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Moms Friend

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My mom and I live on the first floor and her friend Joanie lives up stairs on the second floor. They work at the same place but my mom works 7am to 3pm and Joanie works 3pm to 11pm. In the back of our apartment is a mudroom and one afternoon my ball got stuck on the roof. It was easy to climb up on it and when I got up there I just sat down for a minute. Joanie was at work and both her bathroom and bedroom windows were open a little. I peeked in and for the first time figured I could see her undressed if I went up there at night.

Joanie is very pretty and just got divorced last year. She is about my moms age and could be a little younger or older but I'm not sure, my mom is 35. The first time I climbed up to spy on her was in April. I knew she got home everynight about 11:30. My mom is always asleep

by that time so I went out my bedroom window and climbed up on the mud room roof. The lights were on so I knew she was home and started peeking in the windows looking for her. She came in the bedroom finally and undressed while I watched. I couldn't believe I was seeing her naked and got a hard on right away.

When she went into the bathroom I watched as she went into the shower but she shut the shower curtain and I couldn't actually see her showering. When she got out though I watched her dry off and put her night shirt on. I got back to my room and masturbated right away and came in a half a minute. I started watching her almost every night. At first I would go on the roof in my underware and later I started going on the roof naked and jerking off as I watched her. I have seen her masturbating three times so far and I know she doesn't suspect that I am looking at her naked so often.

One time she had a guy there and I know they were having sex but couldn't see them too good because most of the lights were out. I went back to my room because I was afraid they would see me trying to watch them. If its chilly out sometimes the windows are closed but most of the time they are open at least a little and enough for me to look in at her. My mom would kill me if she ever found out but I always wait until she goes to bed before I go up on the roof. Joanie is in our apartment a lot especially on the weekends and sometimes I get a hard on just talking to her.

Now, before I go on the roof, I put baby oil on my penis and masturbate every time I watch her. My mom even say things about how pretty Joanie is and I just sort of say shes ok. She is not only pretty but her whole body is. Her boobs are big and she shaves her pubic hair. I just wish I could see her shower but she always closes the shower curtain. Sometimes she blow dries her hair when she is still naked and I can tell she doesn't wear any panties when she goes to bed and only wears a night shirt.

Sometimes I get so excited I cum as soon as I touch my penis. Lots of times I cum twice while I'm watching her but it all depends on how long she stays naked. There is a lot of trees behind our apartment but one night I think a lady a few houses down saw me on the roof. I was naked and went back to my room right away. My mom knows her but so far I don't think she told my mom anything. Its real dark out back but that night the moon was brighter than usual and there were no clouds. I have to be careful and always look around after that to make sure nobody can see me.



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