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Mom's Panties!

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When she caught me, was she pissed!


When I was young around 18, I discovered how fabulous it was to jack-off into my girlfriends panties. WOW this is nice! I did it whenever I got the chance to steal a pair. I enjoyed it many times and then one day while I was at home, I got so damned horny that I decided to see if I could find a pair of moms to get it done as it were...

Well when I looked into the hamper in moms bathroom, I was lucky to find a pair just waiting for me to stain with a load of jizz! I put them in my pocket and made my way to my room and got to work right away. I thought she wouldn't be home till dinner time and was so caught up in my enjoyment of masturbation with a silky pair of panties didn't hear her come in from the garage...

The look on her face when she opened my bedroom door to see me sitting on the floor Jacking Off with her underwear was pretty gruesome, She yelled at me ALBERT, WHAT ARE YOU DOING? DONT YOU KNOW THAT'S JUST WRONG!!

I stood up and stammered out an appology only to watch her start to smile at me.

She looked at my still raging erection and then said: Well, I guess it's not a horrible thing to do? Have you been doing this with my underwear for long? I said: I promise you, This is the first time I've done anything like this!!

She told me that dinner is still hot since she had picked somthing up on her way home and to clean up and come downstairs to supper.

While we ate, she didnt say anything about it, I of course was nervous and uncomfortable the whole time. After I was done, I asked permission to got back to my room. She said Yes, I guess you may.

I'll be up soon to talk to you about what I caught you doing earlier.

It was hours later when she knocked on my door and then opened it slowly while peeking around it.

I was on my bed reading a magazine when she sat on the edge of the bed and then took her hand from around her back, opened it to show me a pair of her silkiest beige Panties and said: Here honey, you may have these to use if you want them?

I'm sorry that I yelled at you earlier, I was just shocked when I saw your penis and how hard it was while you rubbed my panties on it. Yes, I started to get another Erection and she could see it thru my pajamas. She admitted that she would like to see me do it again and asked if I would do it for her? I agreed to do it and she then put her hand on my shoulder and pushed me back so I was leaning against the headboard, and whispered, go ahead Albert, use my panties on your penis.

I took them from her hand and opened my pajamas,

My cock was fully erect and she gasped when she saw it, and then put her hand over her mouth while I started stroking my dick slowly at first and then faster and faster. She was mesmerized and said, my god albert, it's beautiful to see your penis when it's so erect and straining like this! It only took about three or four minuites when I told her I was ready to shoot my cum...

She said, Go ahead honey, shoot into my panties for me! I shot and shot all my cum into her panties while she held her hands on my thighs and urged me to fill them with as much as I could muster.

After I was done, She said that she would give me more of her panties if I would want them. So thats how we started, and we did it many times after that night.

She brought me clean panties and told me that they need to be broken in before she could wear them.

I bet I broke in a hundred pair or so...



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