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Moms Car

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My mom used to have this REALLY battered up VW golf. When she was teaching me to drive, I couldn't get over how much the gearstick used to vibrate when the car was in neutral. So, one particularly boring day I found myself alone in the house. I thought 'Hmmm, maybe I should take the car and go and visit my friend Jemma.'

So there I am sitting in the car which is still in the garage. I turn the key and...VROOM! The engine clatters to life. Then I chickened out. So, I turn off the engine, get out of the car and close the garage door. Then I think, 'Hmmm, that gearstick really vibrated.' So, then I'm upstairs changing from my jeans into a short summer dress. I get back down to the car and turn the engine on for a second time. I'm facing the windscreen with one foot on either side of the gearstick. But I soon realise that it wasn't working.

So now I turn around so my butt is facing the windscreen kneeling precariously with one knee on each seat. I squat down and hey presto! The gearstick, which had a golf ball looking top, was lodged firmly against my vagina. The vibrations coming up the gearshift were incredible. After about 60 seconds of this I was so horny I used my right hand to pull my panties to one side so things felt a little more 'Au naturel.' My pussy lips were now spread over the golf ball.

In the haze of me grinding away, I think, 'I'm sure the engine shouldn't be running while the garage door is closed, I might gas myself to death. Okay Wendy! Stop and turn the engine off! Just a few seconds more. Turn off the engine!! A few seconds more'. I came so hard I screamed, but fortunately I think the sound of the engine drowned it out. My crotch ached for two days afterwards and I'm sure I was walking like John Wayne. Later that night my mom asked me if I used the car that day. I said no.

Well, I used it good and proper, but I didn't take it ANYWHERE. I did it a few times like that again, until she sold the car a few months later and got an automatic. I think I was heartbroken.



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