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Mom's Panties

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I want to share my secret masturbation habits as a young boy because over time it has intrigued and sexually excited the women I have told as well as been a source of sexual excitement for me to tell and get feed back from women on the subject. I am a married 31 year old heterosexual male who began masturbating around the age of 11 or 12. During these first years, and to this day, I consider myself to be sexually open minded and very kinky. I am always looking for new and exciting things to do when masturbating or having sex. Many times I will recall these early experiences as a part of my masturbation sessions. One of the early experiences I often recall is jacking off with my mother's panties.
I remember how horney I would get during puberty. When I was alone and had the house to all to myself, my penis would start to stir and come to life. My mind would begin to race and I would start thinking of how I was going to masturbate that day. Being curious, I would head to my mother's bathroom and begin to snoop around trying to find something sexually stimulating. I would go through all of her drawers and cabinets to make sure that I didn't miss anything. I had recently found a pamphlet from her tampon box that had illustrations of how to use the tampons. This was very exciting to me because the illustrations were line drawings that showed the vagina and how the tampon should be inserted and it was the closest thing to pornography that I had. If only I had had a girlie magazine but that came later. Anyway, I had also recently found a red rubber douche bag with 2 or 3 different attachments along with the instructions and simple illustrations. I would get these items, remove my underwear and sit down on her toilet. I would start to jack my pubescent penis and fantasize about naked women and their genitals.
I would imagine an older women there in the bathroom giving me educational lesson and showing me how the found items worked. I would imagine her removing her panties and demonstrating things like giving herself an enema. She would get down in front of me on all fours with her full round milky white behind staring me in the face and spread her cheeks to expose her pink hiney hole. She would then put some Vaseline on her index finer, wiggle it in and around her rose bud and then insert the enema nozzle. This fantasy would usually bring me to orgasm.
As time went on, I needed a little more stimulation to help me cum. One day I went through the routine as described above but this particular day, I need a little something extra. I had wondered and only wished that I could have the sense of smell to accompany the visual images that I played over and over in my mind. That desire led me to the dirty laundry. I began to feverishly search for a pair of used panties. I was in luck. I found a fresh pair of well-worn panties that my mother had removed that morning. I took them along with the other playthings and lay down on the bathroom floor. While on my back I brought my knees to my chest and began to jack as hard as ever. I started to think about hineys and pussys. I then took the panties and brought them to my nose. It was wonderful! For the first time ever, I experienced the sent of a women. The delightful aroma was that of urine and light female discharge. There I was on my back with my mothers panties spread over my face and nose in crotch. I decide to get on my knees and spread the panties out on the floor with the crotch facing up. I took one of the enema nozzles in hand and kneeled down putting my face in the crotch of the panties and sticking my hiney in the air. I reached back and inserted the nozzle into my bottom. I sniffed and jacked, sniffed and jacked, sniffed and jacked. As orgasm approached, I began to get kinkier by licking and tasting the crotch of the panties. My penis then exploded in the most wonderful orgasm and I squirted my pubescent sperm onto the floor. I could feel my hiney clinching and winking around the enema nozzle while this was happening.
From that moment forward, I was hooked on fragrant panties and still love to sniff panties when I masturbate from time to time. I hope that you women enjoyed my very true story.



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