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Mom Caught Me

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Dear me, oh my...


This happened not too long ago actually. I'd come home from school, in stark anticipation of masturbating: I'd been thinking about these pictures I'd burned onto a CD the night before, but couldn't use them. Luckily no one was at home, so I threw off all of my gear, grabbed my CD case (A CD case that contained all of the stuff I've burned, with a lot of 'pictures' on it.) and headed for the DVD player, which happened to be located in my mom's room. This is where it gets interesting.

I'd locked the door to her room and tossed the CD in the drive and such, flipping through the pics, with my hand down my pants. All was good. Then, out of nowhere, I heard an incessant banging on my mom's room door...Eeps. Well, I played it cool, ejected the CD quite swiftly, and hid the CD case near the T.V., out of clear sight. Mom wasn't too happy to find out that I was in her room with the door locked, so she started asking me all of these questions like: 'Were you going through my stuff, why are you in here...' Blah, blah. What surprised me the most is that she hadn't guessed that I was about to masturbate. Well, after a lecture on privacy, she told me to leave so she could change out of her work clothes. Not a problem, except, the CD Case was still in her room.

I tried to grab the case, but she spotted me and asked what was in the case. I told her my music CD's. She didn't buy it. She told me to put it in the DVD player. I, finally confessing, said that there were 'pics' on it, right before she turned on the DVD. She then smiled, and told me that it was alright and that I should have just told her in the first place. She actually was really cool about it, and even said that she looked at porn too, on occasion. She told me just not to leave it lying around. I agreed, and stood dumb-founded in her room, whilst she headed off to her bathroom, and returned in nothing more than her bra and a black pair of panties. I quickly averted my gaze, like a moron, and said sorry, and strode from the room. I didn't mean to, I just got a little... Yeah. Perhaps, if something like this happens again, I'll have a better story. After all, a sex-loving teenager. (Even though I'm still a virgin...)

Thanks for reading.



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