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Modelling Underwear for Next Door

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This is the followup to ‘Sunbathing and Being Watched’


I had been watched without knowing it by three older women next door wanking myself to ejaculation while looking at a porn magazine, which at the time had been my closest experience of a naked female as I although I had just hit 18, I was very shy and still a virgin with the furthest I had progressed with a girl being a hand inside a blouse but still on top of a bra. I was just cleaning up all the cum from my stomach and chest when the doorbell rang and I had to assume it was next door, and the grandmother of the little girls who lived there who had just watched me wanking, ejaculating and eating my own cum!

I wrapped a towel round me, not having time to put my speedo trunks back on, and went to open the door. Yup. It was the woman I had seen at the window earlier. I’d never spoken to her, but had seen her at the house a few times, and would guess she would be around 50 years old and good looking. She came inside and said “we were watching you outside” (We? She can’t have been alone then?) “and you looked like you were having fun with that nice dick of yours. We need a favour off you or I’ll have to tell your mum what you were doing in front of us”. I knew my mum wouldn’t be that happy to hear as I’d already got into trouble before with her about wanking with people seeing me (but that’s another story!)

So I agreed to do this favour, whatever that was going to be! I just said "Ok, I’ll just go get dressed", and she grabbed my hand saying "No need for that. Just come as you are" and closed the front door, pulling me through the house to the back garden. We then went over to next door though the back and inside the house were three of her friends, sitting around drinking wine and giggling when they saw me. “We are just having a little lingerie party here, while my daughter is away, seeing as her dad is at home so we couldn’t do it there” she said, “And we need some male advice about what looks good”. This was sounding pretty good to me and I obviously agreed to help out!

She introduced her friends to me and told them to show me what they were trying on – Jane, a redhead and Janet, a blonde then took off their robes to show me their outfits – lacy thong and a low cut bra on Jane, and on Janet a very sheer pair of panties (which I could see she was not a natural blonde) and a matching sheer bra holding up her large breasts. As they revealed themselves, my cock started stirring of course, and Jane said to the Grandmother, “Elaine, I think he likes what he sees” as she pointed to my towel pushing out. Elaine smiled and said “oh yes, I think he does” and then dropped her own dress to expose her bra, suspender belts and stockings and NO pants! I was seeing my very first pussy in the flesh, and it was fantastic. She had very little pubic hair to hide her slit and I could see it was even a little wet!

My cock was now rock hard and pushing out the towel as much as it could! Janet then came up to me and getting hold of the towel, pulled it away saying “Let’s see close up what you were playing with in the garden”. My cock bounced up and Janet, dropping the towel, wrapped her hand around my erect shaft and said “wow, that is so hard! I haven’t felt a prick like that for many years”. “Jane then walked up and cupped my balls saying “and these feel like they still have another load in them to come out”. I was in heaven, with two good looking older women touching me and a third nearly naked one watching. I was waiting for them to start stroking me, but Janet let go and so did Jane.

Elaine then spoke ...”Right. We need this favour from you now. We want to get some sexy underwear for our husbands and want you to model it so we can see what it looks like”. She then handed me a pair of lycra mens bikini-type pants and told me to put them on. With my cock so stiff, it was hard to get them on and my penis inside, and in the end, my cock was bulging to the side and the waistband only just at the top of the base of my cock. “Oh”, said Janet,”I don’t think that looks very sexy. I mean his dick looks lovely under those silky knickers, but all his pubes are showing. Have you got a bigger pair Elaine?” Elaine was looking and said “hold on, I know ...” and left the room. She came back about a minute later, but in her hand was not another pair of pants, but a razor and shaving foam! She told me to lay flat on the large kitchen table and then proceeded to lather up my cock and balls with the foam and run the razor over until I was totally bald down there. The action of her shaving made my dick rock hard and bigger than I’ve ever seen it and I just couldn’t resist caressing it despite the three women in the room watching.

“Go ahead”, Janet said, “keep stroking that fat prick. We need to get it into those pants and it will never fit like that”, and while she was saying this, her hand had slid under the waistband of her panties and I could see through the sheer material her finger sliding through her pubes and disappearing. “Yes .... “, said Jane, “We want to see that big cock spurting out again” - ‘Again’? So they had all watched me in the garden for sure then! - and as she then slid off her thong down her legs and exposed her pussy to me for the first time, and I could see her lips pushing through thick fur and definite signs of moisture there.

As the three women watched I was wanking myself faster and faster and my foreskin was going back and forth and little bits of pre-cum were flying around. Janet said to the others “Just look at him go! Now he’s shaved he’s bigger than my husband and his balls look fit to burst”. Despite having had a massive cum less than an hour before, I could feel the familiar tension in my balls and – I guess the benefit of youth – I exploded and shot further and harder than ever before. Having three real, live women in a virtually naked state was much more arousing than pictures in a magazine and the effect was clear to see as ropes of cum shot out and upwards, landing on my chest, my face and hitting Elaine, who had moved in close to watch the spurting. “You dirty boy”, she said, “You got stuff all over my breasts. You need to clean it up” and lowered her chest over my face. I eagerly licked the top of her tits scooping my cum up with my tongue and swallowing it down, and then pushed her bra down to get to her nipples and started to suckle on them like a new-born baby.

"Oh yes!" she cried, "drink, boy" as her hand went down to my cock and started to play with it, smearing the juices from my orgasm all around the shaft and balls, and with her wet finger started to push into my arse saying “we watched you doing this, you dirty little boy. You like a finger up there, don’t you.” I didn’t say anything, but my prick answered for me by growing harder and stiffer all the time. Janet then spoke up ...” We need to see what he looks like in these panties before we have to get back home, remember”. Elaine nodded and stood up, which meant my suckling of her breasts had to come to an end. Jane then came closer, stripped off her thong and getting up on the table, straddled me and started to jerk my cock saying “We need to get this thing soft again”, tossing me hard and fast without any pretence of patience, just wanting me to come again for the 3rd time in less than two hours.

As she was milking me like you would a cow, I could see drips of moisture from her fanny landing on my stomach. I soon felt the urge to come again and as Elaine was watching her friend wanking me furiously, she was saying things like “watch that bald little cock bounce”, because after the first two cums, I could not see it, but could tell my dick had not come up to its previous size. After about 15 minutes of this harsh wanking, I eventually came again, but not with as much force of course, and Elaine cleaned me off with a teatowel that was hanging up and then handed me the pants that I had tried on before.

This time, with my shrunken cock, and bald pubes, the pants fitted normally, but still with a decent bulge, as they were a smallish size anyway, and Janet said "They look good on him now the hair is gone. Think I’ll get a pair for Gerald." (I suppose her husband). "Though," she continued, "I’ll have to shave him there as well, of course". Jane came up to me and caressing the front and cupping my balls and cock from underneath said "Pretty good fit. We’ll have to get him to come back next month when the new range comes in".

Elaine then told me to take off the pants, which I did and then stood there naked in front of the three women. "Right", she said, "Time for you to go home now." She picked up Janes Thong that was lying on the floor and handed it to me saying “Here, you have have this to wank into, you dirty boy. When you come back to model the new range for us, I want you to be wearing that. And make sure you have not wanked for a week – we need a better display than that!" and with that opened the garden door and shoved me out, totally naked still and just holding the thong in my hand.



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