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Lick it up!


Two years ago I was dating a young woman who was very adventurous sexually. One Sunday evening after some very wild session, we settled down and as we mellowed out, she asked me if I had any sexual fantasies. I told her that I couldn't think of any that she hadn't already satisfied except one: Every time I masturbated I planned to eat my cum, but then when I actually ejaculated I lost my nerve and chickened out and wiped it up. 'Oh baby', she said, 'you're missing out on the best part of it. That's the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. I can help you out with that hangup, if you like.' 'That'd be great', I said. 'Well, it's late and we better get to bed now', she said, 'but we'll start soon.'

The next morning I had to take her to the airport to leave on a three day business trip. All the way there she massaged my cock through my pants with her left hand, and played with her pussy with the other. This girl was hot! As we pulled up to the departure terminal, she leaned over and gave me a big tongue kiss, and then whispered in my ear, 'Hey, save up some of your love juice for me while I'm gone. We can use it in our foreplay.'

As I drove back to my apartment, my cock remained rock hard, and I could feel the precum in my shorts. My mind was reeling over how she might help me get over my 'hangup.' I went to my cupboard, and got a small, flat pimento jar. I saved these to keep small screws and nuts in, but this was a more important purpose. I tore off my pants and my shorts to release my throbbing cock, and I fell to my knees as I began to jack myself off furiously, and aimed my cock head into the jar. Quickly I came, shooting several thick ropes of cum into the jar. Sated, I screwed the cap onto the jar, and placed it on my counter top. The next morning, I awoke really horny, and shot a big load into the jar. That evening, I blew another wad into the jar. The next morning, I again masturbated, and came into the pimento jar. That evening I jacked off again, and shot my load into the jar. The next day, I jacked off into the jar first thing in the morning, and that evening I rented a porno flick. Shortly after the movie began, there was a scene that turned me on so much that I came right away, and shot into the jar. At the end of the movie I was so hot that I wanted to cum again, but I wasn't sure that there was enough room in the jar, but I said, oh, if it overflows, so what. It didn't, though, and the level of cum was just below the top.

The next day, I didn't touch myself, although I really wanted to. I was anxious to see what Marcie had in store for me to cure my 'hangup', and I felt sure that I should be carrying a full load in me for her return.

That evening, I picked her up at the airport, and she was exhausted. When we got home, she just wanted to go to bed, and she quickly fell asleep.

The next morning, we both awoke refreshed and extremely horny. We began some deep kissing, and she started to stroke my cock as I fingered her pussy. Within minutes, she got up, and said, 'Oh, I've got a surprise for you.' She went into the kitchen, and I heard her rattling around in the cabinets. Shortly, she came back, and she had a dark brown shallow soup bowl in her hand. She wore a big smile. I didn't ask what the soup bowl was for. I knew what it was for. 'Hey, I've got a surprise for you too', I said, as I reached into my night stand and withdrew the pimento jar full of cum. She took it from my hand and unscrewed the lid. Here eyes widened in amazement when she saw the cum. 'Oh baby', she said, this is gonna be great!' She moved the jar to a position just below her nose and sniffed sharply. 'Oh my God,', she said, 'this is SO arousing. You have to smell this unbelievable aroma. She positioned the jar under my nose, and, taking her lead, I sniffed in sharply and deeply. I had to admit it was quite an erotic smell. She then stuck her index finger into the pool of cum, and I noted that it covered her second knuckle. She stuck her finger into her mouth, and sucked it clean. 'Oh man, she said, this is awesome.' With that, she again stuck her finger into the cum, and smeared it on my waiting tongue. It tasted fantastic, and I wanted more, but she replaced the lid and put the jar on my night stand. 'More of that later', she said.

'Let's get this party started', she said, and she slid down in the bed to where she was face-to-face with my throbbing dick. She saw that a big glob of precum was glistening on the tip, and she wiped it up with her index finger, and placed it on my tongue. I savoured the silky smoothness of the precum on my tongue, but it was the thick white stuff that I craved and she knew it.

'C'mon, baby,', she said,' jack off for me, and make us some more of that lovely love juice, and I'll show you what you've been missing out on.'

The taste of the precum got me even more aroused, and I looked down to see my cock head swollen beyond belief; all purple and shiny. I started stroking rapidly, and when a dollop of precum oozed out, she would wipe it up and put it in my mouth. Before very long, I knew I was going to cum, and she noted the rapid pace of my breathing and the arching of my hips signalling that I was about to shoot. 'Get on your knees and cum in the bowl!', she said hurriedly, and I was just able to so position myself when the first spasms shook my body. I counted eight ropes of cum I shot into the bowl, and was happy to note that every single drop went in. She grabbed my cock, and scraped the last remaining drop onto the edge of the bowl.

'Wow, you are a really big shooter', she said, as she looked into the bowl. Then she grabbed the pimento jar off the night stand, and removed the lid once again. She looked in and asked, 'Man, how many loads have you got in here?' 'Eight', I responded. 'Beautiful', she replied. She dumped the contents into the soup bowl. She licked out the cum film that remained in the jar, and stirred the old and new cum together in the bowl with her finger. 'This is all for you', she said, 'it's cum appreciation time for you, baby. And when you're finished with this, you're gonna love cum as much as I do. It's an acquired taste, unlike anything else in nature, and these nine loads will teach you never to waste this great stuff again.

With that, she straddled my chest with the bowl in front of her. She stuck her index finger into the bowl, and crooked and swirled it so that she was able to come up with a good size glob of cum, which she placed between my lips, and I sucked her finger dry. The skilful way she did it caused me to understand that she had done this before. All of a sudden, I was breathing cum, and tasting cum, and I was feeling light headed by the tastes and aromas. My cock remained hard and stiff, despite having blown such a big load.

In this manner, she fed the entire bowl to me, and if there had been more, I would have gladly eaten it up. Cum coated my tongue, inside my cheeks and the roof of my mouth. I loved the taste and texture of it. I couldn't for a moment recall why I had failed to do this in the past. When the bowl was empty, she inverted it and handed it to me, and told me to lick it clean. As I was doing this, I felt her jacking my cock, and sliding a finger up my asshole. It wasn't long before I began moaning, and arched my back preparing to ejaculate. She sensed this, and began jacking me furiously, as I shot several ropes of cum onto my stomach, with a big pool collecting in my navel. She began licking up each of the cum blobs, and made loud sucking sounds as she took in the pool in my navel, and smiled up at me as she said, 'I want to enjoy this too, you know!'

We saw each other for another six months, and repeated this scene along with many others during that time. She accepted a promotion and transfer to Atlanta at that point, and that was the end of our relationship. I called her a few times, but the last time I spoke with her she indicated that she had a new boyfriend, and not to call anymore.

I had great times with Marcie, and she taught me a lot. I've never met a woman since her who would suggest all the things we did, and I'm too embarrassed to suggest them myself. One lesson that is firmly ingrained with me to this day, however, is that every time I masturbate, I suck up all the cum. It is never wasted. I've sucked it up out of my palm, off of counter-tops and even out of condoms. I've learned to love the taste and lumpy texture. It's become my biggest turn-on.



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