the screen was now rock hard and stroking steadily. I was steadily playing inside my lips intently watching him stroke on the screen. His dick looked so good and how I wanted to stroke it for him. I was really worked up but wanted it to last. I realized if I kept watching the video I'd cum real soon so I grabbed the remote and clicked off the tv. I slowed down my finger and enjoyed the wonderful sensations going through my pussy. I was on my back on the bed and decided I would tease myself relentlessly. I spread my legs wide with heals touching, like a frog. I held open the lips as wide as I could with my left hand. With my right pointer finger I barely touched the inside of my lips. I kept running my finger over the area with a very light touch, barely touching myself. I made little circles around my clit in the same fashion, it was sheer torture and sheer delight. I continued this for a long time, teasing myself, wanting so badly to really wiggle my finger fast on my clit. But I resisted. Then I started to apply a bit more pressure and to move my finger a little faster. I wanted to cum so bad but again I resisted. I grabbed my vibe and lubed it up. It's 8' and although I was wet the lube helps to slide it in as it is the jelly kind and could stick a bit. I slowly inserted the vibe but didn't turn it on. I stopped wiggling my finger and removed it and just laid on my back pumping the vibe in and out of me. I gave myself a good fucking then squeezed my vagina as tight as I could around the vibe and pushed it in as far as it would go. While squeezing it tight, I turned it on all the way to high. I closed my legs tight to hold it in place and grabbed my other vibe, turned it on high, spread my lips and placed the tip of it inside the lips. With my left hand I pumped one vibe in and out of my and I used my right hand to manipulate the other vibe. As I pumped myself I slid the vibe up and down my slit, twisted it in circles and then finally held it to my clit. OH GOD!!!! Sheer delight. I started bucking my hips almost off the bed. Finally I exploded, screaming out and breathing heavy. As it subsided I removed the vibe from my sore clit and slowly slid out my other vibe from inside me. I turned them off and put them beside me on the bed, rolled over and fell back asleep for two blissful hours.



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