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More about Shaving

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You have NO idea how long I waited for my first pubic hair! Several other girls in my class already had a light covering down there of what were unmistakably pubic hairs...not that light downy stuff. I used to examine myself for ages waiting for that first thick pube to appear...and when it did... DAMN, I was so happy! It didn't take that long for me to have a definite patch of pubes there....I was finally grown up! (Apart from my boobs, which are still a nicely shaped but tiny 'A' cup.

Then, almost as soon as my pubes arrived, I met their horror too. They don't grow in a nice heart shape. Mine grew sideways! They had escaped my panties at the front within weeks of arriving. Also, they grew unevenly. Between my legs they seened to grow much longer than on my mound. That, of course, led me to the second horror of pubic hair for an adolescent girl. They get sticky. When we get horny, pussy juice collects on pubes and dries there. It can smell too no matter how many times one washes. I found that washing made me horny because I was washing to remove the scent of my arousal, of course the wash cloth on my clit made me MORE aroused. Vicious circle. Then, there is the irregular start to periods. Oh sure, I know girls who started their period and then got them regularly from day one (bitches). I didn't though. Mine were very irregular, and of course, that can get messy too.

So, almost as soon as my much awaited pubic hair arrived, I attacked it with scissors and then my brother's razor.

It was then that I discovered TWO things in one. The first was what a sexy thing it is to make that decision and have a smooth pussy. It is so sensitive and guys seem to love it. It also made my masturbation life better too.

The second hit me the next day. My brother's razor, and the fact that he would shave with it the next day. I suddenly came awake early in the morning and realized that, well, he would be dragging my pussy around his face. I have to admit that the thought made me really horny and I had to jill off.

Now, I love my smooth pussy. I am saving up for laser treatment because razors can burn a little. I love having nothing on under my skirt or jeans (although THAT can get creamy). I have had three boyfriends... one of which is 42. (Girl's lemme tell you, if you want to REALLY experience great sex, get a middle-aged guy.) The looks on their faces when they slip their hand down there the first time is amazing. My middle aged man, (Chris) and I got into some seriously erotic role play purely because of my shaved pubes.

My advice? Girls, get RID of them. You will feel sexier, raunchier... and, well, I don't know, more feminine too.

I don't understand WHY it works like that, it just does. What I WOULD love to know is how many young girls around my age have taken that decision? There were a couple of 14 year olds I knew who definitely shaved, but I would be kinda interested to know if the trend is spreading?

Well, I really want to jill off now. Byeeeee



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