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Mom Sits In

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Many years ago while still living at home, my mother would stay up very late into the night before retiring to bed. I believe it was because of my father's snoring, or maybe she was just a late night person.

Well, my bedroom being at the end of the hall just after my parents' room was the farthest away from the bathroom. I would get out of bed, open the door to my room to go to the bathroom and get a large bottle of hand lotion to use during masturbation. I would also listen very closely to try and hear when she would make her way down the hall to go to bed and found myself jacking off even faster when I heard her near. I did this many, many times and never a problem...

Until one night, on the way back to my room, I met my mother in the darkened hall.

She asked what all the lotion was for? During my pause, she asked, "Is it for your cock when you masturbate?" A cold feeling came over me as I thought she would be mad and scold me about all the reasons that I shouldn't do that. I stuttered and stammered, Then she said: Do you mind if I watch? I said quietly, no, I guess not..

She took my arm and led me back to my room, closed the door behind us, and asked: Where do you normally do this? In bed? I said, No, I normally sit on the floor in front of the closet door with the light on so I can see. She turned around, opened the closet and turned the light on. Let's sit down and you can show me how you masturbate. I was stunned and very nervous, but then I pulled down my pyjamas and sat down where I always do. She sat down on the carpeting in front of me with her back to the closet.

All the light was on me and I still had my tighty-whities on. She just sat there looking into my eyes and said, I've thought about watching you jack off for a long time, You've grown up so fast and I knew you would begin masturbation soon. I pulled my hard cock and balls out of my underwear and looked up while she gazed at my dick.

She said she would apply the lotion to my hands so I could concentrate on my penis. I held out my hand and she put FIVE pumps of lotion into the palm of my right hand while giving me a smile.

Then with a whisper, She said: Go ahead honey, It's O.K. I started to stroke my very hard erection slowly and her eye's were wide and her breathing started to get faster while I masturbated in front of her. My cock felt like steel it was so hard and she reached under my dick to caress my balls.

She told me she thought it would be exciting but not THIS exciting to be sitting here actually watching me masturbate just for her! I felt the same way and was stroking faster and longer, then when I felt my load start to gather, I slowed down to make it last. She asked: Why are you slowing down honey? Don't you want to shoot for me? I said: Yes, but not too soon. She gave a little giggle and said she would try to catch my sperm in her hands if that was alright? I was close now and kinda grunted: Yea thats o.k. Then when I was ready to cum, she looked at my face and said: Your going to cum right now aren't you? I just shook my head and said: Yea, I am. She held out both of her hands with her palms open a few inches from the end of my cock. I started to shoot great strings of cum all over her hands and arms while she was whispering all the while: OHHH MYYY, OHHH MYYY, OHHH MYYY.

After my cock was empty, We both looked down at her hands and both were just covered in Jizz, all over her palms and forearms. She played with the sticky string of cum in the light of the single bulb inside the closet. She said: That was the most exciting thing she ever saw and told me that we would do it again soon. Then she got up off the floor, kissed me on the forehead and walked out to go to her room. Yes, I was dizzy and went to my bathroom to clean up. after that night, We did it again many times and I will write again soon...



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