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Mom's Satin Bathrobe

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When mom had one of her birthdays, dad got her a satin bathrobe. It was real shiny and made her already big boobs look even better. She is average looking but has a big butt and boobs to match.

When she started to wear it in the morning before I went to school it was difficult not to get hard even though it was my mom. I never thought of mom in that way before until I saw the movie Taboo. The actress that played the mom wore the same kind of robe as my mother and they both had huge boobs and wore similar wedding rings. At first I felt really guilty thinking of mom in that way until I had a dream she came in my room in the early morning and wrapped her big boobs around my stiff cock and rubbed them up and down until I shot all over her throat, boobs and bath robe.

I used to have a pretty good system before waking. I would always wake up around five and edge for about an hour. When mom knocked on the door I'd pretend to be asleep so naturally she came in to wake me. I'd have my eyes just slightly opened to see her shake me awake and watch those massive jugs jiggle back and forth in her shiny robe. If I could hold it I would go downstairs with tight shorts on with my cock pointed straight up and a long sweatshirt to help hide it.

Mom would always be busy about the kitchen swaying and jiggling all over when she made breakfast. Something else would happen also. The satin bathrobe being shiny and slippery would always work itself apart and show mom's cleavage and sometimes even her naval before she could push the two ends together and tie it tight again. This would cause some major precum to leak. After I finished breakfast I would head staight to the shower and squirt some serious loads. The whole masturbation process would usually take about an hour and a half.

On one occasion I came down for breakfast and there was mom, her sexy ass and boobs encased in that robe. She bent down to set the table and the cat got tangled up in her feet. She thrust forward and one of her boobs popped out of her robe. She quickly pushed it back in and only said, 'That damn cat drives me crazy.' I came close to blowing it in my shorts that day. Her boobs were bigger than I thought and had a huge nipple and areola to boot. I couldn't take anymore. I told her I had to be at school early that day and had to get an early start. I hit the bathroom and found my cock was sticky with precum. I probably only stroked for a minute when I let loose with a blast that hit the shower head on the opposite wall. I soaped up, shampooed and started to get hard again. Another minute or so and I was off again.

Not long after, mom got rid of that robe, probably because it never stayed tied. That day her boob popped out was the best masturbation session and orgasm I ever had.



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