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Missy's New Lover

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My best friend from long ago recently told me a secret that shocked me, then before she finished the story I became really excited. She told me how she is now involved with another woman sexually. I was shocked because she is quite the man hungry lady when it comes to guys plus she is very beautiful and dresses to kill whenever there is chance of men being around.

The story she told me has had me thinking about it ever since and fantasizing while wildly masturbating almost every chance I get. I never thought it would effect me like this nor turn me on but it has. I believe it is because she is my best friend and because I love her so dearly that I feel so attracted to her and her situation. I feel I'm missing out on something that is both beautiful and nasty and dirty at the same time. It's a bit hard to explain but I'll try and maybe others will agree that my feelings are normal.

Missy has been my best friend since grade school so you think I would know her well. She never advanced towards me ever. We have seen each other naked more times than I can count but I never thought anything of it. I think back now to a few times when she spent more time than normal prancing around naked in front of me and maybe I now know why. One Saturday morning I slept over at her new apartment. That morning she showered then stayed naked for maybe three hours. It felt a bit odd and she did talk a lot about guys and sex that morning but I believed her when she said she was just too hot to dress on the warm summer day. Thinking back now panties and a bra would not have made her hot.

Her confession about her female lover was something she told me out of the blue. We had not seen each other in a few months so we went for dinner to catch up. During drinks afterward and with candles lighting our table she asked me if I had ever made love to a female before. I did not know what to say so I jokingly said only in my fantasies. She smiled and told me it was good that I had an open mind then told me about her lusty affair with a woman. Missy told me she fell into the relationship when she was dating a guy and while at a nightclub they had an argument and he left her there. This woman began talking to her then they went outside for some air talking some more. The woman invited her back to her flat for a drink. Missy was upset and took her up on her offer. Once they were there for a while conversation went long talking about guys and the problems they bring sometimes. The woman told Missy she loved men but she also found women could be a great source of friendship and beautiful lovers. Missy being curious let her talk then soon gave into her advances.

Missy told me that night this older woman Lynn, asked her to undress then gave her a sensual massage while she laid naked on the floor with a blanket. Missy said it was a wonderful sensual night she said that she was treated like a princess. She told me in detail how Lynn put out candles and warmed oil to spread on her body. Missy said Lynn massaged her so softly and gently while never letting her hands away from touching her skin. Lynn kept reminding Missy how wonderful she looked with the candle light dancing on her shiny oiled body. Missy said it was nice to be reminded of how beautiful she looks and feels. Missy did not leave out many details and I was eager to hear them all.

Lynn spent a long time massaging Missy's back and long legs. Lynn then stopped and guided her to turn over to finish. Lynn dribbled the warm oil over Missy's belly, up over her breasts then down each leg. She let the oil run where it would on her upper body while she massaged her long legs. Lynn sat at Missy's feet massaging each one then running her fingers between her toes massaging out all her worries. Missy told me she had never had a man massaged her toes before and how sexy it felt to watch Lynn hold her feet and run her fingers through her toes. Before Lynn carefully laid down each long leg she gently kissed Missy's toes. It was at that point that Lynn also took her clothes off without saying a word. Missy told me she was very excited to see Lynn's large breasts sway when she moved. Missy has a small body with very tight small breasts. Lynn then began to caress Missy's hard little breasts and Missy said her nipples were already long from her touch, then they grew even longer and harder when Lynn softly touched them.

At this point of Missy's story, I was about as excited as I had ever been. Missy was not leaving any out any details. It was like I was reading an erotic novel. I could feel the wetness between my legs and I wanted to orgasm right then and there at the table.

Missy went on to tell me how Lynn kissed her and loved her but there was no clitoral stimulating that night. Lynn only ran her oiled fingers close to Missy's pussy a few times. Lynn massaged Missy into a sexual frenzy leaving her wanting for her touch and kisses that night.

Missy told me that night when she got home she went directly to her night table reaching for her vibrating toys. Missy has never been shy about sex talk. I was surprised in how much detail she went into to tell me about her masturbating that night. She was quite detailed about her orgasms and thrusting her dildo into her body and how many times she shuddered to orgasm while thinking about the few hours before that night with Lynn. Missy told me they have since made love together a few times. She says it is better than she ever thought it would be. I got a cool shiver running through my body when Missy told me about the first time she tasted Lynn's body. She told me Lynn was kissing her while sitting over her holding both Missy's arms to the floor. Lynn moved forward while her large heavy breasts filled all around Missy's face. While Missy was kissing Lynn's breast Lynn turned her body then lowered her open pussy to Missy's hand. This is the part of Missy's story that I keep thinking about while I masturbate myself so so often. Missy telling me how she watched Lynn's perfect round butt and open pussy lips slowly lower to her fingers & how she could not wait to feel a woman's wetness for the first time. Missy said as her finger got the first feel of a wet pussy that she felt Lynn begin to rub her clit. Missy said Lynn went to rubbing her clit every few seconds. She said it felt as good as any vibrating toy when she fingered her clit. She said Lynn was like a pro when making her orgasm. Missy said one of her favorite things is when Lynn makes the night all about Missy's pleasure. Lynn will please Missy with dildos and vibrators making sure she has orgasmed until she is almost unable to move. The she curls up beside her for a rest.

I have not told Missy how I have masturbated to her new life's stories but I think she must know from my interest. I so want to join them in this lusty affair. I never thought it would be something I would want but now it is all I can think about. I can honestly say I have had more orgasms masturbating while thinking about this in the past month than I have had ever before. If I do get a chance, I know I'll love every moment. I may never get another chance again if I don't say something soon. If I can get the nerve, I will.

I think just writing this has given me the courage to make the call. I feel better now, and very wet and excited!



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