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Mom's Vibrators

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This is a true story about my fist dildo experience.


When I was 13 I discovered how how to masturbate. A few months later, I discovered that my mom had a box of vibrators.

One day I was home alone and I was bored. I did not have anything to do, so I tried to turn on the television. I realized that the batteries in the remote were dead, so I went to find some more. I went into my mom and dad's closet where they usually were. I did not know what kind of container they were in so I just started opening things. I came across one box and opened it and I was surprised.

There were about seven or eight dildos in the box, each one different in color and style. I knew exactly what they were for and I knew that I would be using them. I took the one that I thought looked the coolest and took it back to my room. I took off my clothes and laid on my back on top of my bed. I turned on the dildo and inserted it into my blooming vagina.

It felt good and for the first few minutes I did not move it around. I just left it in there to feel the vibrating sensation. After it being in there for a few minutes I decided to start moving it in and out. Now this felt 10 times better than fingers did. I continued to do this until I had the best orgasm I had ever had. My pussy was very juicy and I was feeling amazed, so I had another go at it. I began to pump the dildo again until I quickly had another bursting orgasm. When I was finished I wiped my pussy off, and then the vibrator and put it back into the box.

I did this every time I was home alone, and in the summer a couple times a day. But one day it was night time and both my parents were home. My mom came to my door and knocked. I told her to come in and she did. She sat on my bed and asked me if I had touched 'her private stuff.' I immediately trembled in fear because I knew what she was talking about. She told me that she did not want me to go into her stuff. I must have left the box out or something that caused her to know I was messing with them. She told me that maybe when I was 14 that she would buy me one of my own. Then she left the room.

I was surprised that she would buy me one but I was also scared that she was mad at me. But mom did keep her promise. On my 14th birthday I was about to go to bed when under my pillow I found a little pink vibrator. I used it immediately and thanked my mom the next day. I was so happy, and I had tons of fun.

I now have my own daughter who has just turned 14 and I have given her the same present as my mom gave to me. I hope she has as much fun as I did!



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