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Mom and Her Friend

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Mom and Her Friend
Growing up, I had been exposed to many different sexual experiences. From playing with my sixteen year old babysitters titties at the age of seven to mutual masturbation, sucking and butt fucking my friend James from around the age of eight. But some of the most memorable experiences involve mom, and her best friend from next door. I remember one night about the same age, I was in the bath tub playing with my little dick. Mom's friend, (In her late 40's at the time) came into the bathroom to pee. She was very uninhibited. Very rarely did she even wear a bra. And you could see those two incredible sagging watermelon tits through her shirt. The nipples had to have been 5 inches in diameter. I tried to hide myself from her, all the time facinated with the sight of watching her pull her underwear down and pee right in front of me. She said not to worry, she had seen a little boys peepee before. She asked me if I wanted her to make my peter feel real good? I was getting really excited and my prick stiffened at the very thought of her touching it.
I managed to stutter, YE,YE, YES! . She told me never to say anything to anyone about our secret. I promised. She said that we could do other things when I got a little older. Man, I had found heaven on earth. Because sex was something I wanted to know all about. So she soaped her hands and reached down into the suds of my bubblebath finding my prick instantly. She said to lie back and enjoy it. Boy did I, she told me to stand up and proceeded to pump my prick slow at first, then very quickly, within two minutes I squirted my first little wad. I had never felt anything so incredible my entire short life. She asked me if I liked what she did? YES! I answered, She then licked the little bit of my juice off of her fingers and told me never to forget our secret. She washed her hands, and left the room, leaving me feeling like the luckiest boy in the world !
At age eleven, Moms friend and I, spent many times together exploring our bodies. When the folks were out of town, and her husband was gone on business I stayed at her house. At night I would constantly play with her tits. Sucking them and bouncing them and masturbating wildly. She never let me fuck her, but I didn't mind. She allowed me to do things that not many kids my age got to do. I would always try to go down on her, but she said to wait until I was older. Well that day came when I was twelve. I was staying over and decided to pay her a visit in her bedroom. It was late at night. I whispered to her, can I come In? She agreed, I asked if I could feel her down there? She said yes, If I would take off my underwear. They were off in no time. So I pulled the covers off her legs and helped her pull her panties off. It was the highlight of the year! finally!! I got to see that pussy again . I didn't know what to do other than to pet it like a kitten. It was very soft and grey and very bushy. She began to play with it, licking her fingers and putting them into her crack and moaning very soft. She did that for about twenty minutes. Then told me to lay between her legs and lick it If I wanted. I was scared,but did what I was told. It smelled fishy, but my dick was in control and I could have cared less. I went ahead and began to lick her pussy lips. they were fat, and looked like chewed bubble gum. They felt so good against my lips and tongue. I soon mastered the art of pussy eating. Sticking it deep into her hot cunt. She began to shake and shutter and then let out a shriek, I had made her come. After that, she asked me to straddle her chest. So I climbed on and masturbated until I shot off on her breasts. We then washed up and I fell asleep with my head on her bare breasts.
About a year later, at the age of thirteen, My dad was gone on business. Mom and I would be alone in the house for the next week. Well, unfortunately mom had a drinking problem, and decided to get totally hammered. When she did, I was scared that she would hurt herself. So I had little choice but to call moms best friend for some assistance in helping with mom. Late one night I was getting ready for bed when I heard my mom crying in her room. She was really drunk and was talking about wanting to have sex because heavy drinking made her horny. She had already stripped totally naked and was playing with her titties on her bed. Sort of oblivious that I was even there. I was at a loss for what to do, I found myself really turned on by what she was saying and her nakedness but this was my mom! She kept saying it over and over. I didn't know if she wanted me to screw her or what. She never really said. But I was getting horny myself at the thought of making it with my mom. I had always been attracted to her sexually. I needed help with her. I decided to call moms friend. She was there in about twenty minutes. By the time she made her way to moms bedroom mom decided to go pee in her bathroom. I of course had to accompany her to keep her from falling. She sat on the toilet naked and called me in. At the same time, moms friend followed me into the bathroom. we were both shocked to see mom with her legs spread on the toilet, with four fingers in her pussy. She was going at it furiously. This made my dick stick straight out. She was happy and giggling that we were there with her. At least she never acted embarrassed. Apparently, the same feeling came over her friend. She asked mom if she wanted some help with her pussy, My mom eagerly said yes, I couldn't believe my eyes! my drunken mom getting her pussy fingered by her best friend! This went on for a few minutes and I stood there watching with a painful hard on. Soon, mom reached down, still on the toilet, and unbuttoned her friends blouse, There they were, those huge milky white tits! My mom was rubbing them, sucking on them and pinching those gigantic nipples between her fingers. She and her friend almost forgot I was there. I had all I could stand, I dropped my pants and underwear to the floor and stood there pumping my cock wishing I could touch mom and her friend. Her friend looked up at me and told me to sit on the marble counter between the sinks. They both rose up and walked towards me with lust in their eyes. My mom stared at my dick, grabbing it, she began jerking me off, her friend squirted lotion onto it and began to assist. My mom put her small soft white tits in my face and I eagerly sucked each one, kissing her chest and neck and feeling the soft skin of her stomach against mine. I was so totally turned on by this forbidden act of pure lust. I was about to cum when her friend suggested we lay on the bed. All three of us, Mom, her friend, and me, all naked and lost in the excitement of what was happening.
My mom spread her legs revealing her open wet pussy to me, hot and sticky from the finger fucking on the toilet. I reached over and cautiously inserted three fingers into mom and began to finger her. Her friend just lay there watching as I grew hotter and hotter. She was rubbing her clit and sucking her own tits. I decided to see if I could get away with kissing moms hairy cunt, I licked it, again and again and sucked her clit. I think she orgasmed, because she shook and shuttered like I had seen her friend do once before. I felt her friends hand grabbing my dick. She rolled me over and lowered herself down to my aching dick. Taking just the head into her mouth she closed her lips around it hard and began thrusting her head up and down. I came like a volcano! I shot sperm on her, mom, and all over me. I rubbed the remainder on moms friends tits.
My mom never ever mentioned that night to me. Maybe she was too drunk to remember? Her friend has never made any mention of it either. I still think back to that unforgetable night, still masturbating after all these years at the thought of doing nasty things with Mom and her best friend. --Anonymous



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