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More Changing Room Fun

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After the first time it could only get better.


If you have read my first changing room story you will know that my friend and I had discovered the joys of mutual masturbation and since our first encounter we had got together a few times and masturbated together. This is the story of when our relationship went to a whole new level.

We had arranged to meet up and go shopping and whilst we were stood waiting for the train she whispered to me "maybe we should go clothes shopping and try on a few items....In the changing room". She emphasised the last bit and I instantly became horny. Knowing she wanted to re enact our first experience was so hot.

All the way into town on the train she kept flashing her knickers at me up her skirt which led to me being insanely wet and horny before we even got there. We looked round a few shops and bought a few items and then we ended up in a clothes shop browsing different items. She kept holding up little skirts and leggings and underwear and told me to imagine her wearing them which led to me having very wet knickers and wanting relief. She could tell I was getting really horny and grabbed some items and dragged me into the changing rooms.

She told me she was wet knowing that she was making me horny and ordered me to sit down on the bench and began stripping off slowly like a striptease. She asked me to show her how wet she had made me so I put my feet up onto the bench and spread my legs wide open causing my knickers to stretch tight across my pussy and instantly got soaked in juice.

She began trying on the items and started with a pair of white leggings. She pulled them up and they looked so sexy and tight around her bum my clit went crazy. I slid my hand down and gently stroked it through my knickers. Suddenly she grabbed my hand and moved it away shaking her head. "You can't touch just yet, I want you to watch me". She continued trying on different items, teasing me with each one, bending over in tight jeans, flashing me trying on skirts, stroking her nipples when she tried on tops. I wanted to stroke my clit so bad, it was throbbing like mad, begging me to touch it.

She finally tried on all the items and was stood in front of me naked. I asked if i could touch myself, I needed it so bad. She shook her head and just as I was about to protest she came toward me and said "allow me". Her hand slipped down to my knickers and she stroked my poking clit. I gasped as a shot of pleasure surged through me. She leant down and began to stroke and kiss my nipples through my top which felt amazing.

Within minutes I was moaning and getting so close to cumming. She asked if I wanted more and I just nodded lost for words. She knelt down in front of me and slowly moved my knickers to the side and softly kissed my clit before wrapping her lips round it and sucking on it whilst she flickered her tongue over it. I had to bite my lip to stop from screaming out in ecstasy. She did this for a few minutes before sliding her tongue deep inside my pussy. This wasn't the first time I had had a girl licking my pussy but the fact she was my best friend and the fact we were in public made the feeling so much more intense.

She pulled her tongue out and I begged her to put it back in, I needed it so bad. She stuck it back in and resumed flickering against my g-spot. I wrapped my legs round her neck and pulled her in deeper edging closer and closer to orgasm. She moved her hand up and began flicking her thumb over my clit. This was too much, I could feel my orgasm about to hit, I held back letting it build. She must have guessed by the way I was gripping the top of her head that I was close.

She looked up at me and told me to cum for her, she wanted me to squirt my juice all over her tongue. I couldn't stop it any longer and the moment her tongue re-made contact with my lips I exploded in orgasm. I could feel her tongue licking up my cum as it squirted onto her. My body spasmed as orgasmic waves shot through me. As I did she stood up and kissed me, sticking her tongue into my mouth. I slowly licked my tongue over hers tasting my sweet juice.

Eventually the orgasm subsided and I just sat there snogging her. We broke our kiss and she said "how was that". I giggled and told her it was amazing. Before she could say anything I slipped my hand down to her naked pussy and began rubbing her clit telling her it was her turn. She sat on my knee as I played with her sexy little clit and began moaning in my ear. As I rubbed her I gently slipped two fingers into her now soaking wet pussy and began to finger her hard and fast. Her moaning got louder and more erratic until suddenly she whispered in my ear that she was going to cum.

I slowed my fingers down and she immediately begged me not to stop. I let her beg me for a while cos listening to the desperation in her voice was so hot. I slowly sped up again until she screamed out and I felt my hand get soaked in juice as her body went into spasm. I removed my fingers and hugged her close. I felt my leg get wet as her juice oozed from her pussy. She finally stopped shaking and looked at me smiling.

We stood up and looked round, luckily the only mess was on ourselves. I went to grab some tissue to wipe my leg but she insisted on cleaning it off with her tongue. After we cleaned up and re-dressed ourselves we took the clothes and hung them on the rack and as we did there was a woman stood there who gave us a knowing smile and winked at us. We like to think that she knew what we were doing and joined in with us.

That thought still turns me on to this day. The thriil of getting caught is good but the thought of getting caught and making someone horny is even better. Since then every time I pass that particular changing room my knickers get wet at the memory and we hope to re enact our adventure sometime in the future.



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