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Mom Was Right There

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I was 14 or so at the time... seemed like the thing to do.


We had gotten a box of video's, mostly taped stuff, and I'd had a blast going through it. There were some pretty bad movies, and some pretty awesome ones, but the tape that stuck out was pretty easy to guess at.

It was full of now classic porn, mostly 'Swedish Erotica', and I'd gone over every single minute of it. I'd been masturbating for some time, had it down to a science, and these video clips had me churning at high gear.

So there I was, sitting in the living room watching some mindless television, with my Mom sound asleep on the couch across the room from me. As I was sitting there, my cock started lifting up for no apparent reason, and I found myself horny as hell. Feeling bold, I thought what the hell....

I quietly went to the VCR and slipped in 'the tape' in... with the sound down, and constant glances over to Mom to make sure she was still sleeping, I went to work.

At first I was just rubbing my cock through my pants, stroking through the material and starting to really feel good. As anyone with a penis will attest, lots of things sound like a really good idea when you have a hard on, so I pulled my cock out in the open.

I have no idea what I was planning on doing if Mom woke up... Seka was getting fucked like crazy on the television, and my cock was standing straight up and bouncing with my pulse. I couldn't have gotten more busted than that. But I went at it.

Hand wrapped firmly around my cock, I stroked... But after a while I found myself looking over at Mom more than I was at the porn. She had large full boobs that pushed at the front of her tshirt, and as I was rubbing my cock I could see her nipples getting hard.

Now in retrospect, that might mean something significant, but at the age of 14 what the hell did I know? I kept stroking and was really getting into it... it was feeling better than any other time I could remember jacking off, and I wasn't stopping for anything.

By now, I'm just staring at my Mom. Her eyes looked like they were still closed, but a couple times I'd look and think 'Did she just blink?' Also looking back, I'm pretty sure her breathing was getting faster...

Finally it came. I came... and boy did I ever cum. I remember that it felt like I was cumming forever, pulse after pulse of semen shooting out of my dick like a shaken coke bottle. It was the best orgasm I'd had at the time, and I was riding it out for all I was worth, the whole time keeping my eyes locked on Mom's boobs, her nipples seeming ready to jab through her shirt.

I finished the ride, cock jerking as it started to deflate slowly, still pumping out the occasional spurt. I pulled my underpants back up, trying to catch all of the sperm in my hand and not drip all over the place as I hobbled to the kitchen for a towel.

I cleaned myself up as best I could, turned the TV off (stashing my prized tape back behind the rest for future use), and went to head to my room. Mom looked like she was still asleep, but she'd moved around a little on the couch. One hand was tucked down between her legs.

I dunno, maybe she was cold?



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