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Mom Sits in Again

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This is the second part of my story (see Mom Sits In for the first part.)

It was only a few days after my mother had asked permission to watch me masturbate the first time when she came to me late one night and told me she had thought of a special treat that she wanted to give me. I was of course curious so I agreed. She led me to the bathroom at the front of the hallway and asked me to choose the lotion I would like her to use for my special treat.

She saw the question on my face so it was then she told me that SHE would like to be the one who masturbated my cock tonight! Well I just reached out and took the largest bottle of lotion that was in the bathroom closet! She then took my arm with a firm grip and whispered in my ear: I can't wait to Jack-Off your hard cock and have it cum all over my hands! I felt dizzy and of course my dick was already rock hard. She reached out with her free hand through the opening in my pyjama bottom and grabbed my penis to squeeze and stroke it. My, My, what do we have here my son? Why are you so hard already, Could it be that the thought of your own mother masturbating your hard dick got you so excited? I hope so because it's got me excited as hell.

She told me to follow her back to my room and be quiet, your father is asleep. We went into my bedroom and like the first time, She closed the door behind us, led me to the closet, opened the door and pulled the light cord to turn on the single bulb. Her hands were shaking when she whispered: pull your pyjamas off and sit down like we did the other night. Then she sat down in front of me and undid her robe so I could see she was not wearing a bra! Her tits were bigger than I thought they were and I reached out for them. She pushed her chest out so I could feel each breast full in my hands and said, Maybe you could shoot your stuff on them tonight for me?

Would you like that? I said, Hell Yea I'd love to cum on your tits! She whispered again: If I do a good enough job with your hand job, I'll try to get your cock close enough to shoot on them. She told me to lay down and put a few pumps of lotion in her right hand, then reached out and wrapped her fingers around my cock while stroking softly and all the way from the base to the tip of my dick.

She used the tips of her fingers so softly on the top but increased her grip around the base, I just closed my eyes and enjoyed the very best hand job of my young life. She would speed up and then she would slow down, She used her other hand to massage my nut's and asked:I wonder how much cum is in here tonight? I said, I think you'll find out soon. So she started to increase the speed of her hand on my dick and we both whispered to each other how great it felt and I told her I couldn't last much longer. So she told me to get on top of her while she layed down on the carpeted floor in front of the closet door. She grabbed my dick again and started to jack my cock off really fast and with a firm grip while I grunted: mom, I'm gonna cum on your tit's, She said: yea, shoot your cum on your mothers titties, cum all over em! That's when I started to shoot long white strings of warm cum all over her breasts and neck. She withered and moaned while she squeezed my dick and I just closed my eyes while I shot every bit of cum I could muster onto her chest.

After I was done, she stroked my dick until it got soft and then played with all of the white sticky cum on her tits and told me that it was fantastic for her and she wanted to do it again as soon as my balls save up more cum for her.

She told me that she had long fantasized about catching me masturbating so she could take over and jack-off my cock with her own hands and now the fantasy was real.

Another part of this story to follow soon.



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