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Mixing Business with Pleasure

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I work for an advertising firm. I tend to travel alot, and haven't quite settled down with a girl yet. I have a girl friend, but I am always working or flying to meetings across the country, so we have a hard time sticking together.

Well, on one of these trips, my boss decided to come because it was a pretty big transaction. We both flew to Denver for our meetings and ended up in a really nice hotel right downtown. It had a pool, hot-tub, showers and steamrooms that were open 24 hours. One night, after a long day of meetings, we decided to head down to the hot-tub for a nice relaxing soak.

In the locker room, a few glances at each other's packages were exchanged, but nothing overt or obscene. I had never really realized how in shape Rick (my boss) was in. He was telling me his wife wanted him to start going to the gym, and he was definitely showing some progress. We are both pretty broad guys. Both of us are hairy, both of us have barrel chests and both of us have goatees, except my chest and abs are covered in a nice, thin coat of blubber to keep me warm (nothing gross, just a little extra weight that i haven't really knocked off yet).

Well, we got in the showers after getting in our swim-suits. I started getting chub watching Rick soap himself down. He was rubbing his chest-hair and bending over to scrub his legs. He had a real meaty ass, and that is a big surprise to me, because I had NEVER checked a guy's ass out before. I soaped down, rinsed off and we headed to the hot-tub.

Once in the hot-tub, we started just talking, but, as usual, business came up in our conversation.

'Ya know what Jay, no business tonight. You have worked for me for almost four years, and I hardly know anything about you!'

'We are about even then!' We both laughed and proceeded talking a little bit about our personal lives. Rick had been married for 24 years and had two kids, both grown and out of school. I was shocked to hear this, since he only looked 40 or so. I later found out he was turning 50 that year.

He was telling me about how he and his wife had almost completely stopped having sex, and then there was a pause where I was to compare my sex-life with his.

I told him about Amy (my girl-friend for almost 5 years) and how, since I travel so much, it is hard for us to just commit. I told him about how much sex we had (which was and still is alot for people our age). I wrapped up my story and he stood up in the hot-tub.

'Does the steam-room sound good to you too?'

'Why yes, it sure does.'

We walked over to the steam-room. By this time, it was almost 1 am, and we were the only two in the whole place. We got inside, shut the door behind us and were immediately covered in a thick blanket of steam.

'Since we are pretty much flying solo here, would you mind if I stripped down?' He asked me and the told me about how he grew up with parents who frequented nudist resorts. Apparently he had spent a vast majority of his childhood naked and spends most of his private time nude as well.

'Sure. I just may join you!' I ventured that out there and he responded kindly with,

'Oh! Please do.'

We both slipped off our swim-trunks and sat on the tile, wet from the accumulating steam. I looked over and took a second glance at his package. He was definitely big, 5 inches or so flaccid, with nice foreskin and some of the fullest, and biggest balls I had ever seen. He had a nice, trimmed bush of black pubic hair covering the base of his cock. It trailed all the way up to his stomach, in between his pecs, and it stopped just below his collar lining. He was one of the hairiest, yet still attractive men, I had ever seen. Just looking at him gave me chub.

'Getting a little excited I see.'

'Yeah, sorry. Must be the steam.'

'Really? Cause I saw you taking a good look at me. I am not sure if you saw, but I was reciprocating.'

I looked down again and he had a pretty massive hard-on. His head was uncovered. It was almost cherry-red and was abou the size of a silver dollar. He got up and scooted over next to me.

He reached down and grabbed my thigh. 'Do you want to try something new?'

A wave of libido coarsed through my body as i nodded and mumbled, 'sure.'

'Can I take care of you? Will you take care of me? It will be an even trade.'

'Sounds great.' He reached down and started stroking me. I am circumcised, and I had never exchanged hand-jobs with any guy before, let alone an uncut guy like Rick. He spit a puddle into his hand and then started stroking my cock with it. He was rubbing my chest and pinching my nipples with his free hand. He started kissing me and I, for some reason, had no problem returning the kisses. He took me to the edge of ejaculation 3 or 4 times, backing off right before it was too late, until I finally shot 4 huge ropes of cum onto the floor.

I caught my breath while Rick adjusted his position, giving me optimal room to learn. I started stroking, while he gave me instructions. It was incredible how smooth and easy his foreskin rolled over his head and back down his shaft. I was getting another hard-on just playing with his cock. I massaged his gigantic balls with my left hand. I edged him just like he did to me. I could feel his cock swelling for the third or fourth time until, before i knew it, my chest was covered with three or four huge ropes of some of the thickest cum i had ever seen.

'When was the last time you came?!'

'Almost a month ago! I told you Jay! My wife and I never have sex. It's just sad, cause I don't even have time to masturbate!'

After we both caught our breath, I peaked out of the door to make sure we were in the clear, then we scampered off to the showers to clean up. We played around a little more in there, but it is too much for me to post on solotouch.

Lets just say, for the rest of the trip, there was more than a healthy mix of business and pleasure.



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