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Mom's Italian Boyfriend (Part 1)

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I frequently visit my Mother, who is an attractive woman in her late 40s. She's one of those cougars, who can get pretty much any guy she wants, and has an amazing body. She's been dating a drummer of a Chicago garage band for about nine months. He's Italian mixed, and extremely good looking! He's about 6'5', and a little on the hunky side. He has a beefy muscular build, with large, solid pecs, and he tapers at the waist. He doesn't have a six pack, but he has the ever sexy 'V' at the waist...and sexy body hair that gets thicker as it trails down his stomach. We don't usually hang out, as I am openly bisexual, and he seems to be completely turned off by the idea, so whenever we're in the same room, and just us, it's really quiet, and awkward!

One weekend I went down to visit, and I always stay in the guest room off of her room. The house is over 100 years old, and has a lot of the open room concept, where each room leads to another. It sort of splits in the middle, and then there are rooms on either side of the open stairwell. She is redoing part of the upstairs, so she condensed her room and office, and guest room to three rooms on the opposite side of the house, which all share one bathroom (this is relevant to the story)

I happen to be a lazy sleeper...When I wake up in the morning, I don't get out of bed for a couple of hours sometimes! I like to enjoy the comfort of the sheets, the sunlight coming through the window, the breeze (if any) and sounds. So it's no surprise to me that the two of them were oblivious that I was even awake. I heard some making out going on in her room (two doors down, through the shared bathroom), and giggles, whispering, and his sexy voice talking oh so smoothly...

My Mom must have been on call, because she got out of bed, and walked across to the bathroom (shared), and I heard him mumble something...Her voice was clear, now that she was in the bathroom, and I heard her talking about how she'll be back in a couple of hours, and she'd bring back food for everyone. I could see her legs and feet in the full length mirror in the bathroom, through my slightly opened bedroom door. She quickly showered and dressed, and I heard her heels go down the hall, down the stairs, and out to the garage...After she drove away, I just lay there, wondering what I would do for the day. I heard him yawn loudly, and the ruffling of bed sheets, as he got out of bed, and then the shuffling of his feet to the bathroom. I watched his hairy legs walk over to the toilet, saw him squat slightly and lift the seat, and then I heard him pee.

I usually don't pay attention, but I noticed a rhythm in the sound, like he was trying hard to pee...Nothing weird, but just something I picked up. I heard him turn the shower on, and walk back over by the sink, and he just stood there for a minute...I could hear him start to breathe a little heavier, and noticed his legs clenching...I knew instantly what was going on, and it was so hot! I slowly slid off the bed, and lightly walked over toward the door. I was pressed against the wall, so my view of the mirror through the open door, was blocked...I stretched my neck out, so that I could have a full view of the mirror, without being noticed...He had his back to the mirror, and I had a full view of his backside, and reflection of his face in the vanity...Large muscular shoulders, slight dip in his back, a light patch of hair above his ass, and perfectly round, smooth cheeks, with dark hair peeking out from in between. I'm not an ass man myself, and when I'm with a man, I'm usually the submissive one, so this view was of no use to me. Still, I paid close attention to his movements, and the way he kept looking up and down, like he was checking himself out. His breathing was controlled, and he would lick his lips every few seconds...his thick, puffy, italian lips...

After about six minutes, he turned slightly to grab a towel, and put it behind his back, and leaned against the tiled wall. All I could see now were a sideways view of his knees, shins, and feet. He kept his breathing under control, and I noticed his feet twitch...The shower was still going, and by now his leg hair was wet, and dark against his olive skin. The mirror had begun to fog, but with the doors being open, I think this allowed for some moisture to escape...I noticed that I too, had begun to moisten up, whether by excitement, or the steam coming into the room. I slid along the wall, and went up a couple steps the stoop. I was now, just about three feet away from him, on the other side of the wall. I had a complete view of him...He was glistening, every tone of muscle was defined by the reflection of the vanity lights on his wet skin. His dark chest and stomach hair, flat and wavy against his olive skin...His dark, sexy skin...His strong shoulders, and arms looked huge, as they flinched and tighetened with his motions. His hairy stomach shifting in and out, and the muscle line at his waist moved with the rhythm...He kept rubbing his left hand up and down his stomach, and chest, lightly pulling at his hair, while his right hand pumped the shaft of his dick... It was beautiful...He was circumsized, with a rounded head, a thick shaft, that he could probably put two hands over, and his testicles were large, and full. His bush was trimmed, but thick, and spread to his inner thigh, and up toward his tanline...

He was starting to breathe heavier after about 10 minutes in this new position...I was extremely aroused, and felt my dick twitching against the contoured pouch of my bikini briefs..I just kept watching, and he started whincing a little in his face...His perfect teeth biting his perfect, pouty, lower lip. I saw his testicles rise and tighten, and I knew the end was near. His muscular back arched, and he began to thrust a little at the hips. He grabbed the towel from behind his back, and dropped it on the granite floor in front of him...I heard him gasp quietly, and a little 'uuhh' cry of ecstacy, and he started to shoot out cum...The first was, a few splats of pre-cum, and then some dribble, and then a whispered 'oh God', as he shot out a thick spurt of white cum...then a longer stringed half shot, half dribble, and then three shorter squirts of cum...His breathing was a little louder, and he leaned back agains the wall, still pumping his dick. The mirror fogged up fast, probably because of the rise in temperature and breathing, and all I could see were his legs and feet, clenching and twitching, as he slowly came down from his incredible rush...He picked up the towel, stumbled slightly to the shower, and closed the glass door behind him.

I went back to the bed, and lay down. I was moist all over my body from the steam, and excitement, and hard as a rock from what I had just watched. Asshole or not, this man was instantly my new crush. This sexy fucker, who's Italian Father fucked his White American Mother, and made this beautiful creature, is the source of my emotional pleasure...I glanced down, and saw the pre-cum covered head of my dick peeking at an angle out of the fabric band of my briefs...I heard the splashes of water, coming from the open bathroom door, and the sound of water running through the pipes that are in the walls, that seperate me from the beautiful, strong man my Mother gets to fuck. I reached down slowly, sliding my fingers along my glistening, smooth, toned, stomach. Down past the scorpion tattoo I had done for my 18th birthday, and down to the trimmed pubes that surround my dick...I twitch before I even touch myself, and I know this will be fantastic...



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