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Mom and I Caught Each Other

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My mom and I drove eight hundred miles to visit my aunt (my mom's sister) on her death bed. We spent a week at my grandmother's house waiting for her to die. She lived. Once she was out of danger, mom and I began our drive back. Half way there, mom decided stop for the night and get a motel room. I was glad because we were both hot and sweaty, plus it had been a stressful week.

My mom and I really get along wonderfully. She had me when she was fifteen. I was eighteen when this happened. You can do the math. Having me at such a young age, ment that we pretty much raised each other. She is still young and beautiful. She looks more like my big sister, rather than my mom.

Anyway, we stopped and got a room. Hungry, we ate at Denny's, then went to our room. The motel only had rooms with one king size bed available. So we had to share a bed. The AC was barely working. The room was really hot. They did not have another room for us to move into.

Mom showered first. The room was so hot that she decided to stay naked. That surprised me. She has a beautiful body. Still slim and trim. But my family was never big on nudity. After my shower, I decided to stay nude too. Being an athlete in high school, my body is well toned. Plus, I enjoyed the freedom of being naked. Since mom started it by not dressing after her shower, I figured I could stay naked too. For some reason, I was surprised to see that my mom had as much hair covering her pussy as I did. Anyway, we laid in bed talking and watching TV. We fell asleep with the TV on.

Sometime after midnight, I awoke to the sounds of sex. The couple in the next room were fucking. I could clearly hear them moaning and groaning. The sounds of their sex made my pussy wet and throbbing. It had been a week since I had had a chance to masturbate. With the stress of my aunt on her death-bed, I was able to ignore my sexual needs. But with her out of danger, and hearing the passionate couple in the next room, my sexual needs overwhelmed me.

Mom and I were both laying on top of the covers still naked. She was on her back. I was sleeping on my belly. I needed to cum in the worst way. So I slowly eased my pillow under me. I managed to get it between my legs. I have been a pillow-humper since I was fourteen. I love fucking my pillows! I was not sure if I could get-myself-off like that with my mom lying next to me in bed. But pure sexual desperation made me try.

I opened my legs and slowly began to grind my throbbing clitoris against my pillow. I could feel my pillow getting soaked from the hot oil that flowed freely from my vagina. I got my left hand under my breast and I pinched my nipple. I had my eyes on my mom, making sure she did not wake-up and catch me. We are open about sexual issues, but that did not mean I wanted her to catch me masturbating.

Suddenly, she began to move. The sounds of the couple in the next room had awaken her too. I closed my eyes and pretended to be asleep. I could only pray that she did not notice that I had a pillow between my legs. The TV was still on, and that provided plenty of light.

The couple in the next room were getting louder. I could hear the woman telling the man to lick her clit, and to finger her. He was obviously performing oral sex on her. I cracked my eyes open just enough to see my mom looking at me. I froze knowing that she clearly saw where my pillow was. But she did not say anything. Instead, she settled on her back. She was listening to the couple in the next room. I was pretending sleep. With my hair covering my eyes, she could not see me looking at her.

Then I saw my mom's right hand move down her body. I watched in complete amazement as my mom began to slowly to caress her pussy.

When I was fifteen, my mom 'almost' caught me humping my pillow. She walked in my room just as I finished having several thunderous orgasms. She was just as embarrassed as I was. I was laying in bed, covered with sweat, breathing hard from masturbating. My room smelled like girly sweat and teenage pussy. Mom eyed my pillow, saw a huge wet-spot on it, and knew that I had been grinding my pillow again.

Mom gave me the usual talk about how masturbation was healthy. As a parent, she felt she had to say something. The embarrassment of having to talk about it, nearly killed us both! Thankfully, her and I never talked about it again. Now, I was lying next to her, pretending to be asleep, while watching her fingers caressing her pussy.

The couple in the next room starting having intercourse. I know that because I heard her say, 'get on top and put your dick in me.' I heard her moan, then the sounds of their bed banging against the wall. He was obviously pounding her!

My mom heard them too, and her fingers were furiously moving up and down her pussy. I could hear the slick/wet sounds her fingers made as she masturbated next to me. Then, as I watched her, she plunged her fingers deep into her vagina. I could hear how wet she was! She was fucking herself hard. The couple in the next room was getting even louder as the woman moaned and groaned.

This was more than I could stand. I started grinding my pussy against the pillow under me. I was grinding fast and hard. I could not stop myself. I slid my right hand under me. I got it between my clit and my pillow. I started humping my hand. I could feel my wetness flowing out over my hand as my fingers began rubbing my clitoris.

Obviously, my mom saw that I was openly masturbating next to her. I knew she was watching me, as I watched her furiously masturbating next to me. For a horrifying second, I thought that I had gone to far, and she would stop, or say something. But she didn't say a word. We were both too close to orgasm to stop.

Then my mom achieved orgasm. As I watched, her body went stiff, then she groaned loudly as she went into orgasm. Her body shook with the intensity of her orgasm.

Pushing my pillow aside, I rolled over on my back. I opened my legs as my fingers swirled my clit around in tiny circles. I plunged my fingers into my sopping wet vagina as I fucked myself.

Recovering from her own orgasm, mom looked over at me just as I reached the edge. I groaned as I plunged into orgasm. My hips went ballistic as my orgasm consumed me. I knew that my mom was watching me as wave after orgasmic wave imploded within me. My body shook wildly as I went from one orgasm, into another. I came HARD!!

Breath like a race horse, I began to float back to earth. My body was drenched in sweat. My mom looked at me and smiled. I started laughing. Then she started laughing! We were both laughing as we heard the woman in the next room announced her orgasm. She screamed, 'I'm coming!' That made mom and I laugh even harder.

Later that night, when I thought my mom was asleep, I laid on my back and started masturbating again with my fingers. Mom fooled me! She was not asleep. When she saw what I was doing, she started masturbating too. We laid next to each other, naked, on top of the bedding, and masturbated until we were both totally satisfied.

It was amazing watching my mom as she brought herself to orgasm...and allowing her to watch me as I fucked myself until I exploded in orgasm.

The next morning, we were too embarrassed to look at each other. And when we did, we started laughing. Neither of us could believe that we had mutually masturbated together, twice! That experience has brought us even closer. I hope one day, we can get another motel room together and do it again!



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