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Mom Accidentally Showed Me How

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I walked in one morning and was I ever shocked. But, did I ever learn too.


I woke up early on this weekend morning, when I was younger, and walked into my mom and step dad's bedroom. Was I ever in for a shock. My step dad was laying naked on his back and his penis was big and hard looking. My mom had her hand around it and was working her hand up and down on it. She was wearing her nightie and it was pulled up and I could see my step dad's hand way up on her thigh. My eyes had popped out of my head and my mouth fell open. I looked at them a few seconds and then turned and walked out.

Later that morning, mom told me that what they were doing was normal and something husbands and wives did and that I'd understand when I got older. I never forgot what I saw as I grew older and eventually mom started talking to me about such things. I'd learned from her that she was 'playing' with it and that it made him feel real good.

Later on, I got where I wanted to with what I saw mom doing that morning to a boy. I wanted to see and feel a boy's penis real bad while it was hard like my step dad's was that morning. I was 14 and had a boyfriend named Jeff. So, one day while over at his house after school, we were in his room talking. I told him about what I'd seen earlier on and that I knew how to do that to a boy. I'd learned about boy's jerking themselves off from the girls at school. So I asked Jeff if he did it. He finally admitted that he did. I asked him if he'd like me to show him that I can do it. He got all excited about it and ask if I really wanted to. I told him yes. He asked me where I wanted to do it. I told him to lay down on his bed. I wanted him just like my step dad was that morning.

Jeff laid down and I told him to pull his pants down. He nervously reached down and undid his pants. He then looked at me and pulled down his shorts. There it was. It was hard looking just like my step dad's was that morning but not as big. I sat next to him and put my hand around it just like I had seen mom's. I went to stroking it up and down. Jeff said that it felt good. I wasn't sure how long I was suppose to do this but it felt good touching it so I kept it up. About that time, Jeff went to breathing real hard and moving his hips saying don't stop. I kept it up and then all of a sudden Jeff let out a grunting sound and this white stuff started squirting out of his penis. I stopped moving my hand up and down and just watched. In a little while, it was just coming out a little bit and I asked Jeff what it was. Jeff said it was his cum.

Jeff and I started doing this every day after school. Soon Jeff wanted to see and touch me too and I showed Jeff how to touch me and make me feel real good too. We knew about having sex and we sure wanted to do that too but were afraid to. We knew what that could do. I sure didn't know then what I know now. We ended up getting caught by his mom one day and that ended that until I started dating.



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