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Mom Smells Panties (2)

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For all those who have not had the chance to read my last submission, I have observed my mother smelling my panties over a period of time and I was curious as to why that may be. Thanks to all those who left some comments regarding my previous story, however I believe I have come to a conclusion about what is taking place. I've moved back in with my mother since my last entry to save money and I have watched her closely-And it seems she has continued the habit and I am now certain that she is gaining gratification from smelling my panties.

About a week ago I was up late watching TV in the dark, and I was mindlessly turned on by a program I was watching, and thus begun rubbing myself through the fabric of my pajama pants. After awhile I could feel my orgasm approaching and began to speed up moving my middle finger in quick jabbing motions over my pants.. occasionally the odd crackle from my wetness could be heard echoing in the living room. As my orgasm hit, my legs jolted and stiffened and I let out a quiet 'Uhhhhhhh..' I was then startled by a movement I could hear coming from down the hallway. As I stared down the hall it was really dark and hard to see anything, but I could make out a figure which I realised was my mother, because I could see her long nightgown swaying as she walked back in her room.

I stopped in my tracks and my heart was racing at the thought I had been caught rubbing myself.. I was so stunned that I didnt even think to remove my finger resting on the outside of my pajamas. When I finally came to my senses I adjusted my pajamas, and started of thinking of how awkward the next morning will be as well as what kind of excuses I'd need to make. A few minutes passed then I got up and went to the bathroom and peeled off my pajama bottoms and panties.. My panties were that messy with goo from masturbating, that it went through my panties and left a small wet spot on the outside of my pajama's-After taking them off I put them on top of the hamper, changed bottoms quickly and went to bed. Around five minutes went by, until I could hear someone enter the guest bathroom across from my room. This was strange to my because my mother uses her ensuite for things and rarely if ever use the guest bathroom. Out of curiousity I carefully peeked out of my door and saw my mother holding my pajama bottoms with my panties still rolled in them, in her hands... which she pressed to her face and inhaled deeply.

When she opened up my pajama's, she froze in her spot and stared.. I could tell she was staring at the mess in my panties. She separated my panties from my pajama bottoms, felt them with her thumbs briefly, and brought them to her nose and smelled them repeatedly-She brought them close enough to her face that my panties slightly touched her nose and lips. This carried on for a few minutes and I noticed that she was standing up with her legs crossing one another, periodically squeezing them together as she stood and smelled. I knew she was squeezing her thighs because it made her bottom flex and her toes would curl and crack every now and then. What shortly followed this is what baffled me further... She brought my panties to her waist and looked in the mirror, kinda like what you would do it you were seeing how they would look on you. Then she quickly reached up her nightgown and pulled down her panties and put mine on, turned off the light and went back to her room. I stayed in my room for awhile feeling very strange toward the whole situation, then I got up and went into the bathroom. My mother had left her panties on the floor and I took a glance at them and saw that familiar creamy liquid laced in the crotch, it made me wonder how long she was watching me and if she had been masturbating while doing so.

The next morning came and I got up to have some toast and orange juice that mom had put out. She was still wearing her nightgown and when she stood in the morning light, I could see through it slightly.. and saw that she still had my g-string on. I just looked down and kept eating but didn't say a word.

Out of everything that has occurred in the past and present, I can now confirm that my mother gains gratification from smelling my underwear. She still continues to do it to this day, however I won't make a fuss about it unless I feel she crosses the line.

Please leave some comments and let me know what your thoughts are, or feel free to drop a similiar story of your own, thanks guys and gals!



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