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Mom Teaches Me

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The story continues


As I noted in my prior entry I was fourteen when this all began. My mom and sisters caught me masturbating. My mom was very tender and considerate telling me she should have talked to me earlier about masturbation.

Anyway, I awoke the next morning wondering whether all that happened was real. Regardless, I had a hard on and I needed to get off. So I closed my eyes and imagined my mom sitting there as I stroked. I was going along petty good when I shifted to get more comfortable and I heard something fall off the bed onto the floor. I stopped for a moment and looked over the side. There on the floor were some clothes. I leaned over and picked it up with a piece of paper that was attached. To my excitement it was a bra, panties and pantyhose. I looked at the paper and it had a note that said 'To my son now becoming a man. I again apologize for my neglect in talking to you about the birds and the bees but I won't let that happen anymore. Love, your mom.'

I was not sure what it all meant but my thoughts were on getting the pantyhose on and me getting off. I slid them on and felt the silkiness on my legs and cock. I noticed a run on the stocking so I knew these were used which made it more hotter. I started to stroke my cock through the material. Before long I could not handle it anymore and shot my cum all over myself and the pantyhose. I took them off, wiped them and myself, and put all under my pillow for future fun.

The next few days I had a ball jacking off onto, into, while wearing, etc. my moms old undergarments. I must have got off a couple of dozen times. Oh youthful stamina. But they all were getting very crusty from all the dry cum. So I dropped them into the laundry to get clean before I left for school. When I got home they were on my bed cleaned and folded. Which I immediately got hard and thought I'd do a quick jo before I did homework.

I stripped down and my hard cock bounced around when I released it. I was already very wet. I grabbed the bra and thought I'd re-inact masturbating with the bra for my mom. I was really getting into it. My breathing was getting heavy. My cock was sliding in and out of the bra as I used it to slide up and down my cock. I was squeezing my balls with my other hand when I finally shot up my chest and stomach. I was laying there in bliss running my fingers through my cum as my mom had those few days earlier.

Then I heard a tap at the door. I asked who it was and my mom answered. She heard my moaning and wanted to know if I was enjoying myself or if there was something wrong. At first I hesitated but realized that it was ok and said I had just finished enjoying myself. She asked if it was alright if she came in. I said I needed to get something on and she said no that would be fine. I grabbed the bra as I did the other day and dropped it over my shrunken cock. I guess that it was a normal reaction to cover my nakedness.

My mom walked in. She was wearing a robe which is not unusual especially if she had just finished taking a shower. She looked down on me and smiled. I gave her a silly grin back knowing what I just did. She came over and sat on the bed. She asked if I got the note. I said yes and thanked her. She said that she was glad that I was using her 'gifts' and that I must really enjoy them because how soiled they were in the laundry. I blushed and said yes I did and that I was having a lot of fun.

She then said that she wanted to have that talk that she eluded to in her note. I said I had learned about sex in school. She goes she knows but that was not in the detail that she could show. She then got up and dropped her robe onto the floor. My jaw could have hit the floor. There she was standing in all her glory. I had seen naked women before in pictures but this was the first in person. Although my mom was an attractive woman I had never thought of her in that way until that exact moment.

My cock started bobbing up and down under the bra. She giggled and reached over and tossed the bra aside to reveal my throbbing cock. She said 'You seem to always have a hard penis.' I just nodded. She said she was going to give me a lesson on a woman's body so I would be prepared when the opportunity arose. She sat on the bed against the headboard. I was lying the opposite way so I had a good view. She then said to pay attention but if I needed to masturbate it was ok. She then started with her breasts which were 34c (per her bra...as a kid of fourteen seeing his first real tits they seemed enormous). She told me that the breasts were mainly for producing milk for babies. She took her finger and pointed out the dark area called the areola and the nipple. She said that when a woman gets sexually excited her nipples would get erect and hard like my penis. She said that it felt nice when touched or sucked on. She then took her finger and rubbed her nipples to get them erect. 'See' she said.

She talked about different things that may make a woman excited from kissing her neck to sucking her toes. I was so horny and hard as I got my anatomy lesson. I had precum leaking all over my cock but resisted all but light strokes. She then got to her genitals. She spread her legs and I got my first up close look at a woman's pussy. Then muskiness began to fill my nostrils. I thought I was going to pass out. She then pointed out her vulva, labia major and minor, telling me their purpose and showing me how to excite a woman.

Her finger finally moved up to the top of her genitals. Her finger slowly moved over a small lump. It seemed to shock her. She then said 'This is my clitoris. It is covered by skin that protects it. But when a woman gets excited her clitoris also becomes larger and erect like a man's penis. It becomes quite sensitive just like your penis.' Curious I asked her 'Do you masturbate with it?' She explained that it is one of several things that she stimulates when she masturbates. I asked how, since it was not big enough to grab hold of. She laughed and said she rubs it. Then she said 'Would you like to see?'. I grinned and said yes.

She then began to circle her clit with her finger. I noticed juices on her legs. She saw my look and said it was like I was, pointing at all the precum on my cock. She started to tweak her nipples as she rubbed her clit. Her breathing was getting heavy. She asked if I would really stroke my penis now. So I wrapped my hand and started to really go to town. This made her more excited as she explained how she felt through her moans. She then took her other hand down from her tits and took her middle finger and slid it in her. She struggled to keep talking explaining what she was doing now. I could not handle it anymore and shot about six ropes of cum from my chin to my navel. As soon as she saw my cum shooting she let out several small screams and liquid gushed from her pussy.

We laid there for several moments trying to collect our senses. She sat up and tried to wipe her juices up and then my cum. She said I was a good student but would have to test me later to make sure I learned it all. She got up, put her robe on, gave me a kiss on the cheek and left.

As I laid there I wondered what she meant but smiled knowing it would probably be very good. I then noticed her smell from where she had squirted. I instantly got hard and proceeded to enjoy myself more.

More later....



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