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More and More Cum

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During exams at the end of the first year of university I had been frantic but had been able to take comfort from not being alone in my plight. One evening when I had been in the lower stacks in the Library basement, I ran into Ted who had been cramming for an exam the next day. Ted was a really great guy and I felt sorry for him when he said that on top of all of the stress, he had been desperately horny.

I told him to stand up, undo his pants and to take out his cock. Checking to make sure that there had been no one around I squatted down in front of him and began to jerk him off. He had a good sized cock that grew harder and more rigid as I pumped my hand up and down the length of the shaft. I felt my pussy tingle but didn't think to do anything about it. After a while as I fondled his balls and rubbed his thigh with my other hand, he became more animated as he began to come.

The first burst of cum came as a surprise to me. It shot out of his glistening cock and splattered into my hair and ran down the side of my face. The second arced over my shoulder and came to rest on the top of the back of my blue cashmere sweater and dribbled down the front. The third hit me in the face and dribbled down my chin onto the front of my sweater. The fourth hit my hair again and the final few spurts either hit my chest or dribbled onto the floor. I could taste his cum at the side of my mouth.

My crotch was soaked. After listening to Ted's gratitude, I went to the toilet and tried to clean up. As I made my way there, a girlfriend stopped and giggled that I had looked like I had blown the entire football team. When I got to the wash room, I undid my jeans gave myself an already sopping labia and an engorged clit a good frig. With my jeans and underwear around my knees, I wondered why I had been so selfless!? The next time I had a liaison with Ted a week later, had been in similar circumstances

I had been the one with the exam deadline and he had been very sympathetic, reaching down the front of my jeans and feeling my wet pussy. After looking around, I had removed my jeans and panties, allowing me to open my legs to give him better access to my anxious cunt.

I could feel his cock get hard in his pants so I undid his pants and began to stroke it. He later had explained that being with a girl naked from the waist down, with his fingers up my vaginal canal had been too much for him. I had been moaning and grinding my cunt against his eager hand. Anything seemed possible but suddenly as I moved my tightly gripping hands up and down the length of his shaft, I felt a bulge surge through his cock before it erupted in a torrent of spurts of white cum. I felt its hot wetness impact my hips, thighs and pubic area. He moaned and grunted as spurt after spurt erupted and, as he did, he bucked his hips against my hand. To stop the assault on my clothing I cupped the head of my penis with my hand and caught the last few burst of cum. When he was done, I didn't know what to do with this residual handful of cum, so I licked it off my hand in front of him, some of it smearing on my face. I could feel his cock twitch at that! I whispered that I needed to come too!

Ted happily obliged me with his right hand. While pumping his fingers into my vagina, he rubbed my clit with gentle, circular motions. I had moved a hand up my blouse and sweater and had been massaging a nipple when I then felt Ted's other hand beside mine. When he kissed the smeared cum of my face and circled his thumb over my puffy exposed clit, I came with a violence I had never known, grinding my soaking cunt against his hand and clenching his fingers with my vaginal muscles. Waves of orgasm passed through my body with bursts of shock running from my nipples to my clit. I could feel my juices running down both of my legs or dripping onto a wet spot on the carpet. I looked down and I could see Ted's less erect cock still hanging from his pants, dripping cum. I then asked him what he had planned for the next day.



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