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Mom Helps

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I just read the story posted on Oct. 27, titled 'Daughter To The Rescue'.

It reminded me of my similar, but opposite, story.

I've been divorced for about five years. Once, soon after I split with my ex, I was visiting my Mom for a weekend. (My Dad was out of town.) For most of the evening, we talked about what was going on in my life. Gradually, the subject turned to my sex life. We've always been able to talk about things like that so I told her that most of the guys I had dated were only interested in sex and didn't want to make a commitment to a woman that had two teenage boys.

She then asked if I was 'Taking care of myself,' and I told her that masturbation was almost a daily thing.

That night, right after I went to bed, she came in, handed me a penis-shaped dildo and told me to use it if I needed some help.

Being the smart-ass daughter that I am, I said something like, 'What the H*** am I supposed to do with it?'

She said that she was sure that I'd figure it out and started to walk out of the room.

Mom was probably half way down the hall when I yelled to her, 'Hey, Mom. Where's the switch? How do you turn this thing on?'

She came back, stood in the doorway and said, 'There's no switch. It's not that kind of toy.'

With a little laugh, I said, 'Just like my ex, a big dick with no power.'

We both started laughing.

I pulled the bed covers aside, pulled my panties down, spread my legs and stuck just the head of it in me.

Leaning up and looking down at it, 'Do something,' I said to it.

'Don't just lay there, you big dick,' I went on, 'Do something.'

Mom was really laughing now.

I leaned back in bed and said, 'Same old, same old.'

Mom came over and sat on the edge of the bed. She was laughing so hard, she was holding her side.

Still in my smart-ass mode, I said, 'I'd give him all the pussy he wanted, but what's he do? He just lays there, the big dick.'

We both couldn't stop laughing.

As I was laughing, it pushed out of me.

Without thinking, I reached down and stuck the head back in me.

As I was still laughing, it popped right out, again.

Then, to my total surprise, Mom reached down, grabbed it and with a twisting motion, she pushed it up in me about six inches.

'Maybe the big dick will do something now,' she said with a laugh.

We both stared at it a minute like we really expected something to happen.

'Nope,' I finally said, 'just like my ex. All dick, no action.'

After another minute, or so, Mom reached down and started to pull it out.

'If it's not going to do you any good, I guess I'll just have to take it back,' she said.

As she pulled it out, I tightened my muscles to hold it in.

'Aw,' was all I said.

She pulled a little harder, giving it a twist as she did.

She stopped pulling as I clamped even harder.

'Well, I guess it doesn't really want to come out,' she said.

She then gave it another twist, and pushed it back in. This time, even farther in than the first.

As my muscles relaxed, she started to pull it back out.

When I, once again, tightened my muscles, she pushed it back in.

Back and forth, back and forth.

My Mom was masturbating me with her dildo, and it felt great!

Before long, I was moaning and my body was arching up to meet her pushes.

I reached down, grabbed her wrist and started guiding her.

I let go of her arm as my orgasm started. She pushed it farther and farther in.

When my orgasm peaked, I lifted up high off the bed as she held the dildo in.

Then I collapsed back onto the bed.

Without saying a word, we stared at each other for another minute.

Then, she got up, gave me a good-night peck on the cheek and went to her room.



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