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Well I'm a 15 yr old mail and I have a kind a kinky fetish when i masturbate. When I masturbate i love to rub my crotch onto this body pillow
well one night i was so horny that i decided I needed to get kinky. I am not gay but do enjoy anal stimulation. I had been looking at anal stimulation on-line a lot and thought what the hell so i went and pulled a carrot out of the fridge I got a little crisco from the cub bard and lube that and my butt up. So I slid the carrot in and out of me for about three hours I came about 3 times it was so wonderful but that wasn't the end of that.
after i started to get used to the carrot i started trying to think of other things to use in my ass so when i went grocery shopping with my mom i decided id pick up a couple things i came out with a cucumber and some celery. when we got home I waited for my mom to leave for work and stripped naked. I then lube my ass up and went with the celery. It was a little bit bigger and felt really good. i pumped it in and out of my ass for about 15 minutes and came then i started to think about the cucumber which was extremely wide. that when my sister came home so i decided id wait till tomorrow
When the next day arrived as son as i got home form school i stripped naked and lube up and went and got the Cucumber. it was so wide i almost didn't get it in. When i did get it in i could feel it distracting my ass so wide. I was getting harder and harder from it. I kept pumping it in and out of my ass for about 2 hours and I started to get worked up so i turned on some music to pump to. i started to pump it in and out when all the sudden the music stopped and my sister was standing at the door! She had a awed look on her face and she screamed "what the hell are you doing?" i was like umm and i was left speechless. she continued to her room and i started to clean up and was gonna go explain when she burst into my room wearing this nice strap on dildo it was about the same size as the cucumber but longer and shes like you want to play, I was like okay.
she bent me over my bed and pounded my ass for about three hours till she felt i have had enough i came about 5 times form this. Since then my sister and I have been Mistress Slave and this is part of our regular routine!
I love it and hope it never ends



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