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Mom's Friend Darla 3

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A few weeks after the bathroom incident with Darla I would not stop thinking about what it would be like to cum. How Darla described it was fascinating. I had to experience what she talked about.

One day while at home I felt rather horny so I thought I'd try to jerk off and make myself cum. So I grabbed some lotion and lay on my bed. I pulled off my shorts and my cock popped out hard and ready to go. I lathered my hands and started stroking the shaft of my cock. After a few minutes my cock felt like it was going to explode. I got scared so I stopped. I thought about what it felt like and tried it again. So as I began stroking the feeling came back and it felt great. The feeling built up until I felt it spray out of my cock. Cum shot out all over my chest and stomach. It was hot and thick. When the feeling went away I lay there amazed, shocked at what it looked like I began playing with it and looking closely at it.

After a few weeks and a few more sessions I got to go to Darla's apartment again. I was so excited about telling her what happened. While we were watching tv she asked me if I had jerked off again? I told her I had. She asked what happened? I asked her back do you really want to know. With a smile she said yes.

I told her I did it on my bed with some lotion and it took only a few minutes. Also that it was great. She asked if there was a lot of cum and I laughed and said the first time I did it there was a lot but the other times there was not much. She said she was glad that I enjoyed it and asked what I thought about when I did it. I told her that I thought about a dirty magazine I had once seen. A blonde women spreading her legs showing her vagina. She laughed and said how did you get a dirty magazine. I told her I saw one opened at the store near our house.

Then she asked if I thought about what had happened in the bathroom. I told her that I did and have thought about it ever since. She laughed and said she had also. She said she hoped I was not mad at her for it, which I wasn't. Then she said if I wanted I could use any of her panties again and to pick one out of her drawer. I said that I would be to embarrassed to do that but she said no it's okay.

She grabbed me by the hand and said come here. She took me into her room and sat me on her bed. She pulled the entire drawer out of the dresser and put it on the bed next to us. She said to take one home with me but to never let my mom see it. So I sat there as she went through them all.

There was black, white, pink ones. There was also thongs and regular ones like I had seen. She said here choose one you like. Then she said that if I was going to do it that she would rather me do it with hers than my mom's. She just thought it would be weird because it was my mom's. So I looked through them all and found the one I wanted. It was the same red one from before. She laughed and said you really like that one don't you. So I told her that it would remind me of our little experience and that really turned me on.

After many years I still have those panties hidden in my house and still take them out just to remember what happened in Darla's bathroom. I still see her all the time, though she is a lot older we still talk about sex and what happened that day.



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