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Mom Showed Me How!

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I could not have asked for better lessons.


At age 11, I was in bed and my dad came in and stood at the foot of the bed and said 'Son, don't masturbate or you will go blind!' With that he turned and left me to ponder what it was he was talking about as I had never heard that word before, let alone what it meant. Several days later while in the school group shower with 8 others after gym class, one of the guys ask me if my cock was so big (larger at 6' than the others) because I Jacked Off. I said 'What's that?' He laughed and said 'I'll show you as others snickered but 4 of them followed his showing me how to do it. He said I should try it also as 'it feels great!' I was to bashful to stroke my cock in front of others but I was amazed at how the guys cocks grew in size and projected as they stroked them.
That night in my bed I thought I would try Jackin' Off for myself, never equating it with masturbation. It was enjoyable but sort of hurt from the friction as I was doing it dry and gripping it hard with hand wrapped around it.
All of a sudden I hear, 'Son, that's not the way to do it.' My Mom was standing in the doorway watching me beat my meat. She came to the bed and sat down next to me and commented that my cock was bigger than Dad's. She said that some lucky girl would enjoy my cock someday and it should even get bigger as I mature. She ask me how long have I been masturbating. I said, 'When will I go blind?'
Mom ask where I got that silly notion? I said that Dad told me several weeks ago that I would go blind if I masturbated. Mom laughed real hard and said that Dad didn't know squat about sex and that I would not go blind. She said it is enjoyable but I should not be obsessed with it - once a day was plenty. She said that she wanted to show me how to do it right and with much more enjoyment than how I was abusing my cock. She reached over and dropped her thumb and first 3 finger tips over the end of my cock and restricted her gentle movements to the extreme 2 inches, not much lower than the head and with concentration to the lower head area. I said 'Mom, that sure feels great,' as my body shook and hips rose as I came to a dry orgasm, 'You can do that anytime you want.'
That was the beginning of many encounters that eventually went into every imaginable sexual activity except actual intercourse, as Mom said that that would be incest and illegal. By 13, and now at 8', I was getting daily blow jobs from Mom and she would have great orgasms every time I shot my load into her throat. I loved eating her out and swapping love juices with each other.
Mom was going to make sure I would grow up being a great lover and enjoying sex and knowing how to pleasure a women.
Dad was a sexual dud as he thought sex was a dirty necessity for procreation only and not to be enjoyed as that would be sin.
The contrast between Mom and Dad could not have been more extreme. When I went into the Navy at 18, Mom wanted to send me off with a fond last memory. Now at 10', Mom gave me the best BJ ever, but she did have a hard time taking my large cock, 7' in circumference. I was beginning to realize for the first time that there is truth to the saying that there can be too much of a good thing. I now believe that 6' is the ideal length for a cock as they can all take it without pain or lockjaw. It is embarrassing to spring a hard on in public with 10' or pop out of swimming trunks. Gals have a hard time keeping their eyes off your crotch but run the other way when they see it as hard as steel in the flesh, fearful of being hurt. Today, Mom would get arrested for what was going on between us but she died several years ago.
My wife knows not where I got my expertise, but she sure is grateful and we have a great sex life. After 6 kids she can take me now without pain, but the earlier years were tough, always wanting to be on top to control the depth of penetration.



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