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Mom Had Warned Me

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Mom had told me about things some boys might do.


When I was around 13 years old my mom started having these talks with me about boys, men and sex. One of the things she had talked about were the exhibitionist types I may run into. She had told me that all boys and men love to have there partners see what they do to them. In other words have the girl see there erection when getting aroused for sex.

Well, when I was 17 I ran into one of these exhibitionist types. We were on a date for the first time when this happened. He picked me up at home and off we went. We were taking in a movie that evening. When we were driving toward town I was sitting next to him and it was then that I saw it. He had a big hardon in his pants and he was obviously making every effort to show it off. He was wearing real thin slacks and I could see it almost as well if it wasn't even covered. He was doing this and showing this on purpose.

Only problem was mom had never told me that seeing something like this could have an effect on me. I was getting so turned on by seeing this! I had seen pictures of erect penises and had seen a couple of porn movies some friends had got there hands on but I had never seen or touched a real 'live' one. About this time Roger (his name) saw me looking at it and this just made him get that much bigger and harder. We now were both beginning to squirm in our seats. Something had to give. Roger kept looking over at me and I didn't make any attempt to hide my looking at it.

Roger finally looked down at his erection too and finally asked 'do you like it'? I asked him why was he so aroused. He answered 'just having you near me did this'. I then told him that I'd never touched a boy there before. Roger then told asked me if I'd like to touch him. I told him yes, I would. He then asked 'any idea where we can go'? I thought for a minute and told him about a big vacant lot behind my house. So, he turned around and we headed there. On the way I couldn't help myself and I reached over and started feeling it thru his slacks. I couldn't believe how hard it felt. My touching it made Roger make some ahhhh sounds.

We finally got to the lot and parked. My hand was still rubbing his cock thru his slacks and Roger immediately loosened his belt and opened his slacks. I then saw why his cock was so easy to see and touch. He wasn't wearing any underwear. There it was. My first real live penis! It was so big and hard. I then asked Roger if he can come off like the guys in the porn flicks I'd seen. He said he could and called it a 'cum shot'. Roger told me we better do this outside of the car. We got out and I got beside him and wrapped my hand around it. Roger asked if he could see and feel my tits. I quickly opened my blouse and undid my bra. Roger went to squeezing them and then went to kissing and sucking on them. I went back to giving him a hand job. It didn't take long at all and Roger came up and told me 'I'm going to cum'! We both watched his cock as he stiffened up and with a loud ahhhhhh sound he 'shot his rocks'. It was just like in the tapes I'd seen shooting out several feet. I told him 'that was so cool'.

We got back into the car and Roger went back to kissing and sucking on my tits. It wasn't long and I too had my pants down with Rogers hand and fingers all over my wet pussy. I had two powerful orgasms right there in his frond seat. Roger was still hard as a rock and I again wrapped my hand around it and started jerking it again. Roger was all hands feeling me up all over. He again didn't take very long and this time he came shooting his cum on my thighs. I rubbed it to see what it felt like. I'd always wanted to do this from the first time I saw it on the porn tapes.

We then wiped off and got dressed. Roger was then starting to talk about 'next time' and wanting to, as he put it, 'go all the way'. I told him I wasn't ready for that. We continued to 'date' and always ended up getting each other off. We several times came very close to 'going all the way' but I was able to control myself. This ended when Roger went off to college after he graduated. I ended up 'going all the way' with the boy I ended up marrying and we are very much so 'going all the way' as well and using our hands on each other also.



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