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Monday Night

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One of the hottest experiences I've ever had the PLEASURE of enjoying, thanks babe!


It started out as a usual Monday, wake up a eleven get in the shower clean up, get dressed, maybe play a few rounds of Call of Duty with my friends on-line. My girlfriend and I had already made plans to hang out that day, and as we both work close to the same restaurant, we decided to meet their after she got off of work and figure out what we were gonna do from there. I walked in to the restaurant and ordered what I was going to eat for lunch and she came in not to long after. We both got our food had a good conversation over lunch, paid our bill then left.

We went back to her house for a couple of hours and I began to get very tired; so I cuddled up in her lap with my head close to her crotch and began to fall asleep while she played Harry Potter. I didn't really fall asleep, I just got to that stage where I was very drowsy. The musky smell of her vagina was getting me very turned on and all I wanted to do was throw that controller out of her hands move the ottoman she was leaning on and rip her pants off and shove my fingers in her tight pussy and make her cum as hard as she could.

However, because we were at her house and her mom is very watchful, and strict, I didn't.

We got bored after a while and got into a little bit of a tickling fight, and at the end of this her legs were slightly spread and I ran my hand up the center of her pussy over her shorts just to be a tease. We went back downstairs and decided that we should go back to my house for dinner, as my parents were making a very good meal, and because my mother invited me to bring Deane, we figured why not. When we got to my house we had dinner and sat down to watch 'pawn stars' which obviously was boring Deane because she looked at me after about five minutes of watching it and said, 'Movie?' 'Sure!' I said back, we got in a argument of what movie to watch and who was gonna pick it. After a while of fussing, I suggested a movie she hadn't seen before, 'The Departed' she said sure and we disappeared into my room like normal when shes over.

Now for everybody reading this my parents are very aware that me and Deane are very sexually active, and most of the time, in their house. This is fine with them so we don't really have any pressure while we are at my house. So anyway we pulled out my pull out bed while I searched for the movie and she got all the blankets and pillows spread out on my bed as I put the movie in my Xbox and got it fired up. I laid down next to her and began to watch the movie. After about only two minutes of watching it we began to make out. 'When did you get so horny??' I asked. 'When you rubbed my pussy at my house earlier hee hee.' She said as she giggled. Almost every time I kiss Deane I get hard but we really started to go at it this time. I mean REALLY started to go at it. We were giving each other a lot of tongue and it was really getting me hard, and as it turned out she was getting very wet too.

We got under the covers and I began to play with her big 34d tits as I kissed her. She rubbed my body and pressed my head against her so I would kiss harder, We both got close. She was wearing a pair of jean short shorts, a black shirt and some white panties. I was wearing some shorts and a tank top, this made things ten times more erotic as we could feel each others warmth as we kissed. Let me explain Deane for you, She is about 5'11', 160 pounds, 34d tits(as I said earlier) long slender legs, pretty feet, sexy hands, slim torso, long arms piano finger hands, and brown eyes that could make your heart melt. Her black hair is so straight and thick you could get lost in it if you were small enough. This girl to me is 100% gorgeous.

Anyway... I pulled Deane's shirt off and kept kissing as our legs intertwined. I pulled off my shirt and we kissed harder. She unbuttoned her shorts and I slid her panties off, she put her left leg in a triangle like stance with the ball of her foot on the bed and her arch off the bed like it would be in a high heel. I slide one finger in her dripping wet pussy, it felt so good, her warmth surrounding my finger and her body contracting around the way I did it. She unbuttoned my pants and unzipped my zipper, I pulled them down to my knees but that didn't fly to well with her. 'Take them off' 'Why?' I said 'Why not???' she said in her really sexy voice, she uses that voice every time when she gets horny.... and it is such a turn on. 'ok' I said as I slid my shorts and boxers off, I kicked them to the floor as my foot met her right foot as it slide back up on the bed. The both of us naked, our legs intertwined as my middle finger slid deep in her pussy and she stroked my cock really, really, really fast, it felt so good. This was by far the best hand job I've ever had from a girl (yes I'm bi) It was mind blowing! I didn't know what do do with myself, all I could think of was 'Keep fingering Bryce, just go faster, harder, make her spray her juices all over your hand' I stopped and slid two fingers in and she loved it.

She stopped stroking for a couple seconds, but her hand still on my throbbing cock, it was teasing me so bad. I fingered her nice and deep and hard and she stopped me with her left hand. 'Wait,' 'What?' I said with anticipation as my throbbing cock pulsed in her hand. ' How about this? I get you off, then you get me off?' 'Sure!' so I pulled my fingers out of her pussy and she sat up out of the covers, tits hanging out, body... perfect, hand on my cock playing, teasing. I wanted to explode right then and their. She began to stroke harder, and faster, she even put a little twist into it, it was driving me up a wall, she stopped every now and again and ran her finger over the tip to wipe the precum off and to tease me, she then went faster and harder then ever before, and my hips began to thrust, I started to moan a little, 'O baby..... FUCK, I'm gonna cum,..... like ...... MMMM....RIGHT NOW!!!!!! BABY I'M CUMMING!!!!' and as I said that two thick ropes shot out of my cock all over my stomach and all over her hand, she rubbed it in and got a rag, 'Now you do me!' she said as she wiped the cum off my cock with the rag.

She fell back so she was looking up at the ceiling, legs spread, pussy awaiting my fingers. Her head was by my feet, which maid it prime positioning to eat her out, but I decided not to. I kept fingering harder and harder. My fingers pointed up towards her body to hit her g-spot, my thumb rubbing her clit as fast as it could. She was moaning in exstacy, her body shaking from what my fingers were doing to her. I stopped really quick and fingered her with my left hand and rubbed her clit really fast with my right. I grabbed her thigh and rammed her into my fingers as my face was close to her crotch, watching as my fingers slide in and out, and in and out driving her body, and mind insane. She put her right thigh over mine and her pussy and ass were facing the ceiling, and I started to do the ever holy, 'Come hither' motion to her g-spot. She began to breath faster her long legs quivered and she dug her nails into my knee cap as she began to cum, she squeezed tighter on my hand and on my knee cap. Hand because her body was in orgasmic exstacy, and knee cap because that is our sign to each other when we come as we can't be loud in my house. She shook and gasped for air for a couple of seconds while she rode out my hand and had a mind blowing orgasm. We both laid there and switched positions and kissed a little more and a couple hours later, we got into the whole 'Inner body experience' if you get what I mean, but that's for another site.



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