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More at College

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After Chris got me used to being fingered in public, he led me into a wonderful world of teasing - me, others, anyone. He also taught me to cum without even being touched.


"Let's go for a run", he announced one morning after having fucked me into oblivion one morning. (Yes, ST, I know the rules, but this is important to what follows.) I had a pair of joggers, but Chris had other ideas and gave me some lycra tights and a tshirt top. "No panties" he said, almost casually. When I made for the bathroom, he said "No. Just dress". I eased into the tights, and he took an age to make them look right. The t shirt went on with no bra underneath. He slipped on a pair of tracksuit bottoms with nothing underneath and a t shirt. Outside, I felt myself leaking from what we had been up to earlier, and of course, he had chosen a pair of darkish green tights, so my wetness made them look almost black. We ran hard for a while, all around campus and then he took my hand and led me into town. It was still quite early with only a few students making their way from lodgings into college. Every damn one of them checked me out, hardly surprising since I was hot and sweating heavily but also had a large wet patch in my crotch area. There is a long, leafy lane that leads to the Uni, and we walked, hand in hand along it. There, we met a girl called Anna. Anna is ok but a bit snooty, but I DO know she has always had a crush on Chris. (Who wouldn't?) They made small talk, and right out of the blue, Chris said "Jane had a lovely fuck this morning. Look." and gestured at my crotch. Anna looked, but not at me. Chris had a hard-on under his joggers and Anna was almost drooling. He didn't say another word, he just took Anna's hand and led her a little off the path. There, well, there is only one way to describe it really. He didn't say anything, didn't ask, didn't wait for any cues. He just kissed her really deeply and, calm as you like, just pushed his hand up her skirt. I could see her pale green panties, and his hand working inside them along with her nipples almost punching holes in her top. She has very VERY small tits, but obviously, her nipples more than make up for it. Anna was, literally, begging him to finish her or fuck her or both. Instead, he eased her panties down so I could see exactly what he was doing to her. (She shaves! Who would have thought?) Chris teased her pussy, her clit, frantically finger fucking her, then pulling out totally and just wafting his hand so that cool air touched her clit. I couldn't wait and started to put my hand in my own tights. Chris stopped me immediately. "Just watch. BE Anna, Jane, just BE Anna." I watched intently as he brought her close, then let her subside. Up, down, up down, each time closer, each time perilously close to the brink. How many times? I have NO idea. It seemed to last for ever, until both Anna an I were poised on the very edge, only needing one thing to get us over. Chris is so fucking psychic! He knew. With one, last, almost careless flick of Anna's clit, he just stepped away and said "Cum you fucking bitches." And, just like that, without even touching myself, and with him NOT touching Anna, we both came, me into my tights and Anna had to push three fingers inside herself to cum on. Then, to my utter delight, Anna just squatted and peed. I really REALLY find peeing highly erotic. I love it---especially outdoors. and watching Anna just let it go, well, it was lovely. Then Chris turned to me. The T shirt he had chosen for me could just, and I mean JUST cover half of my ass---on a good day! Chris said "Take them off" I knew he meant my tights which, by now were unwearable, so I slipped them down, making sure Anna got a good look at my pussy. Then, he showed Anna the crotch, wet, sticky with sperm, white in places too. Then he told Anna, almost step by step what he had done to me this morning, as if I wasn't there. This, and standing there naked from the waist down, was getting me near again. Anna was very interested, but more because I suspect she wants him to do it to her. He told her how he woke me up by going down on me, and how he fingers me to extacy and how I like to be fucked by him. (Which is ANY damn way he likes!) Anna was breathing deep again and as he talked, he took her hand and placed it between her legs for a second before he sucked her fingers. As he alternately fingered her and licked her, I felt myself wanting to cum again. This time, he whispered to Anna for a few seconds and then Anna started to talk to me. "I want to watch you two fuck each other. I want to watch Chris tear your clothes off and fuck you RIGHT in the middle of the sports field. Then, I want him to do me while you watch. I want him to fuck me---did you know no one HAS fucked me yet, Jane? I want his cock to be my first, then I want us three to go to bed together." She went on to describe some really perverted, dirty things. I have NO idea if she meant them, or if Chris had told her to make it all up. All I know is that suddenly, Chris kissed her into silence and brought her off. Then, he just turned his back and took my hand. He made me walk slowly back to our room with my t shirt barely covering my ass and not covering my pussy at all. No one saw us, but Ohhhhh,,,, the mere THOUGHT that they might! By the time we were walking across the field which is a short cut to our hostel, I just couldnt handle it any more. I stopped, squatted, spread my knees wide and peed outdoors, then, still squatting right there, jilled myself off. As I said, FAR more happened between me and Chris (AND Anna) and there is another story about when he made me cum during lectures. He was the most amazing lover---nothing, but NOTHING was taboo, and I got to live out every dirty fantasy I had ever had, plus a few new ones. He seemed to just KNOW what I was thinking, what I wanted to do or see. Pity I can't talk about most of it, but hey, the masturbatory stuff we did was great too.



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