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Moms Feet Revised

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Mommys Feet


I knew at an early age that I was sexually attracted to women's feet. The sight of pretty feet and toes always drove me crazy. At the same time I was becoming aware of my love for feet, I was exposed to the smell of my Mother's feet. Everytime she took off her shoes I made sure I was close to her so I could catch a whiff of her feet. My Mom is Italian and her feet have a very strong odor to them. One that makes me dizzy with lust!

As time went on I decided one day when I was alone in the house that I would go in my Mom's closet and smell her shoes. I was very nervous about doing such a taboo thing. I was about to smell my Mother's shoes and get a good strong smell of her feet thru her shoes. I was so nervous with lust as I enterd her room naked.

I decided to pick up her slippers first. I kneeled down naked in front of her closet and picked up her slipper. I raised it to my face and inhaled deeply. The smell made me dizzy. I couldn't believe what I was doing. I decided to lay down as I placed her slipper on my face. My nose up real close for maximum smell. I started masturbating and came in seconds. I left the room dizzy and confused about what I just did. Getting off smelling my Mom's shoes. What would she think if she knew her son had a thing for the smell of her feet?

Well needless to say I continued masturbating smelling my Mother's shoes every chance I had. I started doing that when I was 13 years old. I am now 51 and I still do it. But things have evolved.

Thru the years while jerking off smelling her shoes I would say things that would make me hornier than I started out. things like...I love your Feet Mommy...watch me Mommy. Saying these things made me very hot and I started thinking about what it would actually be like to have my Mom watch me masturbate while I smell her feet.

I would run thoughts thru my head of being naked in front of her and laying at her feet while I masturbate. How would she react and how would I feel doing all that in front of my own Mother!!

Its something I masturbate to a lot. I sometimes put a picture of her on my computer and I undress and sit there in front of her and force myself to masturbate while I look at her. Its not easy to do because its my Mom n so taboo. But I have this strong desire to lay naked at her feet and masturbate myself while my Mother watches me. I lick her Feet and suck her Toes while I smell that smell that makes me dizzy with lust! My Mommy watching me encourageing me while I jerk off in front of her worshipping her Feet.

Watch me Mommy......

Please send comments...this is a true story. Let me know what u think



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