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Mom's 'Birds & Bees' Talks

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Mom's talks just made me curious.


Starting at around 12 years old my mom started giving me some 'birds and bees' talks wanting to prepare me for what was to come as I matured. I found the talks very interesting. As I grew older the talks became more and more detailed. Of course 90% of the talk was about boys and later about men.

Natually I was most interested about boys and sex. My mom told me all about there penises and about erections and what they looked and felt like. As time went by she got into talks about masturbation. We had already talked about eggs and sperm but was now getting into details and went to talking about semen. With this came the subject about ejaculation. I remember how my curiosity really peeked during these talks. She told me about male masturbation telling me it was commonly referred to as 'jerking off' or 'jacking off' and how they ejaculated their semen. I was fascinated hearing this.

As I got older and in my mid teens I started dating. Mom figured I was ready for this after our talks. The only problem was in some ways these talks kind of backfired a little. I was so curious about boys and their semen that I could hardly wait to see this.

At 16 I got a steady boyfriend named Robert. We dated and went out every weekend. Before long we were kissing and this quickly elevated to some petting. Then one night as we were parked making out Robert went to some 'heavy' petting putting his nand on my breast rubbing and squeezing on them. This sent me up the wall. My pussy was so wet from this and I was all over Robert. He then put his hand under the shirt I had on and he removed my bra. I opened the shirt and Robert went to kissing my tits and sucking on my nipples. It was more than I could take. I grabbed for his penis thru his pants. Robert then reached up under my skirt and started rubbing his hand on my pussy thru my panties. I unzipped his pants, reached in and pulled out his penis. It was so hard. Robert moved my panties to the side so he could get to my pussy and his fingers went to work on it. I started the 'jerking' motion on his penis. I knew I was finally going to get to see a boy ejaculate his semen for the first time and I was so excited. I could feel my orgasm starting so I stopped jerking while I 'went off'. It was wonderful. As soon as I recovered some I concentrated on Robert looking straight at his penis as I jerked it. It wasn't long and I got to see it. His semen squirted out in long hard streams and landed on his shirt. It was fantastic. He sent four or five streams before slowing down to short squirts of the creammy stuff. We ended up cleaning ourselves off the best we could and called it a night.

Needless to say our relationship then turned to sex. We couldn't get enough. We'd get together at which ever's home didn't have mom and dad around or at friend's houses that were empty. Our 'dates' were nothing more than sex orgies with each other.

After high school we ended up getting our own apartment. We eventually ended up breaking up when Robert cheated on me and I caught him. He sure ruined a good thing and he knew it. I had and still do have a very hot, sexy body and the men I've been with are sure crazy about it and the things I can do to them. Robert's loss.



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