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Mom's Friend, Darla II

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Well now I'm standing in Darla's bathroom naked with my cock starting to soften in front of her very eyes. I started to make my way quickly into the shower when she said, stay right there. I stood there with my back to her and my head turned away. I could not face her at all. I almost wanted to cry but I was still in shock.

Then she asked in a sort of serious voice just what I was doing? She said she would not leave until I answered her. I could not say a word so I though it would never end. Then she asked if I was masterbating with her panties on? I nodded my head and said I was so sorry. Then replied, why does it feel good to use my DIRTY panties. I vividly remember the word 'dirty' coming out of her mouth, it sounded so bad to me.

Then out of the blue she said she was sorry. She told me it was wrong for her to just walk into the bathroom like this all the time and that it was her fault. She understood what it was like to be a young man growing up at that age being she had three older brothers. She told me to turn and face her and as I did so she said not to be ashamed about it. I could not even look at her because I felt so horrible. She lifted up my chin and said it's okay and she does not care about it. She told me she felt hurt seeing me so embarassed and scared.

She started telling me about how when she was young she always seen her brothers penises and wondered about how it looked when they got bigger. Also, how she use to touch herself thinking about seeing her brother's penises at a very young age.

She bagan laughing to herself and said she could not believe what she had just seen. I asked her if she was mad about it and she said she felt shocked and flattered I was playing with her panties. She picked the panties off the ground and sat on the toilet she felt it in her hand and said I guess it would feel good to rub yourself against it. She asked if I enjoyed it and I nodded my head. She told me if I wanted to do it again that she would not care and if I wanted to, just get some clean ones out of her drawer anytime I felt like it.

While she said this to me I started getting excited about it and my penis started rising. So I started to turn away but she said no. She said she wanted to see my boner. As shocked as I was I just stood in front of her with my cock pointing right at her. She said how nice it was and began to reach for it. I pulled back and she told me it was okay. She told me it reminded her of her brothers when she was younger and she just wanted to feel it a bit. So I stood there with my eye's closed and felt her hand start to slide up against my penis. I opened my eyes and began watching her. It felt good and very different, she knew obviously how to please a man, or boy. She started jerking it slowly and asked if it felt good. I told her yes and kept watching her in amazement. I could not believe it was happened to me. She asked me if I had ever made myself shoot before? Shoot what I asked? Cum she said, I told her I did not know what that was and she said that when you play with it enough my penis would shoot a white liquid out of it. I said like pee and she said no it's different.

After a few moments of her jerking my cock, she let out a yelp. She said to herself, what the fuck am I doing? She usually did not curse in front of me. She stopped touching my cock and said she could not be doing this. She said that it was wrong for her to take advantage of me in this state of being.

So she told me she would not tell my mom about the panty thing if I did not tell my mom about what we just did. So I said okay and promised her I would not. She told me that she did not care if I jerked off in the shower and gave me a few pointers on how to make myself cum using shampoo or soap.

So she left the bathroom and I began taking a shower, well sort of. I tried jerking off for the first time but I could not make myself cum. That night went by just fine we laughed and played as we usually did. I told her I did not cum and she told me that one day I would if I kept trying.



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